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TNA 'Turning Point 2012' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Nov. 11)

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Turning Point pay-per-view tonight (Nov. 11, 2012) live at Universal Studios from The Impact Wrestling Zone, in Orlando, Florida. Tonight's event features Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries in a Ladder match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and much, much more!


For the ninth year in a row, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling is all set to pop off with its epic three hour Turning Point 2012 event tonight (Sun., Nov. 11, 2012), from the Impact Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Turning Point below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a Ladder match pitting Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and A.J. Styles vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a 3-Way match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the wrestler who gets pinned will not receive another TNA World Heavyweight Championship title shot until Bound for Glory 2013.

All that and more!

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) defeats Austin Aries.
  • TNA #1 Contender's Match: James Storm defeats AJ Styles and Bobby Roode via pinfall.
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) defeat The World Tag Team Champions of the World (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) via pinfall.
  • TNA No DQ Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) defeats Magnus via technical submission.
  • TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (RVD) (c) defeats Joey Ryan via pinfall.
  • TNA Mixed Tag Team Match: ODB and Eric Young defeat Tara and Jesse via pinfall.
  • TNA Singles Match: Kurt Angle defeats Devon via submission.
  • TNA Singles Match: DOC defeats Joseph Park via pinfall.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.


TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Match starts out as a brawl, then moves outside.

Joe gets the edge outside, tossing Magnus into the barricade and landing jabs. Magnus uses a headlock to unload punches, then rakes the back of Joe. Magnus again takes the side headlock, but Joe tosses him into the steps.

Inside and Magnus is cornered. Joe works him in the corner, hits a snapmare, then gets a chop to the back and a kick to the chest. Knee drop follows for a nearfall.

Magnus puts Joe into the ropes, but Joe hits a flying knee. Joe goes off the ropes, but Magnus leaping and ducking. He lands a clothesline. Magnus working Joe in the corner with a choke. Magnus sends Joe into the ropes and hits with a flying knee. Joe reverses Magnus' whip and sends him into the corner. Splash and pendulum kick. Joe grinds his boot in the face of Magnus and hits a running kick.

Magnus goes outside and grabs a chair. Joe goes for his suicide dive, but Magnus throws the chair at his face.

Back inside and Joe hangs on the second rope. Magnus with a running elbow drop to the back. He follows with a knee drop for a nearfall.

Magnus puts in a modified keylock, but Joe gets back to his feet. Magnus still pummeling Joe. Joe reverses a whip, but Magnus with a boot. Magnus up top, but he gets an inverted atomic drop from Joe. Joe hits a powerslam for a nearfall.

Magnus attempts a dropkick, but Joe catches for a powerbomb. Joe turns it into an STF, but Magnus gets the rope break. Magnus attempts a sleeper, but Joe pushes off. Magnus downs Joe and locks in a cross armbreaker. It moves back to the feet and Joe levels him with an enzuigiri. Both men down and the ref counts.

Back up and Joe puts Magnus up top. Magnus slips out to the apron and hits a flying knee on Joe. Joe down and Magnus hits the elbow drop from the top. Nearfall.

The two exchange offense in the middle of the ring. Joe off the ropes, but Magnus hits a driver. He goes up top and hits an elbow drop again, but just another nearfall.

Magnus waiting for Joe to stand. Magnus unloads with right hands. Joe comes back with jabs. He sends Magnus into the corner, but Joe misses a splash. Magnus charges, but Joe gets the STO.

Magnus back outside and gets the chair. Joe hits a barrel roll over the top to take Magnus out.

Back inside and Joe puts Magnus on top. Musclebuster converts. Magnus kicks out.

Magnus in the corner, begging for more. The two wildly exchange, but Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch.

Magnus out and Joe retains via technical submission.


Jeremy Borash with ODB.

She is upset Eric Young isn't here.

And enter EY. He says that a shark ate his phone and she knows that is the truth.

The two share a sloppy kiss.


Tara and Jesse vs. ODB and Eric Young

Young locks up with Taryn Terrell prior to the match, since we all missed that.

The ladies start off. Tara immediately tags out.

ODB rolls Jesse up for a nearfall while he kisses Tara.

