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TNA Impact results and live blog for Jan. 10: The Genesis go home show

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (Jan. 10, 2013) with its latest episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring the go home show to the Genesis pay-per-view this Sunday night in Orlando.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 10, 2013) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Genesis pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night.

Set for the evening are matches pitting Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy and James Storm, not to mention Kenny King vs. Zema Ion in the X Division title tournament. Gut Check returns featuring a new twist and Bully Ray probably isn't sticking to the suspension Hulk Hogan handed down to him.

All that and more.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Geno here.

Time to do this thing.

Broadcast is live.

Sting opens the show with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle flanking him on each side. Crowd seems unusually hot for a regular episode of Impact.

The Stinger calls Angle and Joe a shooter and a killer and continues making threats before giving Joe the microphone. He starts in and says he's putting Aces and 8s on notice. Once he gets them in the ring, he's going to beat them down and choke them out.

Simple enough.

Angle's turn now. He gets chanted before speaking. He made a promise for 2013 and that's that every mask is coming off. He started that last week but tonight he wants to expose someone else. He wants to know where this man stands. He asks for Mr. Anderson to come out and explain exactly whose side he's on.

It takes a minute but his music hits and it's the most god awful annoying thing on Earth. Fitting for the man it's playing into the arena. The crowd doesn't really react to him because he's not the type you should be reacting to. He's the type you should just ignore.

One guy shouts loudly, "YOU SUCK!"

Good job, fella.

Anderson says this is rich. He wonders where these three were when he was getting tossed around by Aces and 8s not too long ago. He puts each of them on blast, specifically Sting, who left him to die before replacing him with Bully Ray.

Angle says he doesn't have a problem but Anderson is either with them or they're going to fight.

Anderson climbs in the ring and stares down Angle.

"I don't have to answer to you, Kurt. And as a matter of fact, I always never did like you."

Angle looks broken up by this but says the feeling is mutual and starts beating on Anderson before he bails out and heads back up the ramp and to the back.


Brooke Hogan shows up with thunder thighs in full force. She is asked what she's going to do about the situation with her dad and Bully Ray. She says they'll air out all their dirty laundry on live TV like they always seem to do.

Suddenly, she gets a phone call and refers to the person on the other line as "Mark."


It appears Bully Ray is in the building and they're going to ignore the suspension.


Our first match of the night will be the other semifinal in the X Division Tournament.

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

Mike Tenay explains the winner of this match will face Christian York at Genesis this Sunday night and the winner of that match will take on Rob Van Dam later in the same evening for the X Division championship.

Ion looked like he had the match won before missing a huge spot off the top rope that damn near looked like it killed him. King hit his finisher and got the pinfall after just a couple minutes.

He grabs a mic after and says Christy Hemme will announce him as the next X Division champion come Sunday.


Robbie E is backstage with Robbie T and he's upset about how things have been going lately. He's asking Miss Tessmacher if she'll tag with him against Jessie and Tara tonight.

She shits all over him and says he's gross and she doesn't want that. Then she says she will if she gets to tag with Robbie T. Or something like that.

Robbie E is still upset.


Joseph Park rolling around on a pre-tape and he says he wants to thank his partners at Park, Park, and Park for letting him handle his business and become a real wrestler, which is why he's here tonight.

He's not going to be Hulk Hogan's attorney. He's here as a real wrestler.

He then tries to walk in through the back door and it's locked.



Up next is the mixed gender tag team match.

Jessie and Tara vs. Robbie T and Miss Tessmacher

This one doesn't take long. Tessmacher does the crotch thrusting deal in the corner before the booty pop. Robbie T then jumps in and powerbombs the shit out of Jessie.

Just like that, the match is over.

Robbie E comes in to celebrate but as he's trying to raise Robbie T's hand Robbie T starts dancing around. Tessmacher joins him and it ends up in the two kissing in the ring before Robbie T does one last fist pump and says "Bro" to a shocked Robbie E, who just watches on helplessly.


Looks like it's time for Gut Check next.

Borash introduces the segment by saying for the first time "two competitors will compete." Jay Bradley and Brian Cage are those two competitors. They'll have this match and the judges will determine who they think deserves to win next week.

Jay Bradley vs. Brian Cage

These two actually put together a pretty good match with Bradley getting the win on a lariat after a back-and-forth affair. No one really stood out, though Cage looked more fluid in there.

The lariat finisher was a ripoff of JBL's Clothesline from Hell.


Aces and 8s backstage in their little clubhouse and Mr. Anderson wants everyone's attention. Says he enjoys having a good time but there's a time and place for it and right now is not it.

He's not cool with what went down earlier and something needs to be done about it.

The distorted voiced leader says this is club business, so they need to take it to the table. The ladies bail and they lock themselves in to their secret room, where they have another cheesy ass meeting.

They bring up Mike Knox losing his mask last week. They say that Doc lost his mask but earned his spot back in a match and Knox will get the same opportunity later tonight.

He nods his head, eager to please his goofy ass overlord.


Joseph Park is shown walking through the back and he's up next, apparently out to the ring to talk to Hogan.

Park in the ring proudly says he's back from wrestling camp and the crowd cheers him. He actually made that seem like a genuine moment, which was cool.

He calls for the presence of the General Manager and here comes "The Hulkster." He congratulates Park for getting through wrestling school but he wants to get this thing rolling along because he's got a lot of business to take care of.

Park again repeats the line that he's not standing as a lawyer tonight, but as a wrestler and he wants a chance. Hogan says he needs a few more years. Hell, it took Hulk two years with Matsuda to be ready.


