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Vote on the next Pro Wrestling Tournament

asked and you answered: The Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament series will continue! But what will the subject matter be? Once again, I'm leaving that up to you!

If I learned anything from yesterday's thread, it's that there are still a million tournaments to get through. I also learned that I couldn't possibly just say "pick one" and we all come to a consensus.

So instead you'll get four choices and you'll vote as you usually do.

Vote - Greatest Heel
Vote - Greatest Babyface
Vote - Greatest Feud
Vote - Greatest Women's Wrestler

You know what to do in the comments section below, Cagesiders. Once we decide on this, we'll have a nomination thread up the next day and, in the interest of fairness, we'll leave that thread up for no less than one week to ensure everyone has ample time to run through the entire thread and properly rec whatever nomination they choose. That way no one feels shortchanged.

Got it?


Let's do this!

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