ODB with a side suplex and her and EY exchange punches on him.

EY in. The two hit a kiss and a double elbow for a nearfall.

EY puts Jesse in the corner, but Jesse reverses his whip. EY floats over and hits Jesse with a hip toss. Dropkick lands for a nearfall.

ODB in. Jesse is put down in the corner and ODB hits a bronco buster. EY comes in and wants a bronco buster himself, but Tara slugs ODB before it happens.

Jesse and EY now. Jesse with a nearfall and some punches to follow.

Tara in and she lands a few strikes to the downed EY, then sits on him for a nearfall.

Jesse brought in. He hits an elbow on the shoulder of EY. Jesse goes for a side suplex, but EY flips out. EY off the ropes, but Jesse counters with a powerslam for a nearfall.

EY caught in an armlock. Tara comes in and ODB follows. Terrell tries to keep ODB back, so Tara and Jesse unload with kicks and stomps. Tara makes a fail of a phantom tag. They seriously botched a phantom tag.

Anyway, the power couple exchanging plenty of tags. Jesse comes in for a point and locks in a sleeper on Jesse. EY sent hard into the corner, but EY does a Ric Flair to the apron. EY comes back in and hits a clothesline that sends both down. Tara comes in and ODB follows. Tara escapes to the outside and distracts the ref. ODB with a spit of booze and a low blow to Jesse. She hip tosses EY to make him closer for the tag.

And ODB is in. She cleans house on Jesse, which brings in Tara. Tara eats a BAM! from ODB that sends her back outside. Jesse is still legal and attacks ODB. He tosses ODB into the ropes, but EY makes the sneaky tag.

ODB with a scoop slam and EY with an elbow drop.

ODB and EY win and proceed with a little PG-13 action.


James Storm cuts a pretty generic promo, hyping his match later.


TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan with a promo pre-match.

RVD opens with a single leg, so Ryan crawls between the ropes. Ryan gets a side headlokc, but RVD counters with a leg scissors pinfall attempt for a nearfall.

RVD with a few leg kicks and a spin kick. Ryan in the corner and RVD working him with shoulder blocks and a spin kick. RVD goes up top and converts a leg drop. RVD puts Ryan in the tree of woe and hits a slide kick. RVD follows with a huge monkey flip.

Action goes outside. RVD with a punch and brings Ryan back in.

RVD with a kick to the face of Ryan. He goes up top, but Ryan shoves him to the outside. RVD lands right on the barricade. Ryan moves outside with a suicide dive.

We come back inside and Ryan gets two nearfalls.

RVD reverses a whip, but he runs into the boot of Ryan in the corner. Ryan goes for the tornado DDT, but RVD looking for a suplex. Ryan just spikes him with the DDT for a nearfall.

RVD fighting back and sends Ryan into the corner. RVD with a monkey flip attempt, but Ryan clocks him and goes up top. He hits the Mustache Ride neckbreaker from the top for a nearfall.

RVD fighting off a Ryan onslaught and hits the springboard sidekick. RVD with a few strikes and a sidekick. RVD with the Rolling Thunder and a standing moonsault for a nearfall.

Ryan attempts to rollup RVD in the corner, but gets caught with his feet on the ropes to end the pin attempt.

RVD hits the step-over spin kick. Frog Splash follows and RVD retains.

Matt Morgan hits RVD with the Carbon Footprint on the top of the ramp to cap this off.


Joseph Park talking to Jeremy Borash.

Park details why he took this match and emphasizes how nervous he is. He asks JB if he thinks he has a chance. JB not confident, but Park says that, in the end, he will be coming out as a man.


Doc vs. Joseph Park

Park tries a single leg, but Doc shrugs him off. Park trying hard for the single leg, but Doc again shrugs him off. Park swinging wildly, but Doc kicks the leg. Doc tries working him in the corner, but Park ducks under and slaps Doc. Doc chasing Park all over the ring and to the outside.

Doc tries to hit Park with a chair on the outside, but Park ducks. Park runs towards the steel steps and ducks Doc. Doc runs into the post. Park slams his hand into the steel steps. Park runs around and Doc runs himself into the barricade.

