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TNA spoilers for Feb. 14, Feb. 21 episodes of Impact Wrestling from England

TNA is on its annual tour of the United Kingdom and has taped multiple episodes of Impact Wrestling. Get spoilers here for the episodes set to air on Feb. 14 and Feb. 21, respectively.

TNA has once again invaded the United Kingdom on its annual trip overseas and the promotion has now taped multiple episodes of Impact Wrestling that will air on Spike TV on Feb. 14 and Feb. 21, respectively. has spoilers from both shows and here are the major happenings. Head over to the Observer for a full report.

February 14 Impact

- Hulk Hogan set up a tournament to crown a number one contender for Lockdown but it was just to help him decide, not to actually crown a number one contender, which sounds like just the dumbest thing on Earth. The match-ups ended up being James Storm vs. Rob Van Dam, Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries.

- A match was booked for Lockdown with Sting as leader of a TNA team that will take on Aces and 8s.

- Magnus def. Daniels for the hometown pop.

- Roode vs. Aries went to a double disqualification in what sounds like a wildly entertaining match as the two try to outdo each other with things like the Fingerpoke of Doom. I can't wait to watch this.

- Joe vs. Angle went to a double disqualification thanks to Aces and 8s running in.

- Storm def. Van Dam.

- Hogan never got the chance to name the number one contender because Aces and 8s interrupted. Bully Ray and Sting came down to make the save to end the show.

February 21 Impact

- Robbie E lost to Spud when Robbie T got involved and it looks like they're finally breaking these two up.

- Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Joseph Park and Storm def. Daniels, Kazarian, Roode, and Aries after a lot of shenanigans that included more awesomeness from the best in the world.

- Van Dam def. Kenny King to retain X Division title. 58th verse, same as the first.

- Hogan comes back down to name the number one contender and he completely blows off everyone who competed in the tournament in favor of naming Bully Ray his guy. This is kind of awesome, actually, and sounds like it could be fun.

- Samoa Joe def. Garrett Bischoff via disqualification thanks to Aces and 8s, as usual. Wes Briscoe made the save from what was described as "a glorified squash" before Kurt Angle made the save for Joe. Makes sense. Briscoe vs. Angle was announced for Lockdown.

- Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, and Tara in a Knockouts championship match that was announce on the previous episode. It was an elimination match.

- Earlier in the evening, a match was set up pitting Devon, Mr. Anderson, and Doc against Bully Ray, Sting, and Hogan. Seeing as he can't wrestle, Hogan was laid out before the match and they proceeded without him. They did the angle again where Brooke Hogan was kidnapped and Hulk was beat down, leading to Bully making the save and Sting eating a pin. Big brawl to end the show.

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