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TNA 'Final Resolution' Preview: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

In what could be the last contest for these men for the foreseeable future, will Christopher Daniels psych out AJ Styles, or will Styles just be too much for Daniels inside the squared circle?

The road to Final Resolution

Christopher Daniels and his partner Kazarian have been a thorn in the side of AJ Styles for the better part of a year now. This all began over the infamous Claire Lynch, who claimed that she was carrying AJ's lovechild. The group fought tooth and nail with Styles until the facade was up and Lynch admitted to lying.

Since then, Daniels and Kaz have been in pursuit of the TNA World Tag Team Championships, having won the titles for a moment in time, then dropping them to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. The two have been unsuccessful as of late, which lead the group to calling out Styles for one last go-around.

Styles has fought to maintain relevance in the main event scene, having lost at Turning Point and suffering a nearly one year ban on competing for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Styles has recently been at odds with James Storm, but Daniels and Kazarian took priority when they called him out.

What's at stake?

For Daniels, he has been unable to get a definitive victory over Styles to prove his claims that he is indeed the better man. Daniels has also been in somewhat of a slump after losing the tag team gold. A win here would not only boost the pride and ego of the already obnoxious Daniels, but also make him a relevant competitor in TNA for whatever belt he pursues.

For Styles, it is all about getting back the relevance he once had. He has been on the backburner of the main event scene for so long and a win here would mend a lot. Styles needs a win to maintain relevancy and get back on a positive track that can potentially lead him to a title belt in the near future.

Who is the better man between Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles? Watch and find out TONIGHT at Final Resolution!

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