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TNA 'Final Resolution' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Dec. 9) from Orlando

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view tonight (Dec. 9, 2012) live from the Impact Wrestling Zone, in Orlando, Florida. Tonight's event features Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the heavyweight title and much more.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling is all set to pop off with its Final Resolution event TONIGHT (Sun., Dec. 9, 2012), from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Final Resolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Jeff Hardy defending his heavyweight championship against Bobby Roode, another chapter in the Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles saga, Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries and much, much more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Bobby Roode
Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles by pinfall.
Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garrett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco defeated Aces & Eights by pinfall.
TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara (c) defeated Mickie James by pinfall to retain.
Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray by pinfall.
TNA Tag Team Championships: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) defeated Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan by DQ to retain.
TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) defeated Kenny King by pinfall to retain.
James Storm defeated Kazarian by pinfall.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Storm wants to ruin Roode's night tonight.

Kazarian is in.

Kazarian and James Storm get into it, complete with a homophobic chant from the TNA crowd. Storm tells him that he wants to fight Kazarian, if his boyfriend allows.

Stay classy, TNA.

Storm wants a fight and he gets it. The two start going at it ringside and a referee comes out.

I guess this is official.


James Storm vs. Kazarian

Storm with a Thesz press, but Kazarian turns the tide after Storm misses a splash. Stomps and choking the cornered storm. Reverse neckbreaker by Kaz gets a nearfall.

Kaz locking in a submission, but Storm fights out. Kaz pulls him to the mat by his hair. Kaz taking some time and decides to toss Storm outside.

Kaz follows Storm and starts clubbing him the 12-to-6 elbows on the steep steps. On the apron and an axhandle lands on the back of Storm.

Back inside and Kaz gets a nearfall.

Kaz with a bodyslam and hits a springboard leg drop for another nearfall.

Kaz with the chin lock and he turns it into a front headlock. Headstand by Kaz. Storm trying to spin out of the hold. Storm back to his feet and fights out with shots to the body. Storm off the ropes, but he eats a back elbow. Kaz off the ropes, but Storm lands a few clotheslines. Double underhook slam gets Storm a nearfall.

Kaz gets the momentum to swing his way and lands a springboard DDT from the apron for a nearfall.

Storm back in control and sends Kaz into the corner, but Kaz floats over. Storm grabs and lands an Alabama Slam. Back on the feet and Storm lands a Closing Time. Storm wants the Last Call, but Kaz gets behind the ref. Kaz almost lands the Fade to Black, but Storm rolls through. Kaz gets his attack ducked under and Storm lands a Last Call.

Storm wins.


TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King

Handshake before the match starts.

RVD gets the side headlock. King sends him off the ropes, but RVD gets the side headlock again. King turns it into a wristlock, but RVD sweeps the leg for a nearfall.

RVD again holding the side headlock. After a few counters, RVD with a drop toehold and slips over into another side headlock. King gets a sneaky rollup for a nearfall.

The two men spend their time running the ropes and displaying their flying ability. RVD turns it into a step-over kick. King back to his feet and hits a sort of capoeira kick.

King moves to the outside and regroups.

Back inside and the lockup. The two men exchange holds and strikes that miss. RVD is able to land a leg kick on King. King whips RVD into the ropes, but he runs into the boots of RVD. RVD up top, but King comes up with an enzuigiri that sends RVD into the barricade outside.

RVD is brought in and King only gets a nearfall.

King locking in an armbar with a headlock. King holding on, but RVD raises the leg and kicks King off. King down and RVD covers for a nearfall.

RVD sends King into the corner and hits a spin kick for another nearfall.

RVD picks King back up to his feet, but King turns it around into an armbar and choke once again. Van Dam is able to bring the legs up for more kicks. King sent into the corner, but he picks RVD up and crotches him on the top rope. Enzuigiri to the lower back and King gets a nearfall.

The two men exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. King picks RVD up and lands a sidewalk slam. King to the apron and goes for a corkscrew crossbody, but RVD gets the knees up. RVD knocks King down and sends him into the corner with a right hand. King tries to block a back bodydrop attempts, but RVD clobbers him with a clothesline. RVD with a sidekick and he hits the monkey flip out of the corner. Rolling Thunder converts and RVD up top. King meets him there and gets shoved off. King gets a somersault to stay alive and RVD lands the flying kick. RVD up top again, but he misses the Frog Splash. King tries the Royal Flush, but RVD gets the legscissors rollup.

