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TNA 'Final Resolution' Preview: Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Having turned Hulk Hogan against Bully Ray after the steamy relationship between Brooke Hogan and Bully, does Austin Aries have the upper hand on Bully?

The road to Final Resolution

Since losing to TNA Champion Jeff Hardy in a ladder match on November's Turning Point pay-per-view, Austin Aries has been dead-set on returning to the title picture.

Conversely, Bully Ray has been taking things a bit leisurely lately, taking a break from battling Aces & Eights and other foes to settle down. He is perhaps taken things a bit too leisurely and gotten too cozy, as he has found himself snuggling up to Brooke Hogan.

Since then, Aries has been nonstop in taunting Bully through his new beau. Aries has been playing on the quick temper of Bully Ray and turning Hulk Hogan's fatherly instincts against the man who has been spending time with Brooke.

Tensions came to a boil this week as Hulk Hogan denied the match request from Bully Ray at first, but eventually relented to set this matchup for tonight's show.

What's at stake?

For Aries, beating Bully Ray puts a big feather in his cap for reentry into the title picture. He also beats someone who is rubbing the Impact Wrestling GM the wrong way, which can't be too bad for him. A win here would catapult Aries into championship contention once again and prove that his relevance near the top of the company was not just a phase.

For Bully, his pride and his loyalty have been questioned by Hulk Hogan and Austin Aries. This is his chance to prove his true intentions by fighting Aries to teach him a little respect. Aries' constant insults have lit a fire under Bully that painted him into asking for this match. With a win here, Bully might finally earn the respect of Hulk Hogan and ease the red-hot tension that has been between the two.

Will Bully Ray reign supreme with pride intact, or will the dastardly Austin Aries be able to get in the head of the big man to get an edge? Find out TONIGHT at Final Resolution.

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