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Rudo Radio

Recapping WWE’s Great Balls of Fire

WWE put on three high-quality shows in a row, and we’re here to talk about what it all means.

Talking wrestling with the wrestling-adjacent, feat. David Roth

Rudo Radio spoke with Vice Sports’ David Roth this week about what it’s like to live a life surrounded by wrestling without ever watching any.

Reviewing the WWE Money in the Bank fallout

Episode 90 of Rudo Radio discusses the finish to the women’s Money in the Bank match, Enzo and Cass breaking up, and the return of BRAAAAAUN.

Previewing WWE Money in the Bank 2017

This week’s episode of Rudo Radio looks at Money in the Bank’s biggest matches, Kenny Omega vs. Okada, and the future of Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar.

Reviewing Extreme Rules, and what is RAW doing with its women’s division?

This week’s Rudo Radio looks at Extreme Rules as well as the fallout on RAW, talks women’s divisions, and of course, the Great Ball of Fire logo.

Previewing WWE Extreme Rules 2017

The latest episode of Rudo Radio looks at the upcoming Extreme Rules, and also ahead to Money in the Bank.

Jinder Mahal’s win and Backlash backlash

This week’s Rudo Radio looks at another successful WWE pay-per-view, as well as the fallout from the lack of hindering of Jinder.

Reviewing WWE Payback 2017

This week’s episode of Rudo Radio recaps Payback while discussing the week in wrestling.

Previewing WWE Payback 2017

This week’s Rudo Radio goes over the highs and lows of RAW and SmackDown while preparing you for Payback.

Braun Strowman the god, feat. Dylan Roth

Episode 83 of Rudo Radio praises Braun Strowman, and talks about the rise of WWE and wrestling in pop culture.

Reviewing the WWE Superstar Shakeup

This week’s episode of Rudo Radio focuses on the wrestlers who switched brands, and what that means for them and their new shows.

The road to WrestleMania Fallout

On this week’s Rudo Radio, we talk WrestleMania 33 highlights and lowlights, as well as about the post-Mania RAW and SmackDown.

Explaining WrestleMania 33 to Charlotte Wilder

On this week’s episode of Rudo Radio, we take a non-wrestling fan curious about our world and try to explain the biggest show in the history of our sport to her.

Rudo Radio ep. 79: Comparing RAW and SmackDown, and previewing TakeOver

We’ve got a lot to talk about on this week’s episode, and we’ve brought Dave Gibb along to help us out.

Rudo Radio ep. 78: Previewing WWE Fastlane 2017

Fastlane will help us know just what’s going down at WrestleMania 33, and also Randy Orton wore pants.

Rudo Radio ep. 77: Breaking down RAW with Kate Foray

How RAW spends its time, what SmackDown is doing right, and more on this week’s Rudo Radio.

Rudo Radio ep. 76: The heartbreaking Festival of Friendship

The wrestling was great this week, but the heartbreak was even greater.

Rudo Radio ep. 75: Previewing Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber is this Sunday, and we run down the card — as well as this week’s RAW -- and what it all might mean for Mania.

Rudo Radio ep. 74: Royal Rumble was great, but what's next?

Looking at the Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and what it could all mean for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

Rudo Radio ep. 73: Previewing Royal Rumble 2017

RAW and SmackDown both helped build anticipation to a Rumble we can’t wait to watch.

Rudo Radio ep. 72: Ain’t that a kick in the heart

This week’s Rudo Radio talks Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Ziggler’s horrible heel voice, and more!

Rudo Radio ep. 71: Just like Neville, we’re back (and better than ever)

Rudo Radio is back from an unexpected hiatus to talk about the week in WWE programming.

Rudo Radio ep. 70: Recapping WWE TLC, where Miz was just the best

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler had the match of the night at TLC, but it wasn’t the only excitement from this week.

Rudo Radio ep. 69: Previewing WWE TLC

Tables, ladders, chairs, and dick punches. It’s a busy week on Rudo Radio

Rudo Radio ep. 68: Previewing Survivor Series

RAW and SmackDown collide in what could be a return to Big 4 status for Survivor Series

Rudo Radio ep. 67: Survivor Series just got some real stakes

We went from a basic RAW vs. SmackDown for bragging rights to actual structural changes to each show depending on the victors

Rudo Radio ep. 66: Hell in a Cell was both historic and good!

And RAW was far superior to last week’s disaster, too

Rudo Radio episode 65: Previewing Hell in a Cell

SmackDown was great, RAW was awful, and Hell in a Cell needs to make us forget about that second thing.

Rudo Radio episode 64: Talking Smack about RAW (but not Goldberg)

This week’s SmackDown and Talking Smack were so, so good. RAW? It was regular good, but also had Goldberg.

Rudo Radio Episode 63: More No Mercy, less Goldberg

No Mercy was a good show even with the weird scheduling. Goldberg probably isn’t being brought back for us, though.

Rudo Radio Episode 62: Let’s preview No Mercy

Becky Lynch’s first title defense, a triple threat for the WWE Championship. No Mercy looks like a stacked Sunday night.

Rudo Radio Episode 61: Backlash was great, and Lucha Underground is back

We recapped a busy (and successful!) week in wrestling, starting with Backlash and ending up back in Lucha Underground

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