We go back inside and Doc drops Park. He wraps his belt around his hand, but the ref grabs it. Doc goes outside for the hammer. He is about to attack Park, but Park with a double leg and some strikes. Park now has the hammer. He is contemplating, but Doc clubs him from behind to prevent the attack. Doc with stomps and kicks. He fishhooks the mouth and stretches it. Elbow drop for a nearfall by Doc.

Doc still working the power offense. He chokes Park on the second rope. Doc with a kick to the head and another elbow drop for a nearfall.

Doc again just brawling with Park. Ground and pound. He tells Park to stay down. Doc kicks him in the head. Doc with more ground and pound. Park working to his feet and tells Doc to bring it. Park unloads with some windmill punches. Two weak shoulder bumps. Doc picks up the chain belt in the corner and the referee is distracted. Park looking at his own blood and looks infuriated. He charges and knocks Doc down. Black Hole Slam lands. Park hits a splash after snapping out of his trance, only getting a nearfall.

Doc sends Park outside. Doc leans out of the ropes to pick Park up, but Park ducks away to get the chair. Ref is distracted and Park cracks him with the chair. Nearfall.

Doc gets the Chokeslam and ends it with a pinfall victory.

Doc unloading with ground and pound on Park after the match.

Doc goes outside to get the hammer, but Bully Ray gets out to chase Doc away.

Bully raises the hand of Park.


Roode here with Borash.

He is ready to get back to the top of the mountain.


TNA World Tag Team Championships: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. The World Tag Team Champions of the World

Daniels and Chavo start.

Lockup and Daniels corners him. The two exchange strikes, but Chavo with the arm drags. Uppercut follows. Chavo sends Daniels into the ropes, but Daniels ends up getting hit with a hip toss. Lou Thesz press by Chavo. He knocks down Kaz on the apron. Kaz comes back in to clock Chavo. TWTTCOTW take out the team.

Kaz brought in. Springboard leg drop by Kaz gets a nearfall.

The team tries a double clothesline, but Chavo ducks and Hernandez hits him with clotheslines. Back bodydrop by Hernandez to Daniels. Chavo with a scoop slam on Kaz. He tags in Hernandez, who slams him on Kaz for a nearfall.

Chavo brought in for a bit of offense, then Hernandez brought back. He works Kaz and hits a brainbuster. Tags in Chavo for a nearfall.

Hernandez back in with a splash for a nearfall.

Hernandez gets a huge gut wrench slam on Kaz, then tags in Chavo. Daniels sneaks away and pulls Kaz out of the way of the incoming Frog Splash.

TWTTCOTW double teaming Chavo in their corner, with Daniels tagging in. Frequent tags for bits of offense. Daniels with a stomp from the top. Kaz in for some more offense. Daniels back in.

Daniels hangs Chavo on the top rope, then tags in Kaz, who dropkicks him to the outside.

And Daniels and Kaz do the double Gangnam Style.

Chavo fights back on the apron. Sunset flip on Kaz, but Kaz snuck a tag to Daniels. Daniels beats him down with stomps and kicks, then brings Kaz in.

Kaz choking Chavo on the ropes. Daniels sneaks in a cheap shot. Kaz locks in a reverse gut wrench on Chavo.

Chavo turns the tide with a tornado DDT and hot tags are made.

Hernandez with the bear hug and the belly-to-belly. Splash in the corner on Daniels earns a nearfall.

Hernandez has him up for a Border Toss, but Kaz yanks Daniels off and hits a missile dropkick. The two follow up with splashes and strikes in the corner. Hernandez turns things around with a double clothesline from the apron. Hernandez goes for a suicide dive on Kaz to the outside, but Daniels and Kaz get a High-Low for a nearfall.

The team tries to suplex Hernandez, but he counters with one of his own. Chavo in.

He cleans house. He lands Two Amigos on Kaz and Three Amigos on Daniels. Chavo going up top for the Frog Splash, but Kaz with a huge strike to the ribs. Hernandez gorilla presses him out, but then Daniels hits him with an STO. Daniels focuses on Chavo, but Hernandez has him in Doomsday Device position.

