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Insane Joey Ryan video promo for ShopTNA commercial

This is supposed to sell merchandise on This promo right here. Seriously.

If you're one of the many who can't see the appeal of Joey Ryan and his character, that's fine. His "legalize sleaze" gimmick is certainly not for everyone. Actually, it's geared towards only a certain segment of the TNA fan base.

Which is what makes the above video so bizarre.

I'm not sure who thought it a good idea to shoot a slo-motion video with Ryan lathering himself with oils while riding a pony but it's ridiculous. It's insane, if only because it doesn't serve the purpose of the video and in the first place.

To buy merchandise from

Do you look at that and want to open your bank account to make a purchase? I don't. I see a creepy looking guy with a lot of hair who makes me want to click away. Maybe that's just me, though.

Are you Cagesiders digging this?

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