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TNA Impact results and live blog for Dec. 6: The 'Final Resolution' go home show

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (Dec. 6, 2012) with its latest episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring the go home show to the Final Resolution pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Orlando.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 6, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, featuring the go home show to the Final Resolution pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night.

On tonight's show, Devon will challenge Samoa Joe for the title he vacated when he originally left the company before re-signing and joining Aces and 8s. In other action, Kurt Angle takes on DOC while the main event features a six-man tag team match pitting Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian.

All that and more.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Nolan in.

Recap of last week and preview of this week.

Broadcast is live.

Bobby Roode enters with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels at his side.

Kazarian tells these "choades" to listen up. Kazarian says you can call this "Throwback Thursday" as this is a mini-revival of the best group in TNA history, Fortune. Kaz says that was the past and the future is on Sunday. He states that they will experience victory on Sunday.

Roode says he isn't one for guarantees, but when he does guarantee something, it becomes a reality. Roode says that he will be the TNA kingpin after Sunday. He says he has made an investment into himself and the title belt. Roode tells Hardy that it pays to be Roode.

Daniels guarantees that the audience this Sunday, the better man will be decided and the loser will...well, it'll be AJ Styles. Daniels says he has something to say to Styles and invites him out to join him so they can chat.

Styles obliges.

Styles says that he knows exactly what Daniels has to say, as he has been jealous of Styles since day one. Styles says he always has been and always will be. He says that Daniels couldn't even beat him on his worst day.

Daniels says that if we are talking facts, every time he called Styles a loser, he was proved right. Daniels says that it is all on Styles for simply being a loser. He tells Styles that his nightmare will become a reality on Sunday.

Styles says that Daniels talks too much and pulls a double leg takedown on Daniels. The group beats Styles down until Hardy and Storm come to clear the ring.

That acts as a preview for tonight's main event.


Recap of Austin Aries in trouble last week being stuck between Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray.

Backstage, Aries says that this started because of his mockery of Brooke Hogan, but he has truly been aiming for Hulk Hogan. Aries says he was on the track to another title shot until Bully ruined it last week by interfering in his match. He wants Bully on Sunday and tells him that he won't stop pushing his buttons until he gets what he wants.


Samoa Joe putting the TV title up against Devon next.


TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Devon

Match starts with a lockup. Joe gets Devon in the corner and breaks. Another lockup and Joe is pushed in the corner. He lands jabs on Devon, but Devon rakes the eyes. Joe puts Devon in the corner and lands a splash, followed the the enzuigiri. Chop to the back and kick to the chest of a seated Devon. Knee drop on Devon and Joe is in control. He charges Devon, who pulls down the rope and the action goes outside.

Devon rams the head of Joe into the steel steps.

Action moves back inside for a Devon nearfall.

Joe back to his feet with the jabs, but Devon hits that corkscrew elbow for another nearfall.

Devon puts Joe in the corner and lands the splash. Off the ropes and he lands a headbutt for yet another nearfall.

Devon up top for a flying headbutt and misses. Him and Joe trade strikes in the center of the ring. Joe gets the better of it and grabs an atomic drop. Big boot and senton splash earn a nearfall.

Joe stuck in the corner after Devon ducks him. Devon runs in and tries a splash, but he eats the ST Joe. Joe going for the Coquina Clutch, but a really nice looking blonde hits the apron to distract the ref. Doc comes behind with the hammer.

Devon gets the pin and is your new TV champ.

Doc and Devon ringside and having a bit of a celebration with a gaggle of gorgeous girls.


Brooke Hogan backstage on the phone, talking about a signing of some sort.

Wonder what she has up her sleeve.


Al Snow with D'Lo Brown.

Snow talks about his scare last week, apparently being involved in some abduction. D'Lo is just glad to have him back.



Mickie James is here.

She is happy to be here and to finally address the fans. James thanks her friends and family for helping her through this humbling time. She realized she isn't satisfied and that she made a pact to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Tara and Jessie enter.

Tara taunts her, telling her to cut the sob story. She has had a great year, hooking up with Jessie and dropping Tessmacher as a best friend.

Mickie James isn't impressed.

And neither is Velvet Sky!


Sky thanks all of the fans and Brooke Hogan for getting her back to TNA. Sky wishes both of the ladies good luck, but she wants to let them know that she will be taking the title in 2013.


Robbie E is upset at his iPad, not knowing how to pay insurance on the thing.

Robbie T shows him how and Robbie E tells him to focus on their tag match tonight.


Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Robbie E and Robbie T

Chavo starts with Robbie E. Grappling exchange and Guerrero gets the better of it. Side suplex and a tag out to Hernandez.

Double team attack leads to a bearhug from Hernandez. Belly-to-belly follows.

