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Slammiversary XV

GFW reports James Storm sustained a concussion at Slammiversary

He is out indefinitely.

Let’s Say Nice Things About... Slammiversary XV

NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED. Say something nice about TNA’s Impact Wrestling’s Global Force Wrestling’s 15th anniversary show.

Is this Paige sitting ringside at Slammiversary under a Dos Caras’ mask?

In the history of wild Paige/Alberto stories, this one is pleasantly low-key.

El Patron celebrates his Slammiversary win with a few shots at WWE

A familiar refrain, as the new Impact/GFW Unified champ told the Orlando crowd his old company is ‘full of losers’.

Slammiversary XV results & review: Unified

It was the first PPV of the new regime. How did they do?

Alberto El Patron defeats Lashley to become unified world champion

The man now holds both titles.

DeAngelo Williams wins his pro wrestling debut at Slammiversary XV

And he looked pretty dang good doing it!

Slammiversary XV results & live thread

Come follow along with us!

Slammiversary XV preview and predictions

Impact’s big PPV is tonight. Come see the break down of the matches and predictions for the outcomes.

Slammiversary’s opening video has a lot of WWE talent in it

They want to celebrate their history, and that really means there’s no way around it. It’s a good video, too, but kind of a weird look.

Rumor Roundup: Lesnar on SmackDown, Alberto/Paige, Shaq

What’s Brock doing with the blue brand? Will the greatest love in wrestling history survive? Is Shaq finally going to work a wrestling show? Possible answers to these questions and more in today’s Rumor Roundup!

AAA stars working Impact’s Slammiversary PPV

A couple great wrestlers will compete in a 4Way for LAX’s tag titles, and contribute some intrigue about how Jeff Jarrett is managing his many partnerships - and maybe Lucha Underground’s future.

Lashley wants Trump in his corner at Slammiversary

Alberto El Patron isn’t the only one saying dumb things to promote their title vs. title match.

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