RVD gets the win off of that pin.


Christopher Daniels with Jeremy Borash.

Daniels says he has taken on Styles the most in his wrestling career and that isn't hyperbole. They have wrestled in every type of match imaginable. But, tonight, he will prove that he is just the better man and it will go down in the history books.


TNA Tag Team Championships: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Guerrero starts with Ryan. Ryan avoiding lockups by ducking under ropes. Ryan comes from behind the ref and lands a punch. Ryan pummeling Chavo in the corner. Chavo turns it around and starts choking Ryan with his boot. Chavo with a clothesline and brings in Hernandez.

Hernandez gets the bearhug and gets the belly-to-belly. Bodyslam and Chavo tagged in.

Chavo with a swanton inside. Ryan is able to turn the tide and pummel Chavo down. Ryan cowers to tag in Matt Morgan.

Morgan beating Chavo down, who is forced to roll away to tag Hernandez.

The two big men jaw and Morgan dares him to go off the ropes. Hernandez's shoulder block does nothing. Morgan's does nothing itself. Hernandez gets another one and is able to make Morgan stumble. He goes off the ropes, but Morgan with a huge boot. Ryan wants in and he gets the tag.

Nearfall for Ryan.

Ryan is easily picked up and gets put in a long vertical suplex for a nearfall.

Chavo brought in.

Chavo puts in a bit of offense that puts Ryan down and earns him a nearfall.

Hernandez in.

Splash to knock down Ryan and he brings Chavo back in.

Chavo sent into the ropes by Ryan and he grabs the rope to stop himself. Morgan picks him up with one hand and bounces his head into the turnbuckle. Morgan tags himself back in.

Morgan just stomping and choking the smaller man here. He sends Chavo into the corner hard and lands a big sidewalk slam. Ryan tagged in to pick up the pieces.

Nearfall for Ryan.

Ryan locking in the neck crank on Chavo. Chavo up to his feet and fights out of the hold, but he eats a dropkick from Joey Ryan. Ryan with a nearfall and he goes over to tag in the big man.

Morgan choking Chavo on the ropes and puts him down with a huge strike. Ryan again wants to pick up the pieces and asks for a tag.

Ryan with yet another nearfall.

Ryan presses Chavo into the corner and gets a few shoulder blocks. Ryan sends him to the opposite corner, but he runs into a boot. Ryan knocks him down and wants to whip Chavo on his back, but Chavo snaps up and gets a headscissors to send Ryan into the turnbuckle. Hernandez wants the tag and Chavo gets the hot tag.

Hernandez with a battering ram and clearing house. He goes to put Morgan down and hooks the leg on Ryan for a nearfall.

Morgan inside and has had enough, so he gets a suplex on Hernandez. He puts the suplex on Ryan to land on top of Hernandez for a nearfall.

Hernandez trying to recover and is able to turn the tide, but Morgan on the apron with a headbutt to the back of the head. Chavo up top with the missile dropkick that puts Morgan on the ropes. Hernandez is able to send him outside and hits the huge shoulder block on Ryan. Chavo tagged and he goes up top.

Chavo lands the Frog Splash, but Morgan yanks the ref out of the ring, warranting a DQ.

Chavo and Hernandez retain.

Morgan rams Chavo into the ringpost on his back, but Hernandez with a huge battering ram to the outside to knock Morgan down.

Hernandez tends to his fallen partner.


Jeremy Borash with Austin Aries.

Aries says that he is here to stir the pot and he won't stop stirring until he gets what he wants. He asks Mark what he will do when Austinmania runs wild on him.


Bully and Aries video package runs.


Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Aries trying to scoot in and out of the ring to avoid the contact.

Match finally starts and Bully is continually muscling Aries into the corner, but Aries proving to be too quick. Ducking under and slaps Bully. Bully chases Aries, but Aries goes to the outside to regroup.

Aries back inside and Bully again puts him in the corner. Gut wrench suplex and bodyslam by Bully. Bully beating him down in the corner. He sends Aries into the opposite corner hard and lands a clothesline. Aries off the ropes and Bully sends him up really high on a back bodydrop. Aries off the ropes and tries a sunset flip, but Bully brings him up by his throat. Bully charges the cornered Aries, but eats a back elbow. Missile dropkick from Aries and a reverse neckbreaker follows for an Aries nearfall.

Bully hit with an elbow strike for another Aries nearfall.