Chavo back in and stomps Robbie E. Robbie landing some strikes, but he runs into the boot of Chavo. Robbie T attacks Chavo from the apron and comes in illegally with the ref turned away. Robbie T clubbing Chavo and gets a bodyslam.

Robbie E in with a splash and a nearfall.

Sleeper in for Robbie E, but Chavo fights out. Chavo gets a Northern Lights suplex.

Hernandez in and cleaning house. Battering ram and a back bodydrop for Robbie E. Backbreaker lands for a nearfall for Hernandez. Robbie T broke the pin. Chavo takes Robbie T to the outside with a dropkick.

Inside, Hernandez with a flapjack onto the top turnbuckle to Robbie E. He shoulder blocks Robbie E and tags Chavo in.

Frog Splash lands for the win.

Joey Ryan has the mic and calls attention to himself, saying that him and Morgan will be winning on Sunday. Morgan lays them out with a double clothesline from behind.

Ryan tells us that when dealing with "Big Morgan and the Big Organ, size matters."


Aces and 8s partying with their group of girls.

They have a hit out for someone tonight who they were paid off to attack.

Doc will also face Kurt Angle tonight.


"Gut Check" recap.

Briscoe and Angle chat about the happiness in the whole situation, along with Angle congratulating Garrett Bischoff on stepping up as well.

The group tells Angle they have his back.


Hernandez and Guerrero are now focused on Ryan and Morgan.

They said they'll bring the fight on Sunday.


Kurt Angle vs. Doc

Angle immediately opening up with strikes. Angle drops Doc in the corner and unloading with stomps and strikes. Angle drags him to the middle of the ring and working the leg of Doc. Angle landing strikes and again working the left leg. Chop block by Angle and he charges, but Doc nails a clothesline. Doc now unleashing the power offense on Angle, but Angle gets to his feet and lands some strikes. Angle on the ropes and he ducks right into a boot from Doc, who clotheslines him to the outside.

Doc with an uppercut. He whips Angle into the steel steps and mean mugs the camera a bit. Action goes back inside.

Doc clubs the back of Angle. Sends Angle into the corner, but eats a boot. Angle hits the worst missile dropkick in history on Doc. Both men down. Doc swings at Angle, but Angle lands the hat trick of German suplays on Doc. Angle Slam attempt fails and Doc knocks Angle down for a nearfall.

Doc again swings at Angle and eats two more Germans. He locks up the rope and lands a low blow. Running lariat by Doc nearly gets the pin.

Chokeslam attempt from Doc gets rolled through by Angle, who locks in the Ankle Lock. Doc rolls through and hits a Chokeslam as they go back to their feet, but only another nearfall.

Angle in the corner and Doc runs into his elbow. Angle Slam follows and the straps are down. Ankle Lock in and Aces and 8s to the rescue. Angle punches the member off and the group surrounds the ring.

Samoa Joe, Garrett Bischoff, and Wes Briscoe come to make the save. Bischoff and Briscoe seem to be in no hurry for some reason.

Angle sets a match between the group inside the ring and four members of Aces and 8s.


Hulk Hogan on the phone and he is very fussy with the caller.

Bully Ray comes in and demands a match with Austin Aries. Hogan tells him the wrestling world doesn't revolve around him and he denies the matchup.

Bully tells Hogan that he will change his answer by the end of the night.


James Storm talking with Jeff Hardy.

This leads to another eternal monologue voiceover from Hardy.


Kenny King vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion

Kash knocking both men down.

This is going to be a hard one to write for with this pace, folks.

Kid Kash is sent outside with a dropkick and Ion gets a nearfall on a sneaky rollup on King.

Ion and King go at it until King hits a tornado kick. Kash trips Ion up and sends him outside. Kash up on the apron, but King clobbers him with a pendulum kick. Ion gets in the ring as King is running and clobbers him with a clothesline for a nearfall.

Kash attacks Ion from behind and rubs his face into the ropes, landing punches. King with clotheslines galore on Kash. Bodyslam and springboard leg drop get him a nearfall.

Ion puts Kash in the corner and starts in on King. Ion knocks King down and sends him into the corner. King with a boot and Ion sets him up off the counter. King rolls through and grabs a T-bone suplex. King and Kash going at it now and Kash sent to the ropes. He locks the rope and hits a hurricanrana on Ion on the outside. King up top now and lands a flying splash on Kash and Ion. Ion didn't take all of that and goes inside to land a flip dive on both men.

Action inside with King and Ion. Ion going for a springboard attack, but King crotches him. King locking something up, but Kash comes in behind him. King with a reverse suplex on Ion while he gets powerbombed. The men exchange offense and Kash gets a Boston crab in on King. Ion kicks him off and a whole lot of quick offense is exchanged. Ion knocks Kash off the top and King comes in from behind.

Royal Flush by King wins it.


