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Magnus says what we're all thinking on TNA in the Impact Zone in Orlando

TNA badly needs to get out of the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida. Leave it to Magnus to be the one to say it.

TNA is currently embarking on its annual tour of the United Kingdom, where the promotion will take on an entirely new look and feel. It won't be because any big changes were made to the roster or the booking or the powers that be.

It will be the atmosphere that changes. The crowds will be fresh and everyone will actually care about what's happening in the ring.

Why isn't that the case otherwise? Leave it to Magnus, of all people, to explain to The Big WrestleShark Show:

"I think visually, it looks better than it's ever looked. I think from a television perspective and see Impact Wrestling, it's a really good looking wrestling show. I'd love to move out of the Impact Zone more. I feel like that... the audience watching on television live vicariously through the live audience and the audience in Orlando are just...burned out. You can't blame the people, they're just so used to it. I just feel like a lot of our work goes to waste, you don't get that visceral reaction you need for a lot of stuff. I mean look at the TV's we did at Wembley, that's what it should be like every week."

Fans don't pay money to watch TNA and the group that shows up is so used to everything they've seen over the past few years that nothing short of one of the hottest angles in history would wake them from their slumber.

There is nothing that will kill a pro wrestling show faster than apathy. It's why Impact Wrestling is difficult to watch each week. It just feels downright uncomfortable.

The good news is we can enjoy it for the next month in front of crowds who actually care. Then we can go back to hoping they figure out a way to make enough money to go on the road.

Just don't get your hopes up, Cagesiders.

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