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Brooke Hogan's breasts make an appearance on TNA Impact last night at her wedding to Bully Ray

When a lady is wearing a dress with no straps, the possibility of her breasts popping out are high, especially if she's being accosted by a stable of misfits who are up to no good. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Brooke Hogan and Aces and 8s.

TNA planned an epic payoff to the wedding between Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray last night (Jan. 17, 2013) on Impact Wrestling in Orlando, Florida, but they weren't planning on that being Brooke struggling to keep her breasts in her dress.

Yet, that's exactly what happened.

Just as the minister was getting ready to pronounce the happy couple man and wife, Tazz interrupted to turn heel and reveal himself a member of the Aces and 8s. This makes absolutely zero sense on a number of levels but it provided at least a little bit of the shock value TNA was hoping for.

Little did they know, they would get so much more.

Indeed, Aces and 8s quickly stormed the ring and proceeded to beat down everyone in attendance. They did so while grabbing up Brooke and holding her back from attending to her downed father, Hulk Hogan, and husband to be. In the midst of doing so, however, her top came down and right there on live television on Spike TV, she was baring all.

Wasn't it Hulk who said going live "would solve 90-percent of TNA's problems"?

Even when Brooke was let go, she rushed to her father and could be heard telling him "my boobs are out" while struggling to get them back into her dress. You can't say she isn't a dedicated performer, though. She stuck it out and didn't run to the back to get away from the live crowd.

What a trooper.

Here's video of it, for however long it lasts:

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