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Precap to the Dec. 20, 2012 episode of TNA 'Impact Wrestling', or go ahead, TNA, make my day

Previewing the Dec. 20, 2012 episode of TNA "Impact Wrestling"; featuring a TNA Championship Match between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, the continuing love affair between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan, and the ongoing shenanigans of Aces & 8s!

Hardy! Aries! Roode! Aces & 8s! Trumped Payoffs! TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

It's always nice when things come together, isn't it?

Last week (Dec. 13), Devon of Aces & 8s informed us that Austin Aries payed the masked group off to interfere in Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode's TNA Championship match at Final Resolution. This happened right after the group promised to keep the information secure, but never mind that fact. The important thing is that Aries has earned himself another shot at the title.

Hardy. Aries. Part III. Tonight. In the Impact Zone.

It is difficult for a feud to go three rounds and still be interesting, but TNA has showed that it is possible. Hardy vs. Aries has been one of the best feuds of the year. I'm not just talking about in TNA, but in professional wrestling. The matches have been great, the buildups have been exciting, and there has been enough added with each step to keep things from getting stale.

This is the blueprint to how you should book a championship angle. Isn't pro wrestling simple when you get out of your own way?

The idea to add Roode into the mix makes perfect sense. He was the promotion's top heel for almost a full year. For Hardy to really establish himself, he was going to have to go through "The IT Factor" sooner or later. The fact that the angle was boring as all hell, and that the two had absolutely no chemistry working together, means that no one will complain when TNA abandons the angle.

There are some benefits to having low expectations.

Although bringing in Aces & 8s might make a few fans cringe, I'm actually okay with how TNA is handling it. By having Aries be the financial backer of Aces & 8s, it keeps him from being permanently tied to the lead balloon of a angle. He is able to use the masked group to get himself a championship match -- which he has -- and then abandon things once he is able to -- which he will. It is nice that the card-based clan is serving some purpose by existing.

Because lord knows they haven't been much more than a waste of space, so far.

So we will see Aries getting one more shot at Hardy and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I'm not even going to hate on the fact that TNA is giving this away on free television. The last two matches between these men have been squeaky clean; tonight, on the other hand, is almost certain to contain some type of shenanigans. This is a feud that will continue for weeks and months. Having a championship match on Impact Wrestling, particularly a match that will have some shmoz, is almost preferable to only advancing the storyline during Pay-Per-Views.

Hardy vs. Aries is the best thing the promotion has going. I'm not going to complain about getting more of it.

Everything Else! Bullet Points!

  • Bully Ray insinuated last week that he is not making the moves on Brooke Hogan, but she is the one who is making goo-goo eyes at him. This is either the beginning of abandonment for this angle, or it is going to go in a really weird direction. I'm not sure which one I want to see more... or less.
  • Last week, AJ Styles stated he was tied of being TNA's janitor and he will be focusing on himself moving forward. Also, Kazarian informed Christopher Daniels he will be throwing a party to celebrate the "Fallen Angel's" win over Styles at Final Resolution. I want to believe this will be a good angle in its own right, but the only time I've ever enjoyed this trio's work, is when it falls into awesomely bad territory. I'm wondering if tonight will be in that same vein.
  • Tara puts her Knockout Championship on the line against either Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Miss Tessmacher, or ODB. Who will Brooke Hogan choose? You will just have to tune in to find out! (It's going to be Sky).

Hopefully, this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join Geno, myself, and the entire CSS Thursday night gang in the live blog, right here.

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