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TNA announces poll for 'Impact Wrestler of the Year'

TNA has announced a new poll with five candidates for fans to choose from to crown the "Impact Wrestler of the Year." Who do you think is worthy of that title?

Who should be crowned the 2012 "Impact Wrestler of the Year"?

That's the question TNA is asking its fans to answer in a poll revealed on last night's (Dec. 20, 2012) episode of Impact Wrestling and tweeted out by promotion President Dixie Carter.

Your choices are:

- James Storm
- Jeff Hardy
- Austin Aries
- Bobby Roode
- Bully Ray

Each guy has a legitimate claim to win, though my personal order would see Aries and Ray neck-in-neck for the top spot with Roode coming in third, Hardy in fourth, and Storm bringing up the rear. That's a real shame for "The Cowboy," who looked like the babyface future of the company at one point.

The winner will be revealed on the Jan. 3, 2013, episode of Impact to kick off the new year.

Who are you voting for, if you're voting at all?

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