Aries choking Bully on the ropes and landing strikes. A few elbows and forearms. Bully in between the ropes and Aries leaps over with an axhandle to the head. On the apron and Aries gets a springboard forearm to put Bully down for a nearfall.

Aries puts Bully down on his knees and lands a clubbing blow to the neck. Chinlock in for Aries and he boxes the ears. Running boot to Bully and Aries does the Hogan pandering for cheers. Aries with a slow legdrop to mimic Hogan more for a nearfall.

Bully with the chops to the chest from his knees, but Aries with a running forearm. Aries off the ropes and he runs into a huge chop. Bully with a gorilla press and gets a splash to follow for a nearfall.

Bully charges a cornered Aries, but Aries drops out. Aries charges, but Bully gets snake eyes. Bully up top, but Aries meets him and stifles the offense. Bully shrugs him off and hits a missile dropkick that sends Aries flying into the corner.

Aries is able to send Bully to the outside, but Bully puts him down with a huge kick off the suicide dive attempt.

Bully gets the nearfall inside.

Aries turns the tide and clocks Bully with a few surprising strikes. Bully cornered and he hits the running dropkick. Aries going for the Brainbuster, but Bully tosses him up and lands a Bully Cutter for a nearfall as Aries gets the foot on the ropes.

Aries moves outside and the crowd wants tables.

Bully outside, but Aries is able prevent any attack and sends Bully down hard. Bully is busted open badly and Aries clubs the cut. Aries up top as Bully is draped over the ring apron.

Brooke Hogan comes out to help Bully. Aries drags her into the ring and corners her. Bully is able to toss Aries outside before anything happens. Bully consoling her and Hulk Hogan comes to help out his daughter. Bully tells him to get her out of here.

Aries comes inside and lowblows Bully as the ref watches the Hogans depart. Rollup and Aries wins.


Hype for the Knockouts match tonight.

Tara and Jessie with Jeremy Borash and they seem to be more focused on being Hollywood than Mickie James. Tara says she will take care of Mickie tonight.


TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara (c) vs. Mickie James

Side headlock for Tara to start. James steps on the knee and gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Side headlock for Mickie and a side headlock takeover into a nearfall.

Tara gets the headscissors and Mickie flips out. Tara gets a wrist lock and is working over the arm. Shoulder bumps and more torque on the wirst. Mickie tries to flip out, but Tara keeps pulling her down to the mat by her hair. Mickie James grabbing the hair in return to pull Tara down numerous times. Tara being consoled by Jessie, but James with a nearfall.

James gets another nearfall.

Tara working Mickie in the corner. Mickie gets out with a headscissors and wants a DDT. Jessie gets Tara out of the ring for a hug, but Mickie with a baseball slide kick to take both out. Mickie on the apron and gets a shoulder bump, but Tara kicks her in the face and action goes back outside.

Tara drops Mickie on the apron on her face and moves it back inside.

Tara kicking the head of James. Tara puts in a backbreaker by pulling Mickie up by her hair. Tara puts Mickie up for a Widow's Peak, but Mickie rolls her up. Taryn Terrell is distracted by Jessie, so Tara gets the Spider Web for a nearfall.

Tara locks in the full nelson and Mickie flips out of a snapmare attempt, but Tara drags her down by her hair. Mickie with upkicks on Tara. Clotheslines follow. James in the corner, but she lands a kick on Tara. And another. An enzuigiri downs her and Mickie gets a nearfall.

Mickie tosses Tara outside, but Jessie catches her. The couple exchange some love, but Mickie up top and lands a flying Thesz press.

Mickie puts Tara inside and gets on the apron. Jessie gets on the apron, but Mickie with a spinning kick to the torso of Jessie.

Tara inside lands the Widow's Peak off the distraction.

Tara wins.


Bobby Roode with Jeremy Borash.

Roode is asked about his relationship with Aces & Eights, but Roode says he will do anything to get his title back. The real matter of the Aces & Eights doesn't matter when Roode gets his belt back tonight.

"Money talks! Bullshit walks!"


Aces & Eights vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, and Garrett Bischoff

Angle and Devon start.

Devon turning this into a brawl in the corner on Angle. He sends Angle into the opposite corner, but Angle with the back elbow. Clothesline by Angle and he is now working Devon in the corner. Snap suplex by Angle earns him a nearfall.

Arm wrench in for Angle and he tags in Joe.

Devon runs out to tag in DOC.