Chavo gets a crossbody and he gets the pin to retain.


AJ Styles with Borash.

He is ready to take it to his challengers next. He has had a rough year, but he wants to come out on top here.


AJ Styles vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Styles hits an enzuigiri on Roode to take him out. Storm and Styles grapple, with Styles getting a wrist lock. Storm gets a hammerlock. Styles gets one of his own. Storm elbows out and gets a side headlock. Storm sent into the ropes, but Roode brings him outside.

The two men exchange strikes, but Styles hits a flip dive to the outside.

Styles brings Roode inside. Clotheslines and elbows from Styles. Backbreaker follows. Styles with a kick to the back. Knee drop earns Styles a nearfall.

Storm smacks Styles and works him in the corner with strikes. Styles turns a whip attempt into an elbow. Chop by Styles. Styles goes to attack Roode, but he gets hit with a bodydrop to the apron. Styles sent out. Storm goes to pick him up, but eats a hangman's neckbreaker. Styles focusing on Roode, putting him down. He tries to splash Storm, but he flies to the outside.

Roode and Storm in the ring. The two exchange strikes in the corner. Storm with a clothesline and a knee lift. Styles comes in and stifles this with a dropkick on Storm. Styles sends Bobby Roode outside.

Styles working the left leg of Storm with leg kicks. Styles stomping the hamstring. Figure four leglock in on Storm. Roode tries to get in, but Styles runs into him to send him back outside. Kneebreaker across the knee by Styles. Indian Deathlock and chinlock by Styles. Styles goes for a figure four leglock again, but Storm kicks him out into Roode, sending him back outside again.

Styles Clash attempt turns into an Alabama Slam by Storm for a nearfall.

Eye of the Storm attempt by Storm is stopped by a Roode DDT for a nearfall.

Roode chokes Styles with his boot in the corner. He sends Storm into the ropes and clocks him with an elbow for a nearfall.

Roode with a snap suplex on Styles for a nearfall.

Roode sends Storm hard into the corner. He gets rid of Styles to the outside. Storm gets hit with a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Roode works Styles on the outside, sending him into the steel steps. Roode goes back inside.

Roode looking for a spear, but he heads into the turnbuckle on his face. Storm wants Last Call, but Styles hits a springboard forearm on Storm for a nearfall.

Roode rakes the eyes of Styles and works him in the corner. Storm sent to the outside. Roode runs into the boot of Styles in the corner. Styles goes for a tornado DDT, but Roode throws him off. Storm and Roode hit a double-team suplex on Styles.

Beer Money is back?

No, Storm is attacked by Roode, but Storm gets the Russian leg sweep. Roode is put on the top, but Roode is fighting out. Styles charges and Storm launches him onto Roode, hitting a hurricanrana. Styles hits a springboard attack on Storm that earns him a nearfall.

Roode knocks Styles down, then goes up top. Neckbreaker on Storm. Styles sends Storm outside with a clothesline and goes for a 450 splash on Roode. Roode moves out and gets a spear for a nearfall.

Roode locks in the crossface, but Styles gets out with a rollup for a nearfall.

Roode with a slam for a nearfall.

Spinebuster lands on Styles. Roode looking for the fisherman's suplex, but Storm with a Backstabber. Last Call on Styles.

Storm wins.


Devon with Aces and 8s.

He tells Angle this isn't personal, but just club business.


Kurt Angle vs. Devon

The two exchanging punches. Angle working Devon in multiple corners of the ring. Devon turns the tide and starts landing right hands of his own. Devon corners Angle and unloads strikes. Devon clubbing the back of Angle. Angle now fighting back. Devon sends Angle into the ropes and hits a battering ram. Chops in the corner by Devon. Angle sends Devon into the ropes and comes back with an elbow. Angle stomping Devon in the corner. Snap suplex by Angle earns him a nearfall.

Angle ramming Devon with the shoulder in the corner. Angle sends Devon off to the corner, but Devon matadors him into the post.

Action moves outside and Devon drives Angle into the barricade. He slams his head into the steel steps and we move back inside.

