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TNA 'Genesis' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Jan. 13) from Orlando

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Genesis pay-per-view tonight (Jan. 13, 2013) live from the Impact Wrestling Zone, in Orlando, Florida. Tonight's event features Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries for the heavyweight title and much more.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling is all set to pop off with its Genesis event TONIGHT (Sun., Jan. 13, 2013), from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Genesis below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Jeff Hardy defending his heavyweight championship against both Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, Sting looking for revenge against Doc, Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm and much, much more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



Jeff Hardy def. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
Sting def. Doc
Christopher Daniels def. James Storm
Devon def. Joseph Park
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez def. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan
Christian York def. Kenny King
Rob Van Dam def. Christian York
Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim, Mickie James, ODB, and Miss Tessmacher

Rex here.

And we are live. Cagesiders, that means it's time to mark out with your snark out.

TNA World Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Chavo and Ryan are going to start us off in the match. Begins with dueling poses.

Guerrero gets a quick tag into Hernandez who puts Ryan in a bear hug.

Now Hernandez tags out and then gets tagged back in.

Hernandez slams Chavo on top of Ryan and as soon as Chavo is back to the corner he gets tag backed in.

Ryan slingshots Chavo into a forearm from Morgan.

Ryan gets a drop kick in and it posing. Morgan yells at him to "Cover him you moron!"

Ryan avoids a moonsault from Chavo.

Chavo recovers quickly and gets a tag into Hernandez. Ryan does the same and now the two big men are in the ring together.

Ryan gets a cheap shot in and then tags himself into the match again. A lot of quick tags in this match.

Ryan knocks Chavo off the apron and takes out the knee of Hernandez.

Morgan and Ryan keep getting quick tags into each other so they can keep Hernandez trapped in the corner.

Hernandez tries to get the hot tag but is leveled by Morgan.

Morgan gets Hernandez back to the corner and gets the tag in Ryan.

Ryan with a few kicks and then a headlock with a tag from Morgan.

Morgan doesn't do much before tagging back in Ryan.

Hernandez gets the hot tag into Chavo but Morgan had the ref distracted.

Morgan tags in and they double team Hernandez while the ref is still distracted.

Morgan kicked out because the ref didn't see that tag either.

Ryan locks in a submission on Hernandez but he fights out and gets a back breaker that leads to the hot tag.

Chavo hits the Three Amigos and heads up to the top ropes.

Morgan enters the ring to prevent the frog splash but eats a missile kick for his trouble.

Hernandez and Chavo are able to force Morgan out of the ring.

Hernandez stays in the ring and slams Ryan. Chavo then hits the frog splash and gets the pinfall.

Guerrero and Hernandez win by pinfall and retain as TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Why didn't the ref kick Hernandez out of the ring? Consistency from the ref would be nice.

Morgan is berating a downed Ryan.


Borash is interviewing Mr. Anderson in the back. Apparently we are going to be getting a match between him and Somoa Joe next.


Mr. Anderson vs Somoa Joe

Mr. Anderson tries to get his introduction in and the crowd keeps booing him like crazy which forces him to keep stopping the intro. Force once the Impact Zone crowd is doing something right.

The bell rings but Anderson and Joe just keep jawing at each other.

Anderson eventually gets his shirt off and tosses it in Joe's face for the distraction.

Joe throws Anderson in the corner and goes to town on him with punches and kicks.

After a near fall, Anderson works his way to the outside to regroup.

Joe follows out of the ring and continues assaulting Anderson.

Anderson finally manages to get offense in but it doesn't last long.

After being knocked down by a chop, Anderson is able to reverse Joe into the steel steps.

Both men roll into the ring to avoid being counted out.

Anderson with a swinging neck breaker and a near fall.

Joe works his way to his feet and they are trading blows in the corner.

Anderson with a dropkick and a tackle to the left knee of Joe.

Anderson is now using the ropes to work the knee of Joe.

Joe is able to launch Anderson over the ropes and follows up with the suicide dive.

The announcers keep talking about the injured knee, but Joe is no selling that knee like Cena out there.

They work their way back to the ring and Joe takes control with a few slams and a near fall.

Taz is no trying to back track and say the knee isn't that bad. "It's recouped apparently".

A member of Aces and Eights catches Joe's attention. While Joe is distracted Anderson hits the Mic Check and gets the pinfall for the win.