Joe with forearms and evading the strikes of DOC. Jabs in the corner down DOC. DOC sent into the corner and a back splash by Joe. Enzuigiri by Joe and he brings in Garrett.

Garrett starts off well, but DOC beats him down with the power offense.

Guy in a skeleton mask in.

We'll call him SM for all intents and purposes.

Bischoff using the technical wrestling, but SM is able to club Garrett with a forearm. He chokes Garrett on the top rope. Garrett is able to turn the tide and bring in Wes.

Wes and Garrett double team SM and he is forced to tag out to a guy wearing a similar mask, but long sleeves.

So, I guess we'll call him LS.

Joe and LS are in and Joe is laying the wood to this guy. The gang eventually tosses Joe out and puts the boots to him.

Devon now wants in. Strikes to the already hurt Joe. Devon with a running forearm to knock Joe down once again and DOC is in.

Splash by DOC earns a nearfall.

DOC chokes Joe on the second rope and the ref breaks it, but LS furthers it while the ref is turned. DOC with a snapmare and gets the sleeper in. Joe gets out, but he runs right into a back elbow. DOC gets the nearfall.

DOC works Joe into his corner and Devon tags in.

Devon with the snapmare and applying the nervehold. Joe gets up and lands body shots, but he runs into the corkscrew forearm by Devon. Nearfall.

Devon with the front headlock and SM is tagged in.

SM beating Joe down in the corner with strikes. Punch and LS brought in.

Joe sent into the corner and he takes out both LS and SM.

Joe tags out to Angle.

Angle starts clearing house and gets a few suplexes to a few members of Aces & Eights.

All hell breaks loose here. Brawl and all the men start trading finishers with one another. Joe with a suicide dive to Devon on the outside. Angle gets LS with a T-bone suplex and has the Ankle Lock in. DOC comes from behind with the hammer, but Bischoff and Brisco take him out.

LS eats a Angle Slam and that is it.

Team TNA wins.


AJ Styles with Borash.

He seems motivated.


Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Daniels and Styles locking up and countering out of everything each other has to offer. Shoulder block by Daniels ends the chain. Styles with the side headlock, but Daniels turns it around into a hammerlock. Snapmare by Styles and gets a side headlock. Daniels with the headscissors. Styles and him trading positions. Styles with an arm drag into a side headlock. Daniels rolls up for a nearfall.

Grappling ends and Daniels gets the shoulder blocks.

Styles goes outside to regroup.

Back inside and the test of strength behins in the middle of the ring. Daniels ends it with a kick to the chest and gets the side headlock. Both men exchange more holds until Daniels flips off the back of the head, but eats a clothesline from Styles. Dropkick by Styles. Action slows a bit as Styles gets a more methodical pace. Chinlock combined with the Indian deathlock from Styles via a bridge. Styles puts Daniels on the apron and follows him out there. Styles with a suplex onto the apron as he lands on the floor.

Back inside, but Daniels moves to the apron again. Styles takes the bait and Daniels with a Rock Bottom onto the apron.

We are again inside and Daniels is in control. Clothesline by Daniels and he gets caught with his feet on the ropes as he pins.

Daniels locks in the sleeper. Styles fights out, but Daniels kicks him down to prevent any offense. Daniels smacking Styles while he is down. Styles drives Daniels into the corner with a shoulder block. Daniels turns it around with a suplex. Springboard moonsault and Daniels locks in a Crippler Crossface. Styles gets the ropes and Daniels takes him to the middle of the ring with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a nearfall.

Daniels working the armlock while cranking the neck. Styles fights out and gets Daniels off him. The two go off the ropes and nail each other with a double crossbody.

Styles has a cut right by his eyebrow after that.

Styles with strikes, but Daniels gets the Rock Bottom. Daniels misses the moonsault and Styles turns it around on him. Torture rack in the middle of the ring turns into an airplane spin slam for Styles. Nearfall.

Styles going for the Styles Clash, but Daniels ducks out and two exchange rollups. Daniels misses a running boot and Styles with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors for a nearfall.

Daniels with a sidewalk slam into a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall.

Daniels brings Styles off the top and gets a snapmare from the top. The men exchanging more offense, but Styles flips off the corner and gets his reverse DDT for a nearfall.

