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Video: TNA gives away 1.3.13 reveal on Impact -- it's Sting

For whatever reason, TNA decided to ditch the cryptic teaser videos of a big return on 1.3.13 and just outright give away the fact that Sting will be returning on that date to battle Aces and 8s.

After weeks of airing cryptic videos teasing a big return for Jan. 3, 2013, the first episode of Impact Wrestling in the new year, TNA decide it would run the above promo during last night's show completely giving away the fact that it's Sting who will be returning.

And he's coming for the Aces and 8s, with Doc named specifically as his first target.

For those who have been paying attention, this isn't much of a surprise at all. The company initially went the mysterious route but perhaps changed their minds when considering business factors, which is to say, it's far more likely Impact will pop a better rating if Sting is officially advertised than if they just tease someone coming in with no indication of who it will be.

They may have even taken a hint from WWE, who chose not to advertise Ric Flair's return beforehand this week and suffered in the ratings because of it. As it were, "The Nature Boy" still managed to pull a good number for his segment.

Either way, now we know Sting is back again for one more bite at the apple.

Anyone think it will be a bit more tasty this time around?

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