Mr. Anderson wins by pinfall.


Borash with Kenny King in the back. King says that he is going to rip out the dreads of Christian York. He goes on to say that tonight he is also going to put RVD out to pasture. Really good promo from King.


Kenny King vs Christian York

King and York start off the match up by trading off holds and then arm drags.

Now they are exchanging roll ups.

Both men go for dropkicks at the same time and just end up kicking each others feet.

Kenny King sends York to the outside and misses with his follow to the outside.

York with a hurricarana on the outside and then he tosses King back into the ring.

York tries to get a tornado DDT off the top rope but King reverses and dumps him to the outside.

King slams York's head into the steps and tosses him back into the ring.

Ref stops King from repeatedly slamming York's head into the mat.

King works a submission in but York fights out of it.

York with a suplex, clothesline, and Russian leg sweep chain.

King and York make their way to the apron. King tries to hit a cartwheel kick but York reverse and htis one of his own.

York makes his way to the turnbuckle as King gets back into the ring. York hits the double stomp form the top rope but King kicks out of the subsequent pinfall attempt.

King is able to fight back to control. He works York into the corner but York pushes him back and goes up top.

King is able to roll throw the splash attempt and goes for the pinfall. Uses the ropes for leverage and the ref notices him.

King uses York's ugly dread to slam York and goes for the submission but Yorks rolls through and gets the pinfall.

Christian York wins by pinfall.

After the match, King hits York with a huge slam and makes his way to the back.


York gets no rest time and RVD his making his way to the ring. York is still down.

RVD is telling York that he doesn't have to do this and tries to help York up. York punches RVD and the ref rings the bell.

TNA X-Divison Championship: RVD (c) vs Christian York

RVD with a spinning side kick and a rolling thunder. He tries for the pinfall but York kicks out.

RVD locks in a surfboard stretch but the changes it into a pin for the two count.

RVD now locks in the head scissors but York fights out.

RVD with a leg drop from the inside to the outside.

Goes for the pinfall but York once again kicks out.

York and RVD trading forearms in the middle of the ring.

York is able to get to the top rope and delivers a huge flying knee to RCD.

RVD lays out York and does his little R-V-D chant but York gets the roll up. RVD kicks out at two.

York eats a suplex for his trouble and RVD goes for the frog splash. York rolls out of the way however.

York gets caught up on the ropes and eats a flying sidekick from the top ropes.

RVD hits the five star frog splash leap and gets the pinfall.

RVD wins by pinfall and retains as TNA X-Division Champion.

RVD helps York up after the match and claps for him.


Borash is now with Park and he is really selling how excited he is about his first match as a trained wrestler. "I don't mean to "Kafahb" you JB. That's an insider term. Ohio Valley Wrestling really trained me well." Park continues putting over OVW and his excitement for the match. This promo is so amazing and easily the best part of the show so far.

We now get a training montage of Park in OVW. This is so awesome. The trainer than talks about Park seeing some blood in training and snapping.


Joseph Park vs Devon

Dueling Let's Go Devon and Devon Sucks chants. The Devon Sucks chants are way stronger.

Park is now working the crowd to get him behind him.

After, what feels like forever the finally lock up.

Now they go back to just standing there. Devon keeps taunting Park for being an amateur.

Another quick lock up, and more standing around.

Finally we get a lock up for more than ten seconds.

Nevermind it lasted just twenty seconds. Seriously? Let's get it moving here folks.

More standing around and more.....

Devon gets down into Referee's position! Ok, that was funny.

Park gets on top and Devon counts them to start like it's high school wrestling.

Devon tries to work a switch but Park is able to fight back and gets a huge slam in.

Devon is pissed off and tries to attack Park but eats a few slams for his trouble.

Devon is able to toss Park through the ropes and slams his head against the stairs.

Devon finally tosses Park back into the ring.

The fans are now chanting "We Want Angle"

Devon throwing punches at Park and goes to slam his head into the turnbuckle but PArk is able to counter.

Park starts to run the ropes and eats a dropkick for his trouble.

Devon goes up top but Park roles out of the splash attempt.

Park starts to ground and pound Devon and now he is going up top.

He is having trouble making it up there. From the second rope he lands a splash on Devon and gets the two count.

