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TNA 'Final Resolution' results and reactions from last night (Dec. 9): Lucky number eight!

TNA Final Resolution returned for its yearly installment last night (Dec.9) to deliver a clash for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between current holder Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode. Also, Daniels vs. Styles ended the feud in a surprising fashion! Check out all of that and more, right here!

TNA Final Resolution came to us live on pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Dec. 9) to deliver the battle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that we have all been waiting for. Current belt holder Jeff Hardy took on former owner Bobby Roode in the main event of the evening.

Also, Aces & Eights took on a slew of TNA stars and Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles culminated their feud in a surprising fashion.

Let's bring a final resolution to TNA's last pay-per-view of the year!

  • In the main event of the evening, Jeff Hardy put up his TNA title against Bobby Roode. The Impact Zone was... well, it was your typical Impact Zone audience. The match didn't really do the crowd any favors, either. While there wasn't anything technically wrong done between the two men, the match was strangely paced and saw Bobby Roode working sleeper after sleeper. The uncomfortable match came to an end as Bobby Roode called down Aces & Eights to ringside. Roode talked to the group and turned right around into a Hardy Twist of Fate that let Jeff retain the belt. Aces & Eights immediately put the boots to Hardy until Roode came to. He then told the group to stop and expressed his dissatisfaction with Aces & Eights being unable to put Hardy out of commission enough for Roode to beat him. The group then proceeded to lay out Roode as the show ended. Well, this is really just a real muddled situation that has Aces & Eights involved with so many people. The group is unable to beat some, but then they are supposed to be a dominant gang. Additionally, the lack of chemistry between Roode and Hardy here just made the whole main event scene sour to me.
  • The co-main event saw AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels wrestle in what is supposed to be a temporary culmination of their feud. Again, the crowd was dead for this entire match. However, the chemistry between these two is still evident and they delivered a good match. Unfortunately, it was sort of just thrown together and means close to nothing. The end came when Daniels put Styles in the center of the ring for a Styles Clash and beat him with his signature move. I suppose Styles is due to snap here sometime soon and join the dark side. This was a shining spot in a rather dull show, but it just wasn't that great.
  • Kicking it back to the start of the show, James Storm and Kazarian had a confrontation that lead to Storm asking if Kazarian had a boyfriend and lead to a match. Storm ended up winning in a solid contest, but there's nothing like kicking a show off with some homophobia presented as humor, right?
  • RVD vs. Kenny King for the X Division strap was a lame duck. It is a shame, too, because RVD can look good with the right people and King is a great worker. However, the two just didn't click and King couldn't slow down enough to make RVD look good here. RVD ended up winning in a sad excuse for a match.
  • Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez retained against Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. This wasn't really that bad, but it just blended in with the rest of the show and proved to be not entertaining. Nothing in the match really sticks out and it just sort of all runs together.
  • Austin Aries and Bully Ray had one of the better matches of the night as the two went at it and Bully sliced his forehead up pretty badly. Brooke Hogan came down to aid Bully, but Aries cornered her in the ring and Bully was forced to push Aries out of the ring. Hulk Hogan came down just to take Brooke away from the danger and Aries hit Bully with a lowblow to win the match. Good work in the ring and minimal Hogan themes proved to deliver one of the best moments of the night.
  • Tara defeated Mickie James to retain her Knockouts belt. There isn't a lot to say here. TNA is the better product as far as watered-down for TV women's wrestling goes, but it just doesn't mean a thing really. In the male sides of TNA and WWE, you can believe there are some of the better workers in the world there. In women's wrestling, it is apparent that real talent would never want to be caught dead in the big two organizations.
  • The Aces & Eights vs. Angle, Brisco, Bischoff, and Samoa Joe match was really nothing to write home about.. Like most eight-man tags, it was pretty sloppy and stop-and-go. No one really did anything of note and Angle's team ended winning. It is strange that Aces & Eights is supposed to run TNA, but they can't beat Angle and a stable of midcarders.

TNA does well sometimes, providing the better in-ring product of the big two and offer sometimes tolerable storylines, but tonight was just one of many inconsistent nights.

This show earns a "D+". You can't fail it, but there wasn't much that made you want to pass it, either.

What did you Cagesiders make of Final Resolution?

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