Hogan says he can have whatever match he wants, just get the hell off his back. Park gets giddy and says he won't let Hulk down before bailing out of the ring as happy as can be.

Naturally, Hogan's music plays him out.


Wait, the music stops. Brooke is on the big screen and she says she's tried to get a hold of him and he hasn't answered. She tried to call and text but got nothing.

So he wants to handle it like this? Fine, she's coming out and don't move a muscle.

I'm sure that's what everyone watching is going to do right now. We're all just so damn giddy.

She says he's her dad and she wants to know if he's going to reinstate Mark. Why the hell do they keep calling him that? How many of these people know him by that name? How many of you know him by that name?

Hulk says he's not going to reinstate him before storming out. Brooke does her best to cry in the ring.


Backstage and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are being awesome. Seriously, these two are great. They're arguing over who is going to wear what. I can't even describe the brilliance of these two.

That was great. It really was.

They're next.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

The early parts of the match focused on Roode and Aries trying to show each other up with Hardy in the ring but eventually, Hardy got the upper hand and tagged in Storm to knock both heels out of the ring to fight with each other on the outside.

They're getting a long time to work here and it's become the typical tag match. Hardy working hard to get the hot tag to Storm and he finally gets it. Storm looks as fluid as ever in there tonight. He's been better than anyone else in this match, actually.

Just as Storm had completely cleaned house and was about to hit the Last Call to get the win, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came down and just took Storm out of the match. Hardy manages to get back up and looks to hit the Twist of Fate on Roode but Aries shows up with the belt and hits Hardy with it, leading to the referee calling for a disqualification.

I guess hitting Hardy with the belt was enough to get the DQ but Daniels and Kazarian brawling with Storm to the back wasn't?

Just dumb.

Roode and Aries fight over the belt before eventually holding it up together.


Brooke talking to "Mark" on the phone and she's telling "Mark" not to come to the arena because it would be a really bad idea. He pushes the issue and she relents, telling "Mark" to pick her up outside the office doors.

"Mark" is apparently on his way. I'm sure that means they'll be getting the main event segment.


Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan are talking to the camera in a trailer and cutting a promo on the tag team champions before they show up outside the window and just decide, hell with it, bust in and start brawling.

They stop shortly after starting with Chavo Guerrero telling Hernandez to "save it for Sunday."


Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson nearly came to blows earlier and now it appears they'll settle up in a match here next.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

They literally just wasted five minutes on Anderson's stupid schtick introducing himself.

Oh great. Anderson walks out of the ring and Angle gets on the mic and loudly asks, "When did you turn into a bitch?"

Crowd popped for that but I'm not entirely sure why.

He then threatened to go after Anderson if he didn't get in the ring soon and that allowed Knox time to come in with the hammer and take Angle out. Garrett Bischoff, Wes Briscoe, and Samoa Joe make the save but Angle is down and shaking his arm and leg out.

They're putting over his neck issues throughout the years on commentary. Here comes the stretcher.

As Angle is being stretchered out, Sting's music hits and he comes down to the ring with his bat. He says something to the babyface team leaving before getting on the mic and calling for Knox to get in the ring. The announcers say that's going to happen after a commercial break.

Sting vs. Mike Knox

I guess we're really getting this.

It isn't much more than a one-sided match with Sting in full control all throughout. Sting just beats him down and hits the Stinger Splash before getting the pin.

Maybe that's that for Knox?

Sting grabs the hammer and now he's taking Knox out with it. Suddenly, Aces and 8s show up and look who they've got -- it's Brooke Hogan!

Devon says Sting needs to stop or the next time he sees Brooke, he won't recognize her. She struggles and says something and Devon rebukes her by saying, "Shut up, bitch." I mean, I guess that's effective to get across that he's an awful asshole of a human but I didn't like that.

Bully Ray shows up and runs down with a chain. He drops a couple Aces and 8s members and manages to get Brooke away from them. As he's doing this, Hulk walks out and rubs his beard contemplatively.


Back from break and Hogan is saying he guesses he's supposed to thank Bully for saving his daughter but really all he's done is cause Hulk headaches. Bully asks Sting to talk some sense into Hulk.

Bully says Hulk is crazy and he's got this all wrong. He's been in the business for 20 years and it's his entire life. All he's ever wanted was to one day be as good as Sting or as great as Hogan. He's say "this business" enough times to make Triple H proud.

Now the money line. "I never thought I could love anything as much as this business ... and then your daughter came into my life."

The crowd reacts with an "OOOOOHHHHHH."

Bully says he doesn't know what to say anymore and he knows this has happened entirely too quick. Hulk throws down the microphone and he's acting like he wants to fight. Ray gets in his face and says he can throw down the microphone too. He says screw it and puts Brooke in front of Hulk.

"I'm not real good at all this feelings stuff and all this emotion and stuff. I'm a hardass and I know I'm a hardass. But when I'm with you, things are different. You make me laugh, you make me ... you know."


Hulk is wide eyed and bugging the fuck out. Brooke is damn near crying. Sting is in the corner, he don't know what to do.

"All I know is this -- I love you. I know our entire relationship has played out in front of the entire world. I don't care. I want everybody to know how much I care for you, how much I love you, and I want you to marry me."

Brooke says yes by emphatically nodding her head and they start kissing and making out in the middle of the ring.

He says he wants to get married in front of everyone right here in the Impact Wrestling Zone.

Hogan is super distraught and Sting is trying to console him. Hulk is pissed enough that he just walks to the back with a seething look on his face. Brooke is really happy in the ring and still kissing Bully.

I don't even know what I just saw.

Fade to black.

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