Devon is able to regain control and slams Park into a exposed turnbuckle.

Park is starting to go into his blinding rage now that he is bleeding.

Park starts demolishing Devon with clotheslines and hits a Blackhole Slam.

He goes for the chokeslam but has snapped out of his blinding rage midway through the move.

He looks confused and gets rolled up for the pin.

Devon wins by pinfall.

Park is asking everyone what happened and Devon blitz attacks Park.


Borash now in the back with Austin Aries who is cutting a promo on Hardy. Since the match is now elimination Aries and Roode have agreed to work together to take out Hardy first.


Gauntlet Match for #1 Contender: Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher vs ODB vs Velvet Sky vs Mickie James

Kim and Tessmacher are going to start us off.

Kim takes early control and Taz is comparing Tessmacher's booty to an engine. Ok Tazz......

Tessmacher begins to get some offense in with a series of and is now rubbing her crotch in Kim's face in the corner. Ya.....

Kim gets her revenge though and hit Tessmacher with a slam and gets the pinfall.

ODB is next up in the gauntlet.

Kim tries to take the fight to ODB on the ramp but she is stopped by ODB.

ODB is taking control in the ring by slamming King repeatedly into the various corners.

And now ODB is rubbing her crotch in Kim's face in the corner. Poor Gail Kim.

ODB tries to finish off the match but Kim gets the roll up for the pinfall without getting any offense in that entire match.

Mickie James in the gauntlet.

Kim gets some early kicks in buy James reverse and delivers some kicks of her own.

Kim whips James into the corner and hits her with a spear.

Kim heads to the apron but James is able to bring her back into the ring.

James with a reverse neck breaker and now Kim and James are exchanging slaps.

Kim gets hit with the enziguiri and then a flap jack.

James wants to head up top but Kim rolls out of the ring.

James follows her out and hits a head scissors on the outside and gets Kim back in the ring.

James heads up top again but Kim hides behind the ref.

James with a roll up but Kim reverses it and gets the pin.

Velvet Sky is the final one up in the gauntlet.

Kim hides and is able to ambush Sky as she tries to get into the ring.

Kim continues to take it to Sky but gets upset at the ref that the count was slow. This gives Sky a chance to hit her finisher and get the pin on Kim.

Velvet Sky wins Knockouts Gauntlet for Number 1 Contendership


Borash in the back and now it is announced that the winner of the Daniels-Storm gets a world title shot on January 24's Impact. Daniels comes into the scene with Kazarian and begins do his excellent James Storm impression. I really want an appletini now. Daniels lets us know that the people who cheer for Storm will never understand him because, unlike Storm, he is high class.


Christopher Daniels vs James Storm

Storm with a headlock into a hip toss.

Daniels gets out of it but Storm repeats the headlock to hip toss.

Daniels gets free again but Storm works in another head lock.

Now Daniels has a head scissors in on Storm.

Storm gets free and another head lock in but Daniels rolls it over into a pin attempt.

Storm hits a clothesline that sends Daniels to the outside.

Kazarian is trying to call time out.

Storm finally follows Daniels to the outside and throws him into the barricade.

They finally make it back into the ring and and Daniels is now trying to call time out.

Storm starts peppering him with punches in the corner.

Daniels gets some momentum and sends Storm to the outside.

Daniels distracts the ref while Kazarian begins to assault Storm and tosses him back into the ring.

Daniels is working a submission on Storms arm now.

Did these guys run a marathon before the match that they need this many rest holds?

Storm finally works his way out but Daniels kills his comeback.

And now Daniels is working another submission in.

The hold gets broke but Daniels quickly locks in another submission.

Storm is finally able to get free and hits a Russian sweep.

Now they are trading punches in the middle of the ring.

Storm gets in a nice chain but Kazarian is able to distract Storm.

Storm goes up top and hits the elbow drop but Daniels kicks out of the subsequent pin attempt.

Daniels counters the Closing Time and hits a flying clothesline.

Storm hits the Eye of the Storm but Daniels once again is able to kick out of the pin attempt.

Daniels tries to get some offense in but Storm hits the Closing Time.

Storm misses with the Last Call and Daniels is able to hit Angel's Wings but Storm kicks out of the pin attempt.

Daniels goes for a moonsault but Storm gets his leg up.

Storm is readying for the Last Call but Kazarian distracts him and eats the Last Call.

