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TNA Impact spoilers for Jan. 24: Tazz follow up, Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels

TNA taped its latest episode of Impact Wrestling in Orlando last night (Jan. 18) for the show to air on Jan. 24 on Spike TV. We've got spoilers right here.

TNA will be heading out for its annual run through the United Kingdom over the next month, and that means the company had to tape its latest episode of Impact Wrestling last night (Jan. 18, 2013) in Orlando for the show that will air next Thursday night.

Naturally, we've got spoilers for you:

- Tazz was not on commentary throughout most of the show, only showing up for it later on. Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley handled those duties.

- Tara def. Velvet Sky in a Knockout's title match after the usual distraction from Jesse.

- Kenny King and Zema Ion def. Christian York and Rob Van Dam with Ion pinning York on a blind tag. This further calls into question the decision to have York beat King at Genesis only to lose to RVD before teaming with him and getting beat on consecutive shows.

- Bobby Roode def. Hernandez with help from Austin Aries, his new tag team partner. The fact that TNA is moving forward with this is great news indeed.

- Kurt Angle came back and accused Mr. Anderson of being a mole for Aces and 8s. I thought it was already pretty clear Anderson was associated with the group? A challenge for a cage match was made and a challenge for a cage match was accepted.

- Sting and Bully Ray confront Hulk Hogan demanding for Ray's suspension to be lifted so he can go after Aces and 8s. This is awesomely hilarious because despite the fact that Ray has been "suspended," he hasn't missed any TV and he's been at every show, including marrying Hulk's daughter with Hulk standing right there and giving her away.

- Jeff Hardy def. Christopher Daniels to retain his world heavyweight championship. He was also advertised for the U.K. tour, which is odd because he can't leave the country. They're keeping the belt on him for that run must mean we're going to get a lot of pre-tapes. After the match, Aces and 8s attacked Hardy, possibly as an injury angle to explain why he won't be at TV during the U.K. run.

Doesn't sound like much of a show but there it is, Cagesiders.

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