Bully Ray on the phone and he says he is going to the ring to get what he wants.


Recap of the situation between Aries, Hogan, and Bully.

Bully out and he has a chair. Bully says he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he wants. He doesn't understand Hulk Hogan. He wants to fight Aries and Aries wants to fight him. All of the fans want to see them fight. Bully says he is sitting in his chair and he isn't leaving until he gets what he wants.

Austin Aries enters with a chair of his own. Aries says that he doesn't know if he should believe him. Aries says that he beat Bully Ray and made him tap last time they fought. Aries says that it is valiant what Bully does, as he is fighting for the woman he loves.

Bully dares him to come in the ring, but Aries says that he is gonna sit right on the ramp and take over the show himself.

Hulk Hogan enters and Aries scampers to another side of the ring.

Hogan tells the two that he isn't going to let them push him around, since he is the GM of the show. Hogan says that Bully can either get out of the ring or he'll kick his ass.

Aries eggs the two on as Brooke Hogan comes out.

Brooke suggests that the situation is getting too personal.

Hogan says that the situation is getting personal so they all get the match to fight it out.


Preview of Sunday's matches, including Mickie James vs. Tara, Kenny King vs. RVD, Morgan and Ryan vs. Chavo and Hernandez, Bully vs. Aries, Aces and 8s vs. Angle, Joe, Bischoff, and Briscoe, Daniels vs. Styles, and Hardy vs. Roode.


Bobby Roode, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles

Worth noting that Kaz and Daniels are sporting Zubaz.

Love it.

Match starts with Kaz and Storm. Lockup and Kaz puts Storm in the corner by the hair. Kaz shoves Storm and gets shoved down. The two exchange punches and Storm gets the better of them. Storm knocks down Daniels on the apron. Lou Thesz press on Kaz and he start lighting up Kaz.

Hardy brought in and a double back elbow. Hardy rammed into the corner by Kaz and Daniels brought in.

Daniels puts Hardy in the corner and Hardy floats over with a headscissors takeover. Hardy knocks Roode and Kaz off the corner.

Styles in and Kaz in. Styles with the headscissors. Right hand by Styles. Styles working Kaz in the corner a bit and brings Hardy back in.

Kaz in the corner. Styles with a splash then acts as a stepping stool for Hardy's Poetry in Motion.

Hardy grabs a nearfall as we break.

Kaz in with Hardy as we return. Roode attacked Hardy during the break, changing the momentum of the match. KAz has the front headlock in on Hardy, but Styles tags in.

Earl Hebner did not see the tag and Roode and Daniels use phantom tags to get in some offense before tagging Kaz back in.

Kaz tags in Daniels and he lands the stomp. Gangam Style is teased, but Daniels doesn't want to give it to us. Nearfall by Daniels and Roode is in.

Roode beating Hardy down in the corner. He gets a vertical suplex and floats over into the cover for a nearfall.

Daniels in and he stomps on Hardy. He sends Hardy into the corner on his chest. Thai clinch from Daniels and knees to the body. Daniels stepping on the hair of Hardy and he brings in Kaz.

Kaz off the ropes and the team hits a Hart Attack on Hardy.

Hardy is beat up on the outside by Bobby Roode and crew.

Roode brought in officially and he sprawls out on Hardy. Roode locks in a sleeper hold and Hardy attempting the tag. Hardy with body shots and he gets out, but he runs right into the arm of Roode. Clothesline knocks Hardy down. Roode stomps on the lowest part of the abdomen without touching anything below the belt.

Daniels in and he has a front headlock. Hardy drives him into the corner and attempts to get a tag, but Daniels hanging on to the pants for dear life. Daniels puts him into the boots of Kaz and Roode before bringing the latter in.

Roode knocks Hardy down and heads up top. Roode comes down on a kick to the stomach and Twist of Fate lands for Hardy.

Tag is made and AJ Styles cleaning house here. Kaz is the legal man now and Styles hits a side suplex on him to put him down. Nearfall is broken up by Roode.

Storm takes them both out with Closing Time. Storm on the outside is taken out by Daniels after being tossed into the steps.

AJ being double teamed by Roode and Kaz on the inside, but AJ gets a reverse DDT and regular DDT on the duo. Daniels breaks up the pin.

Styles takes advantage and tries a springboard attack, but Daniels hangs him on the ropes. Daniels going for a move, but Styles with a snapmare. Storm comes in to toss Daniels out of the ring and that starts an argument between the two.

Kaz charing but Hardy has tagged in and lands a Twist of Fate.

Hardy wins it for the group.

Aces and 8s comes in to beat down Hardy. Hardy getting the boots put to him for a bit before Storm comes in with a weapon to break up the group.

The group gives Roode a thumbs up, who returns the gesture.


Fade to black.


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