Alex Shelley explains why he was pulled from the main event of Hard to Kill

Earlier this month, there was a late change to the main event of Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view. Alex Shelley was replaced by Moose in a six-man tag team match that was eventually won by the Good Brothers and AEW world champion Kenny Omega.

At the time, there was reportedly an outbreak of COVID-19 affecting WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling. Shelley released a video explaining that he did not have COVID. He said things were “out of his control” and the situation was “very complex.”

Shelley has now provided another update that more clearly explains why he was pulled from the pay-per-view card. You can check it all out at his Twitter account:

“Most days out of the week, I look like this. I read theories about why I wasn’t at @IMPACTWRESTLING for Hard to Kill. They ranged from injury, to illness, to getting arrested, to harming my family members and attempting to cover it up; I am a physical therapy clinician.

Physio is my livelihood and career. Wrestling is my livelihood and passion project. At my company, due to the volume of sick and injured patients we are in care of, we modify our COVID-19 mandates as needed. As numbers went up, so did restrictiveness.

To circumvent the topic, I could not be at Hard To Kill due to my career. I respect the decisions made by our company surgeons and doctors: I look to them for advice and guidance. I am unable to travel and wrestle until I am vaccinated. I took every caution I could before...

But I don’t feel right maintaining this duality unless I take every possible safety measure. When the vaccine became available, that required extra security on my end and my company’s end for our patients. I honestly don’t want to get the vaccine so soon...

But I want to wrestle very badly while I help people in therapy. So there’s no option. @IMPACTWRESTLING was supportive and understanding and as someone who doesn’t have nor want a contract at this point, my hands were tied. Thanks for your support everyone.”

It’s good to read that Shelley is not injured nor ill, and that he’s acting in accordance with safety as a top priority.


" I honestly don’t want to get the vaccine so soon..."


There exist people uncomfortable with the vaccines at the moment.

On the one hand the mRNA vaccines are a modern miracle and will likely spearhead a lot of change in how vaccines are designed and worked on for years to come…

…On the other hand all COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market are on Emergency Authorized Use, and not a full standard approval. That means that, frankly, we don’t have enough data for some possible side effects or long term issues that may or may not happen with the vaccine.

That doesn’t mean problems will exist. That doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous. It does mean that people on the fence have a legitimate argument that it is not ready to the degree of which some people feel these things should be for mass distribution. There’s also questions about what mutations mean for the vaccine going forward, both in effectiveness and effect on said long term concerns.

I’m not saying I believe this way, nor am I saying that the people that believe this are correct, but we have to acknowledge both the whys and the how comes for the conversation to happen.

This was legitimately a good response.

Thank you.

We're also at a point right now where Vaccine Rollout is very limited and inconsistent.

While he might be eligible for a vaccine in his area based on being a medical professional, it may mean that someone else who is elderly or immunocompromised may have to wait for appointments to open up again. I’ve seen a few people saying they experience guilt right now for being able to get the vaccine so early.

Through my work, I’m able to be higher up on the vaccination list, because my job is technically considered as essential support staff under the kinda vague guidelines that were set out. However, I’ve made it clear that I want to be in the later stages of vaccinations. I live alone, can work remotely, and greatly limit my in-person contact. It just didn’t feel right to get vaccinated ahead of people who are at a higher degree of risk.

Same here

I work in different labs every day, so you would think that I would probably be high on the list; however, our company just released official guidelines that state that while they encourage us to get the vaccine, they are not mandating it. Not only that, but I feel that right now, with the limited amount of vaccine available at the moment, I want to give it a little more time to ensure that those that really should have the most priority get it first.

That said, I have no problem with getting it, and expect to within the next month or so.

could be he thinks he doesn't need it due to his physical wellness

or that other people would need it more due to their professions and health.

It's unfortunate people can't just accept he wasn't there and leave it be.

This is the Internet...

’Leave it Be" is Blasphemy here lol

I fully understand where he is coming from

The last Corona vaccine (swine flu was a Corona virus) caused 400 cases of narcolepsia in our country, and all the cases were with people under 30. They got no compensation for this and the official statement has been that these are acceptable setbacks.

I am not in a hurry to get vaccinated for this reason, as I am not at risk group and follow social distancing and take all the possible precautions. I am pro vaccination with the tried and true ones, and am saddened to be labeled anti vaccer for having reservations over this issue

Just responding to the "(swine flu was a Corona virus)" statement.

Just responding to the "(swine flu was a Corona virus)" statement.

Just a quick note, H1N1 (Swine Flu) is not the same as in form of Corona. They are different from a RNA Level. Unless you meant that Swine Flu was the last pandemic recognized by the WHO, which is true. I just wanted to clarify because misinformation, even unintentional, is the Bain of many ills in this world, IMOH..

Link Below provides more info on H1N1 and Corona being different.

They're also talking about the side effects of the vaccine, not the virus.

I know we’re not yet aware if this vaccine has any longer term effects, but it’s been widely publicized that this is a new and different form of vaccine than was used for swine flu.

I actually had a reply about the skepticism with using the vaccine as well

I was all deleted in the first blink post. I know medical professionals and a first responder who share similar concerns to Alex Shelly. That is a personal decision that I wont have a response to. After the first post was deleted, I just decided to focus on the one "swine flu was a corona virus" statement as I was too lazy to retype and just thought clarification on that would save some misinfo.

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