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Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament: Greatest Stable Nomination Thread

Here is your official Greatest Stable nomination thread, where you come to nominate any finisher you feel should be included in the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament. Come get it while you can!


Yes, Greatest Stables did not win the vote for the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament. That honor went to Greatest Entrance Music. However, Cagesider GuyinNY had a great idea: We can do a smaller tournament in between the big ones, meaning we won't start with a Field of 64, but rather we'll go straight from the Sweet 16.

Because, let's face it, there aren't 64 worthy stables. There probably aren't even 32. That's why 16 is the perfect number.

(And for those of you upset over the Greatest Entrance Music Tournament, that's the next one. After that, we're doing Greatest Promo. So don't be too upset, it's a marathon, not a sprint. We'll get there!)

In this thread, which will remain open until Wed., July 24 at 11:59 p.m. CT, it's up to you to decide which stables you feel deserve a spot in the tournament. Here's how you go about doing so.

In order for your stable to be properly nominated you MUST follow this guideline. Any comment not following this guideline will NOT be considered and will be deleted to avoid confusion. There is NO budging on this. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINE.

You must first put "Nominate" before a dash and then the stable you wish to put up for consideration. If it's necessary, please indicate the members of the stable you wish to nominate. For instance, you could nominate D-Generation X version one (HBK, HHH, Chyna) or D-Generation X version two (HHH, X-Pac, New Age Outlaws, Chyna). You may nominate as many stables as you wish -- but only one stable per nomination comment.

For example:

Nominate - nWo (Hogan, Nash, Hall)
Nominate - Four Horsemen (Flair, Arn, Ole, Tully)

Each example represents a separate comment.

For clarification's sake, a stable can be defined as any group of three or more wrestlers who operate as a team and are acknowledged as such. That qualifies groups like The Shield, for instance.

Before nominating a stable, be sure to check the thread to see if the stable you have in mind has already been nominated. If so, you can simply "rec" that nomination.

That's because "recs" are what will determine which stables are chosen. If you see a stable you agree with that you feel should be entered into the tournament, simply "rec" that comment. You can "rec" comments simply by clicking the "rec" button.

Ready? Go!

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