Devon with the knee on the throat of Angle. Devon stomping Angle down in the corner. He puts the knee in the throat again. Angle mounting a comeback, but Devon with a battering ram for a nearfall.

Devon with the chin lock. Angle climbs back to his feet, but Devon with an elbow to the spine. Splash in the corner by Devon. Devon sends Angle into another corner, but Devon runs into an elbow. Angle with the missile dropkick from the top. Clotheslines and a flying forearm from Angle. Angle sends Devon into the corner, but he eats a boot. Devon tries to turn it around, but Angle with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall.

Back drop by Angle. Angle Slam attempt fails and Devon hits the clothesline. Devon up top, but Angle gets the throw from the top. Ankle Lock in, but Devon rolls out. Devon hits a Rock Bottom for a nearfall.

Angle with a nearfall off the German suplex.

Angle goes up top, but Devon gets a powerbomb for a nearfall.

Angle goes for a German suplex, but Devon rolls around and hits a spinebuster for a nearfall.

Angle turns an Angle Slam in, so Aces and 8s enters to distract him. Devon hits a spear off the distraction for a nearfall.

Devon tries to pick Angle up, but Angle turns it into an Ankle Lock.

Devon taps and Angle wins.


AJ Styles backstage, upset over the fact that he will not get a title shot for over a year.


Aries with Borash.

He says that he needs no one to win tonight and he will make everyone shove the deck they stacked against him.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries

Long feeling out process.

Aries tosses Hardy to the outside and goes for a ladder, but Hardy meets him there.

Back inside and Aries stomps him and sends him outside once again. Aries goes for the ladder, but Hardy again meets him there and we go back inside again.

Aries putting Hardy in the corner. Shoulder rams. Aries whips Hardy, but Hardy catches him in a headscissors to send Aries outside. Hardy with a slide kick and a flip dive to take Aries out on the outside. Aries is sent into the steps and leans on the barricade. Hardy flies off the steps to take out Aries. Hardy on the apron and lands a flying clothesline on Aries.

Hardy takes the ladder inside. Aries gets inside and cuts him off. He climbs over Hardy. Aries with a Russian legsweep off the ladder. Aries fixes the ladder to lean on the ring apron and the barricade. Hardy on his shoulders and he plants him onto the ladder. Aries with a springboard axhandle. He sends Hardy into the steps.

Aries starting the climb inside the ring. Hardy sweeps the leg and brings Aries down. Hardy hits the step-over kick to send Aries outside. Hardy tilts the ladder to balance on its top rung. The two attempt finishers on each other, but Hardy goes up top. He dives, but Aries jumps away and Hardy lands on the inner rods of the ladder, closing it on himself. Aries with a swanton from the apron to further the damage.

Aries moves outside to grab another ladder. Suicide dive by Aries onto Hardy. Aries traps Hardy in a contraption of ladder and steel steps. Aries goes out to attack, but Hardy is on the ladder. Aries bowls over the ladder, sending Hardy crumpling to the canvas. Hardy goes up top. Hardy is sent back down by headbutts and strikes. Aries up, but the ladder is busted from the Hardy dive earlier. Aries uses the ladder in the corner as a weapon, sending Hardy into it. Hardy hits an arm drag on Aries into the ladder.

Hardy climbs the ladder in the corner. He rides the ladder down to splash Aries. Hardy looking for another ladder for stability. He gets it and tries to position it as he is on it, but Aries dropkicks him down. Aries pins Hardy in the corner with the ladder laid across the top rope. Dropkicks the ladder into Hardy's throat.

Brainbuster lands and Hardy sent outside.

Aries begins the climb. Hardy crwals back inside. Hardy climbing now. Aries tries to punch him off. The two exchanging at the top of the ladder.

Hardy hits the Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder. Swanton from the top rope follows.

Hardy now beginning his climb. He gets to the top of the ladder...and the belts move up.

Aries had the control.

Hardy gets Aries on the outside and slams him to the arena floor. Hardy gets a bigger ladder. Aries meets him on the top. The two fall into a ladder that was laid across the corner. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on that ladder, sending Aries outside.

Hardy climbs to the top and retrieves the belts.

Fade to black.


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