Kurt Angle announces official rules for women’s Royal Rumble match

Oh it’s true. Kurt Angle opened tonight’s (Jan. 1) Monday Night Raw with a huge announcement. Weeks after Stephanie McMahon broke the news about the women of the WWE getting a Royal Rumble match to call their own, Angle took to the mic to clarify the rule set.

Angle says after discussions were held between McMahon, himself, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan the women’s Royal Rumble will be exactly like the men’s battle royal.

30 female wrestlers will compete in the match. The only way to be eliminated from the ring is to be tossed over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor. Last but not least the winner of the first ever WWE women’s Royal Rumble match will earn a title shot at WrestleMania 34.

The 2018 Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday January 28th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Which woman from Raw or SmackDown will earn the right to be called the first ever Royal Rumble winner?



Also, I’m surprised Vince didn’t want the women to be eliminated by being stripped to their bras and panties.

who told you he didn't want?

they must have pushed him real hard to make it same rules as the men’s rumble …

I don't get why you think he would

I mean, I’m not going to pretend for one second that Vince is some upstanding crusader for social equality. He sure as hell isn’t, but he does what seems like it’s going to work. If we’re being completely honest with ourselves the bra and panties crap worked when it did. Maybe it shouldn’t have. I personally wish it didn’t, but it did. I don’t know whether he thought that was what women should do or not, and I won’t pretend to be able to get inside his head on whether or not he thinks what the women are doing now is better or worse than that on a personal level, but regardless of all the dumb (mostly true) shit you can pin on him, he generally "wants" to do whatever the smart play is. The "best for business" tag line may be a character bit but it comes from a real place.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense

I don't really care about 20 vs 30, but I'm veeeery glad to hear it's still top rope instead of middle rope.

I don't really care if it was always the plan, or if they caved to the pressure from people wanting 30, but...

…I’m glad they ended up with true equality.

True equality is when the pay is the sane. As well as position on the card.

(top) pay is mostly from merch sales

so it’s up to us

its up to their contracts they sign, unfortunately

Pay is largely based on market. When another fed is willing to pay good money to women, WWE will be forced to up their compensation

Not always the case.

Wwe has no real competitors. That doesn’t mean it excuses the discrepancies in pay between the wrestlers.

Women can’t get the same comp for Indy bookings that men do. Sasha couldn’t leave tomorrow and get paid at the rate of Ryback let alone somebody like Del Rio

That doesn't mean she shouldn't be getting paid more in the wwe

Wwe is in a rare position where they can choose to dictate offers. Cause they can pick and choose who they want.
The other side is that pro wrestlers don’t have real reps like with actors or in boxing. Leading to most always signing bad deals.
However unfair, it’s on the wrestlers to push for better contracts through their negotiations.
It’s not so simple when it comes to the pay gap between genders. That’s not easily explained with how the market (free agency?) goes.

Hard to negotiate without leverage

WWE giving more money to its women solely to make things equal would be a breach of fiduciary responsibility. Now if women were getting a lighter share on merch than men(exempting people like Cena who I believe have clauses giving them a larger cut than the standard) that’d be one thing, but we’re talking about guarantees right?

fiduciary responsibility?

what does equality have to do with that?
do you feel the pay structure is only cause the female wrestlers don’t have leverage?

Handing out more money without basis is a breach.

I think it’s a combination of lack of leverage and a continuation of how replaceable and ordinary the women were the previous decade. Prior to Sasha/Charlotte popping a rating with their title matches who was the last woman to draw? Sable?

Keyboard mashed a bit by mistake there. But you seem hung up on equality for the sake of equality. What determines the women being truly equal? I don’t think you’re saying Charlotte should be making what Cena makes so what’s the baseline for "equality"

Stated it's not clear cut

Cause of the position wwe is over most talent. And how wrestlers don’t have real reps looking over contracts.
So many won’t get fair contracts. I don’t think it’s as simple as market value like with athletes or even actors.
Those who’ve seen wwe contracts are better suited to give their thoughts on this other than me though.

30 pretty much confirms full RAW/SD rosters, with select legends and NXT entrants.

only way they can hit that number that means we should expect a lot of surprises

Santina Morello?

I doubt that one but thoroughly expect James Ellsworth

Bring back Ellsworth and give him the first Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble

Plus that Ellsworth/Santina spot would be fire

Pretty sure Santino can’t take any bumps anymore...

Due to his career ending neck injury.

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