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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Dec. 6): It pays to be Roode!

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Dec. 6) to deliver the go-home show before Sunday's Final Resolution pay-per-view. What would come to fruition before the big show on Sunday? Find out all about it here!

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Dec. 6) to deliver the final show before Sunday night's Final Resolution pay-per-view extravaganza. There was much to be settled tonight. What would become of the situation between the Hogan Family, Bully Ray, and Austin Aries? Would Bobby Roode have any dastardly tricks for Jeff Hardy?

And, of course, what could be going on with Harley Davidson's favorite gang, Aces and 8s?

Let's give last night's show a final resolution with some reactions!

  • Last night's main event was a six man tag match between Bobby Roode, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels taking on Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and AJ Styles. The show was prefaced with Roode and the former World Tag Team Champions of the World coming out to call out Styles, with Kazarian calling the crowd "choades" and proclaiming it was "Throwback Thursday." Roode declared that "it pays to be Roode!" Later, a scuffle ensued between Styles and Daniels and we got a brief taste of the main event. In the main event, it was a fast-paced match with each man getting some time to work. The end came when Jeff Hardy tagged himself in to get the win, while his partners were bickering, as they have been for the past couple of weeks. Aces and 8s then came out to put the boots to Hardy, but were cleared out when Storm came back wielding a weapon. The group escaped to ringside and gave Roode the thumbs up, who returned the gesture, repeating that "it pays to be Roode." This was well-done all around and it builds some tension for Sunday's show. Roode is on another level of heel and Hardy could be coming in at a disadvantage. Good stuff here.
  • In some less than good stuff, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray are still at it. Bully wanted Hogan to grant him a match with Austin Aries, but Hogan basically told him to buzz off and then told someone to fetch Bully some Midol. It came down to the ring, as Bully sat in a chair and waited for what he wanted. Aries came out and sat on a chair on the ramp, bullying Bully. Hogan came out and told Bully and Aries that he won't be pushed around and that Bully could get out of his ring or "get his ass kicked." This lead to a staredown and Brooke Hogan coming out to tell her dad and Mark (Brooke used Bully's real name, for all you kayfabers) to not make this personal. Hulk said it was already personal, and the match will happen on Sunday to help relieve some of the tension. This was so-so, but Brooke Hogan's super low cut top made it more tolerable. All kidding aside, Aries vs. Bully will be a fun one and the setup hasn't been excessively terrible.
  • The Aces and 8s were in full-force tonight. First, Devon took on Samoa Joe for the TV title. Joe was en route to victory before a gorgeous blonde hit the apron to distract the ref. Doc hit Joe with the infamous hammer and Devon became your new TV champion, as Doc and him celebrated with the gaggle of girls. After a little celebration, including these women dancing with each other, and hitting on the gang, Doc took on Kurt Angle. Angle was en route to victory as well, before the gang came out to lay the beatdown on him. Angle fended them off long enough for Samoa Joe, Wes Briscoe, and Garrett Bischoff to come out. Bischoff and Briscoe were in no hurry to help Angle seemingly, perhaps foreshadowing something. Four members of the biker gang will take on Angle and crew Sunday. While Garrett Bischoff is involved, this could turn out right with the correct swerve on Sunday. It should also be noted that the use of ladies grinding on each other makes Aces and 8s infinitely easier to pay attention to.
  • Mickie James had her special night ruined by Tara and Jesse Godderz, as they came out to taunt and mock the returning Mickie. All of this was a prelude to a familiar face returning to let the pigeons loose. That's right, Velvet Sky made her return to wish the women luck and inform us that 2013 will be her year. Not as high on Miss Sky as everyone else, but it provides a different look in the Knockouts division.
  • Robbie E and Robbie T lost to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Not a horrendous match, but very vanilla and hard to really care about. The real fun came after the match, as Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan made their presence felt by leveling the team. Ryan informed us that "when it comes to Big Morgan and the Big Organ, size matters." Now, there's someone I can care about! Sunday's matchup between Ryan and Morgan and the tag team champs could be a good one.
  • Kenny King, Zema Ion, and Kid Kash fought to determine who will get a crack at X Division King RVD on Sunday. The match was pretty spectacular, as most X Division bouts tend to be. King ended up getting the win. The X Division is some of the best stuff the company offers. It reminds me of the WWE cruiserweights, before they decided to kill that division with death by Hornswoggle. Good stuff here.

TNA tends to at least get you interested in their next disappointment, so they do very well in building interest for their pay-per-views. Therefore, this show earns a "B-." Hey, the folks can put on a fun little show when they actually think logically and try.

Did this week's episode get any of you Cagesiders excited for Final Resolution?

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