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Pro Wrestling History

Survivor Series 1987: The event that changed wrestling history

A WWE Thanksgiving tradition is born while sparking a 14-year war with a rival promotion.

The Rock’s production company working on a ‘mysterious demise of WCW’ docuseries

An intriguing wrestling history project for Vice was listed on Seven Bucks Production’s ‘in development’ slate in a recent entertainment industry report.

Title meets tractor: Stan Hansen and his epic fallout with the AWA

Stan Hansen never dreamed of being a world champion. However, after winning the AWA’s highest honor, the situation became a nightmare for him and the organization.

Harley Race made to grin and bear it after losing NWA title on this date in history

Harley Race would have a grizzly encounter on his road back to the world championship.

On this day in American history: Lex Luger starts campaign for WWE gold

Unfortunately, The Lex Express was heading toward a breakdown.

Happy anniversary to a high point of my adult wrestling fandom

It’s been nine years since CM Punk left Allstate Arena with the WWE title after beating John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011. The wrestling boom it seemed to portend didn’t happen, but that doesn’t make the moment any less special.

Remembering Sexton Hardcastle, for today is his day

The man, the myth, the legend that never was.

That time Vince’s limo blew up on Raw (and President Trump thought something really happened to him)

It was a wacky night on this day in pro wrestling history.

Sid Vicious’ famous leg break happened on this day 17 years ago

One of the most grotesque on-air injuries in pro wrestling happened on this date in history.

It’s been 3 years since Roman Reigns’ sufferin’ succotash promo

Hey, at least he’s not saying things like this anymore!

Armageddon 2000 anniversary means we can remember this classic Rock promo

"The Great One" at his finest.

The Montreal Screwjob happened 20 years ago today

One of the most infamous events in in the history of WWE happened on this date.

On this date in history: Sting declares himself a free agent on WCW Monday Nitro

This was the last we would see of the colorful Sting before he donned the black and white face paint.

On this date in history: War Games at Fall Brawl 1996 -- WCW vs. nWo

One of the first big battles in the WCW vs. nWo war was fought in Winston Salem on this day. It was also the day Sting decided it was time for a change.

Bart Gunn knocked out JBL to win the Brawl for All on this day 19 years ago

The vicious end to a really dumb idea.

Ron Killings Wins the NWA World Title

You know him by a different name.

Vince McMahon Returns from the Dead

The WWE boss returns from getting blown up... only to find out he has an illegitimate son. Plus the end of an era in the WWF.

Sasuke Eight Belts

The Great Sasuke won eight titles at once 21 years ago today. No, really.

Lex Luger Wins the WCW World Title

Lex Luger delivers a huge blow to the nWo by winning the WCW world title on a milestone Nitro 20 years ago today. Plus the end of World Class Championship Wrestling.

Hart, Soul, and a Broken Neck

Bret Hart makes history at Summerslam 20 years ago today, but it’s overshadowed by a career-altering injury.

Ron Simmons Wins the WCW World Title

A racial barrier comes crumbling down with a thunderous powerslam 25 years ago today.


Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz returns to TNA... to mostly indifference.

On This Day in History: Roddy Piper Passes Away

Two years ago today, the wrestling world loses a second legend in as many months with the passing of Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Wrestlefest ‘88

Hogan and Andre in a steel cage!

Miss Elizabeth’s WWF Debut

One of the greatest managers in history debuted in the WWF on this day.

The nWo Takes Over Disneyworld

Remember when Kevin Nash said the nWo wasn’t here to play? After this Nitro 21 years ago today, everybody took them seriously.

The PG Era Begins

WWE officially makes the transition to (almost) family-friendly programming nine years ago today.

Dusty Rhodes Wins the NWA World Title

"The American Dream" wins the last of his three NWA world titles 31 years ago today.

Sunday Night Heat is Born

Intended as just a six-episode series, a Sunday night staple was born 19 years ago today.

The Return of CM Punk

Just as WWE crowns a new champion six years ago today, the old one comes back. Plus, a very eventful first RAW of the second brand extension era.

On This Day in History: WWE Fires Hulk Hogan

Wrestling fans woke up to a scandal of huge proportions two years ago today after WWE gives Hulk Hogan the pink slip.

Kurt Angle Wins the WCW Championship

A WWF superstar wins WCW’s top prize in a WWF ring. Nope, nothing weird about that at all.

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