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TNA 'Genesis 2013' Preview: Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Jeff Hardy defends his TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a triple-threat match against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

The Road to Genesis

At Final Resolution, Jeff Hardy was able to retain his title against Bobby Roode after Aces and Eights (whose help Roode was counting on) turned on Roode at the behest of Austin Aries.

Because, if "Roode money talks, then Aries money sings". In response to this, Hardy challenged Aries for the following week's "Championship Thursday".

During "Championship Thursday", Aries was on the precipice of victory when Bobby Roode came to the ring and took out Aries while the ref was knocked out. Due to Roode's interference, Hardy was able to retain the title.

On the following week's edition of Impact, Aries calls out Roode for costing him a title and then proceeded to have a great match in the main event. Referee Earl Hebner chastised the two for constantly cheating and trying to get a chair involved in the match. Sick of Hebner's complaining, Aries and Roode teamed up to beat up the ref. Hardy would make the save however, and leave Aries and Roode laying out in the ring.

One week later, Roode and Aries would both try to prematurely take the crown of TNA's Wrestler of the Year. Unfortunately for them, Jeff Hardy was announced as the winner of the award. While Roode and Aries are arguing over the result of the fans' vote, Hardy booked all three of them in a title match at Genesis. The heels teamed up in an attempt to take out Hardy, but he was able to fend them off.

In the go home show for Genesis, Aries and Roode were forced to team up against Hardy and James Storm. Jeff and James got the win after Aries saved Roode from the Twist of Fate, by hitting Hardy with the championship belt. To celebrate their win, Aries and Roode stood over Hardy while jointly hoisting the championship over their heads.

What's at stake?

The top prize of them all: the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. All three men have held the title within the past few months, so this match up will determine who the top dog in TNA actually is.

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