Daniels hits something (the cameras didn't show) and use the ropes for leverage to get the pin.

Christopher Daniels wins by pinfall.


Replay of Bully's proposal to Hulk Brooke Hogan and now the couple is out in the ring. Everyone in the Impact Zone is invited to the wedding. He pulls out his Twittah Machine and and tells starts filming the audience. And now the are leaving. Well that was a waste of time.


Sting vs DOC

Sting doesn't even make it to the ring before DOC tries assaulting him.

Sting throws DOC into the steps and barrier as the ref is yelling at them to get in the ring.

They are now brawling near the light display and two members of Aces and Eights come out to attack Sting. The ref chases them away and DOC drags Sting back into the ring.

The ref finally rings the bell.

DOC continues to take apart Sting as they head to the outside once again.

DOC breaks the count and continues unloading on Sting.

DOC finally throws Sting back into the ring and Sting tries to fight back but is unsuccessful.

DOC locks in a sleeper hold and Sting eventually fights out of it but eats a clothelines.

DOC with the near fall.

DOC drops Sting with some punches and follows it up with a choke.

Sting starts to fight back with some leg kicks and clotheslines.

Sting really can't do anything in the ring anymore and this is just an embarassment.

Sting hits the Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Deathlock that leads to the pin.

Sting wins by pinfall.

Aces and Eights are now hitting the ring.Bully Ray comes out and chases them off with a chain. Five bikers afraid of one man. Way to make them look strong TNA.


Bobby Roode now in the back with JB. Roode confirms that he will be working with Aries to start the match. Puts himself and Aries over huge.


After and long video package and introduction we are finally getting started.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match: Jeff Hardy vs Boby Roode vs Austin Aries

Aries and Roode start by whipping Hardy into the corner and hitting him plenty of kicks and punches.

Hardy is able to fight out and is getting the better of both of them.

Inverted atomic drop and dropkick to Roode by Hardy.

Aries makes the save.

Hardy gets Roode out of the ring and hits his new slam on Aries, who rolls to the outside.

Roode gets back to the ring and hits Hardy with a huge spine buster.

Roode is now taking to Hardy with repeated strikes and slams.

Hardy is able to counter Roode and tries to go up top but Aries knocks him off the top rope.

Roode to the outside now while Aries begins to take control of the match.

Hardy is finally able to make a comeback on Aries that Roode tries to interupt. Hardy counters Roode and uses Roode as a springboard to kick Aries in the head.

Hardy tries to go up top again but gets knocked off by Roode.

Roode and Aries are trading near falls on Hardy.

Roode pulls Aries off of Hardy from an attempted superplex so Roode can hit it himself. Roode goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Aries puts Hardy back up on the top rope and Roode puts Aries on his shoulder. They seem to be trying for a Super German Suplex but Hardy fights them off and launches himself into Aries, sending everyone crashing.

Roode and Hardy make it to the outside and Roode holds Hardy in place for Aries to hit a suicide dive. Hardy is able to duck out of the way and Aries crashes Roode into the barrier.

Hardy then launches himself off of the steps into Aries.

Roode goes back to Roode and gets him back in the ring. He goes up top again but Aries knocks him off.

Hardy is able to slam Aries from the outside onto Roode and gets a near fall.

Roode hits a spear on Hardy but only gets a two count.

Roode and Aries are starting to get frustrated that they can't put Hardy away.

Aries hits a dropkick and brainbuster on Hardy, who once again kicks out of hte pin attempt.

Roode tells Aries to go up top for the 450 while he holds Hardy in place. Roode moves Hardy out of the way and hits Aries with the fisherman suplex.

Damn, I enjoyed them working together.

Roode goes for the spear but Aries counters into the Last Chancery.

Roode works his way out and puts Aries into a crossface.

Aries goes up top and Roode goes for the superplex but Aries fights him off and hits the missle drop kick.

Aries follows it up with a running drop kick.

Aries goes for the roll up and and Hardy makes his way back to the ring to help Aries with the pin.

Aries is now arguing with the ref because he gave Hardy got credit for the pin.

Hardy hits a twist of fate on Hardy through the ropes and goes for the Swanton Bomb for the pin.

Jeff Hardy wins by pinfall and retains as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

And that's the end of a pretty terrible card.

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