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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 29): Only Hulk puts the lotion on the skin, Bully!

TNA Impact Wrestling featured Championship Thursday last night (Nov. 29). Who would take on TNA X Division Champion Rob Van Dam in the main event of the evening? What did Aces and 8s have in store? You have the questions, read on for the answers!

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Nov. 29) to give us another edition of Championship Thursday. This time, Rob Van Dam's X Division strap was up for grabs. Who would give RVD a run for his money in the main event of the evening?

Also, Brooke Hogan is getting really cute with Bully Ray. Will Hulk Hogan prevent her from dating Bully so only he can be the top draw for Hogan family sex tapes?

Let's find out with some reactions!

  • The main event of the evening featured Rob Van Dam putting up the X Division belt against one of four men. Beating out Kenny King, Zema Ion, and Kid Kash was Austin Aries. The show kicked off with Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, and Bully Ray arguing over who Brooke can date. Aries got on the big screen and told Hulk that people are waiting in his GM office for a title shot, so he was going to lay on top of the desk until Hogan got there. After he laid down, he remarked that the desk was really uncomfortable and he doesn't know how Brooke does it. This pissed Hogan off enough to give him the match with RVD. Aries was about to win the match, but he grabbed the mic to talk a little trash to RVD, saying that he was all sweaty and worn out like Brooke Hogan. Bully Ray entered and got Aries DQ'd. Austin Aries is brilliant is pretty much all I have to say here.
  • As far as the Hogan storyline goes, I am absolutely shocked that Hulk Hogan would try to put his daughter in the limelight of a professional wrestling organization. This is so unlike the Hogans, who are known for being generous and grateful individuals. But, seriously, the storyline is sort of garbage. Aries is the gasoline that is barely keeping this pitiful fire burning. Hey, TNA booking, am I right?
  • The other big match of the night was James Storm and AJ Styles taking on Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Styles and Storm are having hissy fits about each other, but they ended up coming out on top here in a fun tag match. Post-match, Styles ran off when Storm wanted to celebrate a bit. Suppose they are setting up Styles vs. Storm, which could pay off with a great match. We shall see.
  • Elsewhere, Bobby Roode came out to trash Jeff Hardy's performance against Christian York last week. York came down to the ring and Roode told him to get his "Rastafarian haircut and squeegee looking ass" out of the ring. York slapped him and a match was made. Roode took home the submission win, but made York look good. He was about to attack York with a chair post-match, but Super Cena Hardy came out to save the day. As with anything involving Bobby Roode, it is worth watching.
  • Wes Briscoe was given a contract. Nothing of note here, but Al Snow was "absent" from the arena and D'Lo Brown was the replacement judge. I sense collusion here, but if only there were a way to connect D'Lo and Briscoe. Maybe like a biker gang or something? Nah, too silly.
  • My favorite part of the show was Doug Williams wrestling Matt Morgan. Doug Williams should be main eventing pay-per-views. Alas, TNA never hears my pleas. This was to put Morgan over as a beast and it did the job.
  • Mickie James beat Gail Kim in a good match. Crazy idea to wrap your head around, what with women's wrestling actually being interesting, but there you go!

TNA continues to have a streaky product. Usually, they are average to mediocre. Sometimes they pull out decent shows, only to shoot their proverbial foot over and over again.

This show wasn't too bad, all things considered. We'll go with a solid "C+" here.

Did TNA leave an impact with you this week, Cagesiders?

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