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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 1): Thursday night's alright for fighting

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Nov.1) to deliver us new editions of "Open Fight Night" and "Gut Check." Bully Ray was set to scrap with his "brother" Devon, but what would Aces and 8s have to say about that? All that and more, right here!

TNA Impact Wrestling went live last night (Nov. 1) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida. It brought about new editions of "Open Fight Night" and "Gut Check." ODB was ready to take on TNA Knockout Champion Tara's beau, Jesse. Christian York was slated to return to TNA as a "Gut Check" competitor to make another run at the company.

And of course, more Aces and 8s, as Bully Ray and Devon were set to square off. Would the group have something more in store for the TNA roster?

Let's get right down to the reactions.

  • How could we not start off with America's most beloved biker gang? Wait, SAMCRO is the most popular? Well, wrestling's most popular biking gimmick, then? That's right, Aces and 8s were up to their usual chicanery in the Impact Zone. It first started with Joseph Park in the ring, calling out one gang member to fight. Unsurprisingly, four showed up. Also unsurprisingly, the TNA roster came out and a brawl ensued.
  • Later in the night, Devon and Bully Ray squared off in the main event of the evening. Unsurprisingly, more showed up. Also unsurprisingly, the TNA roster came out and a brawl ensued... again. After all were rid of, Joseph Park came to get himself a piece of an Aces and 8s member. He got beaten down, but not before unmasking the behemoth to be former WWE Superstar Luke Gallows. Finally, some semblance of a finish is in sight! For what the feud is, this was an okay move. There's gonna be nothing fun about the finish of this story, but at least they are hinting at endings.
  • On a quick side note, anyone got any idea as to what Luke Gallows' TNA name will be? I am going for Lucas Noose, Fester, or some combination of the two.
  • The first challenge of the night was issued by Magnus for Samoa Joe's TV title. Joe laid a beating on Magnus for a bit until the action moved outside. There, Magnus grabbed a wrench and clobbered Joe with it for the DQ loss. Afterward, Joe cut a promo saying he wanted to take Magnus on with all the rules thrown out because "Joe's gonna kill him." Love that chant, which the crowd also engaged in last night. This is some midcard fun and you'll rarely hear me complain about TNA match quality, unless Mr. Anderson is involved. Nothing wrong here, but nothing worth the trouble either.
  • Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to challenge a team that are very proud of their Latino heritage. Kazarian stated that he made some "amigos" backstage "muy caliente," while Daniels issued the the Spanish announce team! Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina both caught a beating before Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez saved the day. If you don't love Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, I don't know if professional wrestling is for you.
  • In the "Gut Check" portion of the show, Christian York took on Zema Ion. Ion came out on top after a pretty good match. While it doesn't make sense for York to participate in a prospect program for a company he competed for previously, he deserves to be on TV once in awhile, if he shows the skill he did tonight.
  • ODB cut a hot promo on Jesse before he came out for the match, crapping on his Hollywood lifestyle. The match saw Tara getting involved on the apron to prevent Jesse from catching a beating. Jesse rolled up ODB after a Tara distraction to get the victory. The match was pretty well done and I might be turning the corner on this thing. If I do, you all might need to check my sanity.
  • Robbie E called out Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy beat Robbie E. Austin Aries came out to trash Hardy after the match. Hardy turned it into a ladder match at Turning Point. I seriously cannot care about Jeff Hardy anymore, even if he has Aries to make him look amazing.
  • Bobby Roode showed up to ask for a TNA title shot. AJ Styles came out to tell Roode that he deserves one, but no one cares about his past. Styles called Roode out, but Roode didn't want to fight. Roode hit Styles with a cheap shot from behind and Styles fought him off. Hulk Hogan came out to set up a number one contender's match for the TNA title between Roode, Styles, and Storm at Turning Point. That will be a good match, especially if Bobby Roode wins. Quite possibly the best heel in the biz.
  • Also, during the promo AJ cut on Roode, he talked about how his past included photos of him in the elevator with someone of the opposite sex surfacing, saying that was a trend for people named AJ. TNA, if you want to burn WWE for crappy storylines, don't use the guy who was the centerpiece of the worst storyline since... well, it may have been the worst storyline ever.
  • Matt Morgan visited Hulk Hogan's surf shop opening and took his robe which he wore against Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium. He wore it last night to the ring with Joey Ryan, who called out Rob Van Dam. Ryan won off a rollup with some tights in hand and Morgan planted RVD with a Carbon Footprint after the match. Man, remember when Morgan and RVD were big things in 2004, or so?

In all, this wasn't a total hassle to watch. TNA actually breaks into a "C-" grade this week, but they have a whole week to figure out how to torture my brain.

What did you Cagesiders make of last night's Impact?

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