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The future of tournaments on Cageside Seats

Just yesterday, we finished up the Greatest Promo Tournament. For those keeping track (hey, that's me!), that makes for 10 pro wrestling tournaments we've done RIGHT HERE on Cageside Seats.

And now I'm wondering where we go from here.

We've been doing tournaments for so long that, to be honest, I almost feel afraid not to do another one. It just wouldn't feel right to come to the site and see something other than a tournament bracket in slot two on the cover at the top of the page. Towards the end of each tournament, I convince myself we need a break.

After each tournament ends, I change my mind.

So I'm going to leave it up to you, Cagesiders. Should we keep going strong and immediately jump right into the nomination process for another tournament? Or should we take a break for a while and rearrange how we set up the cover at the top of the page each day?

If we continue with the tournaments, what should be next?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let's get a discussion going. These are by you and for you, so I'm letting you be my guide here.

For reference, here are all the past tournaments we've done on the site:

Greatest Wrestler
Greatest Tag Team
Greatest Stable
Greatest Match
Greatest Finisher
Greatest Entrance Theme
Greatest Moment
Greatest Promo
Worst Gimmick
Survivor Series

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