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Precap to the Nov. 8, 2012 episode of 'Impact Wrestling', or the one before 'Turning Point'

Previewing the Nov. 8, 2012 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, the go-home show to the Turning Point Pay-Per-View (PPV), featuring the final confrontation between Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries, the saga of Aces & 8s drags on.

Hardy! Aries! Ladders! Spotfest! New Life! TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

We finally have a step in the right direction for TNA.

Last week (Nov. 1), while Austin Aries spoke about climbing ladders as a metaphor, Jeff Hardy missed the subtlety and created a new match stipulation for their championship bout at Turning Point.

Folks, we have a good ol' fashion ladder match on our hands.

Come Sunday (Nov. 11), the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be hanging high above the ring. The first wrestler to scamper up a ladder and grab the strap will become the new champion. The man who fails will look up at the rafters in agony. Bodies will be put on the line. Injuries will be had. There will be spots that get people to jump out of their seats.

This, my friends, is exactly what the main event needed.

I've been trashing TNA recently, and with just reason. But I am a man who will fully admit when I am wrong (luckily for me that vary rarely happens, but I digress). I wrote in last week's Precap that "TNA refuses to put its talent in the best position to succeed," that the promotion is holding Hardy and Aries back. If TNA did not do something to change the main event, then how can it expect anyone to care about it?

Well it did change things, and I do care about this match.

When you think of ladder matches, The Hardyz have to be the first or second name that pops into your head. Yes, Jeff has always been something of a spot monkey. But he's the best damn spot monkey in the business. This is the perfect environment for him to succeed.

This is how you make the champion look good.

In the other corner, we have "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived." There's little doubt in my mind that Aries won't look great in any type of match he's involved with. More importantly, he will make Hardy look like a million bucks. If TNA is serious about moving forward with Jeff Hardy as its World Heavyweight Champion, then it has to build him up. The contract negotiations, the backdoor politics, the bullshit that constantly infects pro wrestling needs to be put to the side. I have no problem with Hardy being the top face. I think there were better ways of going about it, of course.

But one cannot change the past.

So we will have one final confrontation between Hardy and Aries as these two men continue to hype the match on Sunday. TNA has given me some hope for this whole thing. I'm interested to see if it can keep it up.

Everything Else! Bullet Points!

  • I refuse to say anything in-depth about Aces & 8s until something not stupid happens. Some guy no one cares about was unmasked (it was Luke Gallows, if you actually cared), Joseph Park(s) was put through a table, and tonight Sting and Kurt Angle will face two members of the masked gang. These are stupid things. Therefore, no in-depth coverage needed.
  • AJ Styles and Bobby Roode will face off tonight in a preview of the #1 Contender's match on Sunday. It will most likely have some type of schmoz finish, but I don't see these two putting on a bad match.
  • Christian York finds out if he has passed Gut Check and will be granted a TNA Contract. With TNA looking to rebuild the X Division, I would expect him to sign on the dotted line.
  • Speaking of X Division, Joey Ryan is gunning for the gold. Look for him to cause Rob Van Dam some more problems tonight.
  • Tara and Jessie Godderz remain the greatest couple in all of sports entertainment. I'm sorry, but you just don't have a heart if you disagree.

Hopefully, this has gotten you prepared for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are excited about, and please join Nolan, myself, and the rest of the CSS Thursday night gang in the live blog right here.

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