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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Oct. 25): Cut!

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Oct. 25) to deliver Championship Thursday. Jeff Hardy would defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle in the main event of the night. Also, what more can Aces and 8s do to wreak havoc on TNA? Read more here!

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Oct. 25) live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida. It was Championship Thursday, with Jeff Hardy defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle in the main event. A few other titles were up for grabs throughout the night as well.

Also, the dastardly Aces and 8s were up to their usual dubious tactics. What other damage could they do to TNA?

Before we move into reactions, let me summarize last night in one clip:

Excellent. Now, onto some reactions!

  • The focal point of this show was Championship Thursday and deciding who would end up wrestling TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy in the main event. Between James Storm, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and Kurt Angle, Angle was given the shot. He had a decent match with Hardy, but he wasn't able to convert his shot into gold and fell to the champion. Austin Aries put the boots to Hardy after the match, saying he'll cash in his rematch at Turning Point. Angle got a bit of a surprise himself, having Aces and 8s lay him out backstage. Aries vs. Hardy is a solid go-to that won't be terribly disappointing, but after repeatedly firing cannons at your own ship and sinking it this far, will it really matter?
  • As usual, your other most prominent story featured, you guessed it, Aces and 8s. Devon was leading his sect of the gang to the aforementioned beating of Kurt Angle, but he also found time to confront Bully Ray. The two had a heated exchange in the middle of the ring which will ultimately lead to Bully Ray calling out Devon next week for Open Fight Night. This isn't the worst thing, but it is making the best out of a bad situation.
  • Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson clashed, as you could tell from the masterpiece above. As expected, Austin Aries pulled out a victory with some dirty moves. He laid Anderson out with some brass knuckles and locked in the Last Chancery, prompting the ref to call the match as Anderson was KO'd. Aries is a great heel, but the brightest spotlight on the smallest stage doesn't equate to a dimmer one on the most glamorous stage.
  • The Artists Formerly Known as the World Tag Team Champions of the World were in their usual heel mode and doing well at it. They ultimately invoked a rematch clause against the TNA World Tag Team Champions of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. The actual champions are the weak links here, but hey, work with what you have.
  • Rob Van Dam defended his X Division title against Zema Ion. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan came and laid him out, with Ryan proclaiming his intentions to dominate the X Division. Looking forward to that, but the X Division is kind of dead.
  • Tara defended her Knockouts title against Miss Tessmacher. Brooke Hogan came out to tell Tara that ODB wanted to call out that Jessie dude that our very own Cena John Bradford has a weird obsession with. Sometimes WCW...I mean TNA does stupid things. (Don't know how I mistook the two) ...
  • Samoa Joe retained the TV title against Robbie E. I love Samoa Joe, but this means nothing.
  • Joseph Park(s) is going to take out the Aces and 8s. Sometime, we don't know when. I sincerely hope he does. He'd be my hero to rid us of that horrible group.

Let's face it. TNA is just bad. I receive plenty of flack for that, but don't throw butter on the garbage and tell me it tastes good. It doesn't.

That said, this episode earns a "D+." It has some redeeming qualities that allow it to pass, but it still isn't tolerable.

What did you Cagesiders make of last night's episode of Impact Wrestling?

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