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TNA 'Final Resolution' Preview: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Will Bobby Roode reclaim the belt that was once his? He'll have to go through current kingpin Jeff Hardy to get the gold at Final Resolution.

The road to Final Resolution

Bobby Roode came up just short at earning a title shot at Turning Point, seeing James Storm pin AJ Styles to win a spot as contender for the TNA title. Roode challenged Storm to put his title shot on the line after getting in his head with talk about Storm's daughter on the Nov. 15 edition of Impact Wrestling.

Of course, that was that and Roode has set his sights on Hardy. Hardy has been battling with Austin Aries for the past couple of months, finally ridding of him at Turning Point. While Aries still hopes to get back in the picture, new blood awaits Hardy and Roode has been eager to test the mind of the "Charismatic Enigma."

While the two have had chance confrontations here and there, last week's episode of Impact Wrestling saw Roode team up with Kaz and Daniels to take on Hardy, AJ Styles, and James Storm. Hardy got the victory for his team, but was soon put down by Aces & Eights, who gave Roode the thumbs up. Roode returned the gesture, signifying his payoff to the group to put Hardy at a disadvantage tonight.

What's at stake?

For Hardy, the title and the relevance that comes with it are all on the line. Hardy's rise to the top has been a long one and to have a sudden fall could be a big slip in his career that he might not recover from. Having shown fortitude in his defenses of the belt, Hardy needs to prove to a new opponent that he has the chops to hang with anyone that comes at him.

For Roode, the spotlight has eluded him since dropping the belt. While he has butted heads with Storm in the past, it has been a relatively quiet time for Roode as of late. The man thrives on the spotlight and has the skill to back all of the ego up. This would validate his quest to regain the gold and prove to fans that his first title run was nothing close to a fluke.

Will Roode leave with the gold around his waist? Jeff Hardy has the gold around his and will be trying his hardest to prevent that from happening. Find out what goes down TONIGHT at Final Resolution!

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