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AEW announces date and location for their next PPV, Revolution

They’re taking over Orlando for a whole weekend in March of 2022.

Rumor Roundup: WWE lowballs Angle, LeRae contract, NXT backing off, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE’s low money offer to Kurt Angle, the latest on Candice LeRae’s contract, NXT backing away from a controversial gimmick, a potential date and match for AEW Revolution 2022, and more!

AEW is doing a lot of trust building

All Out was a show that featured AEW delivering on a lot of big teases and building trust with their audience in the process.

Cody explains why AEW is ‘the healthiest company’ for someone like Sting

Cody praises AEW’s medical team while discussing Sting’s health and future in AEW.

Tony Khan blames pyro guys for Deathmatch dud, vows to book another

The AEW President finally admits the end of Revolution didn’t go as planned, but says it hasn’t hurt their business. He also says they’ll do it again - this time with an explosion.

Khan says Double or Nothing was once again better than WrestleMania

Tony Khan loves talking about how much better Double or Nothing is than WrestleMania.

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Working-Class Hero: Looking back at Orange Cassidy's AEW rollout

As we get ready for the biggest match of his career, many have asked why OC is getting a World title shot at Double or Nothing. It all goes back to the fans, and how the beginning of his run in the company connected him to them.

Sting admits his body was ‘in shambles’ after his comeback match

Sting teases wrestling on Dynamite after admitting that his cinematic comeback match at Revolution was tough on his body.

Christian explains why he signed with AEW

Christian Cage plans to secure his legacy in AEW.

McIntyre denies taking a shot at AEW, has great explanation for leg slap ban

The former WWE champ does some great work in a new interview.

Rumor Roundup: Brock Lesnar return, WrestleMania 37 tickets, Bad Bunny, more!

The latest rumors, including whether Brock Lesnar could return, how tickets are being sold for WrestleMania, where Bad Bunny has been, and more!

Miro goes after Jim Cornette for insulting Penelope Ford

Cornette made some disparaging remarks on a recent podcast and Miro didn’t take too kindly to it.

Rumor Roundup: Andrade release request, WrestleMania 37 attendance, more!

The latest rumors, including what’s going on with Andrade and how WWE reacted to his release request, how many fans could be attending WrestleMania 37, and more!

Kenny Omega confirms Revolution’s ending did not go as planned

The man who in kayfabe built the dud bomb offers a shoot statement that, along with Eddie Kingston’s work on this week’s AEW Dynamite, should close this chapter in wrestling history.

MJF’s horsemen swerve was absolutely brilliant

I still can’t get over how incredible this angle turned out to be.

Wight explains how WWE disrespected him right to his face

Paul Wight tells a story about a meeting with WWE’s talent relations department that insulted him right to his face.

Christian debuts on Dynamite after Omega and Callis get sexual with each other

Kenny Omega and Don Callis use sexual imagery to parody AEW’s dud bomb, making Christian’s Dynamite debut very weird.

Kingston explains how the dud bomb knocked him out

Nobody knows why Eddie Kingston was hurt by the dud bomb at AEW Revolution 2021, so he explained what happened to him.

There’s one thing about AEW’s dud bomb that went according to plan

One thing about the dud bomb went right, but even that created an awkward situation for Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers.

Give us a sumo monster truck match to salvage Omega’s explosion dud

TK needs to dig back into history to make good for the botched ended to Revolution.

Christian explains how and why he jumped from WWE to AEW

No sour grapes from Tony Khan’s newest star. He tells Renee Paquette he made the decision quickly based on the opportunity the new company was offering.

Rumor Roundup: Revolution dud, WWE reaction to Christian signing, Peacock, more!

The latest rumors, including backstage reaction to AEW’s faulty finish, how WWE reacted to their big signing, a new writer joining Vince McMahon’s creative team, and more!

AEW’s response to Revolution’s dud ending is baffling

It’s also keeping the botched explosion top of mind for a lot of fans.

Revolution’s dud ending undermined a seriously good Deathmatch story

And how an Exploding Barbed Wire rookie survived survived the night with a full stomach.

Revolution recap & reactions: Cinematic Icon

Sting’s return to competition at AEW Revolution was more satisfying to watch than the dud ending in the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

Moxley makes fun of that weak ring ‘explosion’ right after Revolution goes off the air

What else can you do but laugh after such an anticlimactic ending to a PPV?

What was ‘Match of the Night’ at Revolution?

Come vote in our poll and tell us!

AEW Revolution ends not with a bang, but a whimper

The final explosion of the night was a dud.

Sting proves he’s still got it

Oh, and Darby Allin is crazy.

Christian is the AEW mystery signing

He’s here to Out. Work. Everyone.

Ethan Page debuts in AEW, immediately fails to grab the brass ring

Ethan Page was the mystery man in AEW’s Face of the Revolution ladder match.

Big Money Matt Hardy loses it all

The Dark Order assisted Hangman Adam Page to a win over Matt Hardy in the Big Money Match.


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