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Precap to the Dec. 6, 2012 episode of TNA 'Impact Wrestling', or the one before 'Final Resolution'

Previewing the Dec. 6, 2012 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, the go-home to to the Final Resolution Pay-Per-View (PPV), featuring the final confrontation between TNA Champion Jeff Hardy and Number One Contender Bobby Roode, the continuing love affair between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan, and the ongoing saga of Aces & 8s.

Hardy! Roode! Lost In The Shuffle! TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Howdy Impact Wrestling fans! Did you know that Final Resolution is only three days away? Did you also know that Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode will be battling for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event? Did you know that this is a fight between TNA's most popular talent against the promotions longest reigning champion in history?

Because I'm not going to lie to you, Cagsiders. I completely forgot.

There are probably a few reasons for this lack of recollection. The first would be that TNA had hot shot the #1 Contendership from James Storm to Roode only three weeks ago. The image of Storm pinning AJ Styles at Turning Point stands out pretty clearly in my mind.

Roode getting a dirty win over Storm on the following Impact Wrestling, less so.

That wouldn't be the biggest problem if Hardy and Roode were given any serious amount of time to advance the feud. As it stands, though, the Bully Rey/Brooke Hogan love affair -- which we will be getting to shortly -- has been eating up a lot of screen time. So the Orlando based promotion's highest title is left with only a single segment the past two weeks to sell the angle.

Because, this is something that makes sense.

Hardy is the top face of the promotion. His ring work has not dropped off too much over the years. Although his "weirdness" reminds me more of the dramies that used to populate my high school, I'm not going to fault a guy for being himself.The fans love him, and he is able to improve the monthly Pay-Per-View (PPV) buyrates by a few thousand. There really isn't a reason to not give Hardy a legitimate run with the strap.

Roode is arguably the top heel, although a debate could be made for Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels. He had the longest run with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the title's lifespan. The guy knows how to draw heat. People will pay to see him get his ass kicked.

These two should be opening and closing every show. They should be dueling on the mic and getting involved in each other's matches. This should be front and center on Impact Wrestling.

So why is TNA putting this feud on the back burner? That is a question that is all but unanswerable. TNA can never, will never, get out of its own way.

It would be a shame, if anyone really cared anymore.

Expect one last confrontation between Hardy and Roode in the go-home show for Final Resolution. Hopefully, they are able to make the few short minutes they have count.

Bully! Brooke! Hulk! Aries! Love! Hate! Backstage Hanky Panky!

Bully Rey is normally known for putting people through tables. Apparently, he is also pretty good with what he does on top of them. The love affair between him and Broke Hogan has been pretty much confirmed, much to the chagrin of Hulk Hogan. It seems daddy Hogan does not appreciate his only daughter dating a member of his roster.

Plus, there is that whole 17-year age difference that makes it kind of weird.

So, Hulk is the over protective father while Bully and Rey act out their little Romeo & Juliet fantasy. This is playing out like a bad episode of Parenthood -- which, come to think of it, is there anything but a bad episode of Parenthood? -- instead of a pro wrestling angle. Why this is getting any screen time, let alone opening and closing the show, is completely beyond me.

Then Austin Aries enters the picture, and things feel a bit better.

"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is an alchemist when it comes to these things. What should be a miserable experience has turned into something that isn't that bad to watch.

One is almost curious to see how he would have handled the "Crackhead Claire" storyline.

Instead, his talents are left on a more mundane angle. He gets to run around besmirching Brooke's honor for sleeping with a guy. He is attempting to humiliate her for being in an adult relationship. He is trying to embarrass her for not conforming to society's norms for how a proper woman should behave.

If only there was a short, concise phrase that would convey what he is doing.

In any case, Aries acting like a complete jerk is better television than most of what TNA usually puts together. It is fun to hate him. On top of that, there will at least be an Aries vs. Bully match at the end of this whole thing.

That is a match that should be pretty good.

This story will continue to go on. Hogan will continue to emote in the Impact Zone. Brooke will continue to try and put those acting lessons to work. Bully will continue to wonder if staying in TNA was the right decision. And Aries will continue to be amazing at everything he does.

Everything Else! Bullet Points!

  • Samoa Joe will defend the Television Championship against Devon. Remember when Aces & 8s were going after the main event instead of mid-carders?
  • Kurt Angle will be going one-on-one with D.O.C. tonight. I repeat my previous question.
  • The main event of the evening will be a six-man tag team match featuring Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and James Storm against Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian. I fully predict greatness from this match.

Hopefully, this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join Nolan, myself, and the entire CSS Thursday night gang in the live blog right here.

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