Styles up top, but Daniels meets him. Superplex lands. The two exchanging blows, but a discus clothesline from Styles puts Daniels down. Daniels up and tries to latch onto Styles, but Styles lands the Pele. Daniels on his knees and Styles with a buzzsaw kick that downs Daniels. Styles clubbing the back of Daniels. Styles has Daniels up for the Styles Clash, but Daniels flips out and almost gets the Angle's Wings. Styles rolls through with a jackknife cover and turns it into a Styles Clash. Only a nearfall.

Styles bringing Daniels to the top with him. He wants a Styles Clash fron the top, but Daniels hooks the ropes and gets a headscissors. Daniels carries him to the middle of the ring and puts Styles up for his own move. Styles Clash lands.

Daniels wins!


TNA title is next, so roll the video package.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Roode ramming Hardy into the corner with shoulder bumps. Roode stomping on the injured Hardy and gets a nearfall.

Roode again working Hardy over in the corner. He sends Hardy into the corner hard and gets a nearfall out of it.

Roode punching Hardy as he is down. Hardy turns the match around. Headscissors on Roode. Splash in the corner. Back bodydrop from Hardy. Inverted atomic drop by Hardy, but Roode moves outside. Baseball slide kick from Hardy and he goes over the top with the crossbody.

Back inside and Hardy with a snapmare. Hardy working Roode in the corner and mounts him for ten punches. Hardy puts Roode's head into the corner, but Roode is able to take advantage of an injured Hardy again. Roode beating him from pillar to post with power offense. Suplex by Roode gets him a nearfall.

Roode stomping on Hardy. Roode with another suplex. He goes to the corner and hits a kneedrop for another nearfall.

Roode working Hardy in the corner with kicks and choking him on the bottom rope. Roode stepping on the crotch of Hardy while keeping him on the mat, forcing a nearfall.

Roode locking in the sleeper on Hardy. Hardy gets up to his feet, but Roode slams him back down to the mat by his neck. Roode methodically wearing Hardy down with stomps and strikes. Roode rams the face of Hardy into the turnbuckle. Corner clothesline into a snapmare. Running neckbreaker earns Roode yet another nearfall.

Hardy mounting little to no offense here and Roode locks in another sleeper. Hardy gets up to his feet, but Roode cracks him with a back elbow. Roode choking Hardy with his boot in the corner. Scoop slam and Roode goes up top, but he runs into the feet of Hardy. Hardy and Roode trade strikes, but Hardy gets the Russian leg sweep for a nearfall.

Both men off the ropes and ducking each other until Roode tosses Hardy out to the floor hard.

Roode brings him back inside and locks in yet another sleeper. Roode rolling around to keep the hold and turns to the legscissors on the body. Hardy stacks him for a nearfall.

Roode taking Hardy from corner to corner, but Hardy fights back with strikes. Roode sent off the ropes and Hardy puts him down. Inverted atomic drop and legdrop to the crotch. Dropkick follows. Hardy in the corner and he gets a splash for a nearfall.

Hardy looking for something, but Roode gets a slingshot into the corner. Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind for a nearfall.

Hardy goes for a suplex, but Roode rolls through and gets a handful of tights for a nearfall.

Hardy with the step-over kick. Front suplex and he turns Roode over. splash from the corner and Hardy again gets only a nearfall.

Hardy wants the Twist of Fate, but Roode rolls away. Hardy runs at him, but Roode hits the Double "R" Spinebuster for a nearfall.

Roode picking Hardy up. Hardy reverses with a kick to the stomach and a Twist of Fate. Roode rolls out to the floor off the move.

Hardy on the apron and flies with a clothesline to take out Roode. He tells the fans to move back and sets the steps. Roode on the barricade and Hardy goes off the steps, but Roode moves and Hardy lands on the barricade. Hardy in the crowd and Roode brings him back inside.

Roode only gets a nearfall.

Both men go up top. Roode wants the superplex, but Hardy lands punches and takes off the shirt. Hardy lands the Swanton, but he is not able to make the cover. Roode is able to get the spear on Hardy as they creep back to their feet. Roode only gets a nearfall.

Roode motions for someone and Aces & Eights enter to ringside.

Roode talking to the group, but he turns around into a Twist of Fate!

Hardy wins!

And Aces & Eights proceeds with the beating. Hardy is taken out and put down.

Bobby Roode gets in the face of their leader, upset that his monetary encouragment did not lead to him winning back his title.

Devon clocks Roode with the bat and DOC puts him up for a Chokeslam.

Aces & Eights stand triumphant as we fade to black.


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