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Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament First Round Schedule

Breaking out the schedule for the first round of the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament. Here's where you can see when you can come vote on whatever match-up you're looking forward to most.


This past weekend, we went through the nomination process for the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament. Then, we announced the field of 64 complete with a list of the seedings. Then, we revealed the first round match-ups.

Now, it's time to bust out the schedule for the first round.

Mon., April 29: (1) Sweet Chin Music vs. (16) God's Last Gift
Tues., April 30: (3) Razor's Edge vs. (14) Widow's Peak
Wed., May 1: (8) Finger Poke of Doom vs. (9) Leg Drop
Thurs., May 2: (6) Cattle Mutilation vs. (11) Code Breaker
Fri., May 3: (2) Canadian Destroyer vs. (15) Tiger Driver 91
Sat., May 4: (5) Gore vs. (12) RKO
Sun., May 5: (7) Frankensteiner vs. (10) Coast to Coast
Mon., May 6: (4) Lion Tamer vs. (13) Texas Cloverleaf
Tues., May 7: (1) Tombstone vs. (16) Corkscrew Shooting Star Press
Wed., May 8: (3) Sharpshooter vs. (14) Rock Bottom
Thurs., May 9: (8) Orange Crush vs. (9) Swiss Death
Fri., May 10: (6) Implant Buster vs. (11) Piledriver
Sat., May 11: (2) F-5 vs. (15) Shooting Star Press
Sun., May 12: (5) Crippler Crossface vs. (12) Hart Attack
Mon., May 13: (7) Jackhammer vs. (10) Triple Powerbomb
Tues., May 14: (4) Figure Four vs. (13) Frog Splash
Wed., May 15: (1) Flying Elbow Drop vs. (16) Stratusfaction
Thurs., May 16: (3) Perfectplex vs. (14) Swanton Bomb
Fri., May 17: (8) Jackknife Powerbomb vs. (9) Gotch Neutralizer
Sat., May 18: (6) Pedigree vs. (11) Shining Wizard
Sun., May 19: (2) Diamond Cutter vs. (15) Alabama Slam
Mon., May 20: (5) Angle Slam vs. (12) Steiner Screwdriver
Tues., May 21: (7) Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster vs. (10) Buzzsaw Kick
Wed., May 22: (4) Doomsday Device vs. (13) Pepsi Plunge
Thurs., May 23: (1) Stone Cold Stunner vs. (16) Muscle Buster
Fri., May 24: (3) 3D vs. (14) Vadersault
Sat., May 25: (8) Ankle Lock vs. (9) Million Dollar Dream
Sun., May 26: (6) Clothesline From Hell vs. (11) Burning Hammer
Mon., May 27: (2) DDT vs. (15) Package Piledriver
Tues., May 28: (5) No Lock vs. (12) O-Face
Wed., May 29: (7) Rude Awakening vs. (10) Spinebuster
Thurs., May 30: (4) Go To Sleep vs. (13) Last Ride

There you have it, Cagesiders. I might be looking forward to this tournament more than any other because it's got the most potential for some real surprises and upsets.

Stay tuned for the official bracket to hit tomorrow so you can decide who you think has the easiest road to the Finals.

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