More on the report Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW (Possible Spoilers)

Since it’s on a lot of wrestling fans’ minds after last night (July 21) said that Daniel Bryan “has 100% already signed a contract with AEW”, here’s a rundown of what’s being discussed in the wake of that report.

- Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp said he hasn’t been able to confirm the story, but knows Bodyslam’s Cassidy Haynes has many AEW contacts.

- Dave Meltzer also said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he doesn’t know for a fact that Bryan has signed, but that signs point to that being the likely outcome. Meltzer’s long believed the ability to work in New Japan would be the deciding factor for Bryan, and once WWE’s attempts to work out a deal with NJPW fell through, AEW became his logical landing spot.

- With the usual “plans change” caveats (specifically if the CM Punk signing comes together between now and All Out), Haynes says AEW wants to debut Bryan at their Sept. 22 show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. They want to wrap up their plans for the Labor Day weekend PPV, and introduce DB as part their next wave of stories.

- Meltzer also indicated that if/when the deal is done, debuting Bryan in Queens is probably the plan.

Stay tuned. Or start making plans for a trip to Flushing Meadows, depending on your confidence level in these reports.


If Bryan does end up in AEW

then I feel like you pretty much have to do him vs. Kenny at Full Gear.

That's a big enough match

That it doesn’t have to be a title match. But if that’s what you’re thinking, I think Hangman Page is more likely to be AEW Champion on September 22nd than Omega.

I wasn't thinking a title match.

I’d hate that. I’ve been ready for this Kenny reign to be over with since before it started.

I can see Bryan vs Kenny non-title because I do think Page takes the title at All Out. After being pitched it, I can also see Punk debuting at All Out after Page wins and takes him out for heel heat. Setting up Punk vs Page at Full Gear or something.

Good call

Personally I think they should wait a few more months before crowning Page (unless Omega needs time off), but if Page wins this is a great way to book his first feud.

I’m not a fan of that idea

I don’t think page’s first title program should be overshadowed by punk’s return program. AEW has a pretty deep depth chart of heels you can put page against and I think a couple of those guys should be the ones getting the first cracks at page

Yea, let us enjoy the culmination of the last 2 years.

No need to overcomplicate it with Punk.


Need to let that breathe and let the new guys do their own thing for a while first before getting in the title scene.

Second that notion

AEW has done pretty well at not just thrusting the new guy into the title picture right away. The closest they got in recent memory was Christian making some moves towards it but they even backed off that. Miro took a while to get into the TNT title scene as well. Mox was probably the last one and it made sense at the time as the AEW talent was still quite green across the board.

I think if the Punk rumors are true, you bring him in on Dynamite in Chicago on the go home show. Keep him away from the World Championship picture for the first bit and either set his sights as a support for one of the other matches on the PPV or have him go at Miro or something like that. I’d bring him onboard as a face to start just because he’s going to draw that pop for a while and I’d ease him back in since he hasn’t really wrestled in years.


he’s a guy that you know is over coming in so he really doesnt "need" the title right away. You need to find him an entertaining and decent in ring story to tell, but that can be done without him immediately taking over the title.

A simply story of him coming to "show this little company how its done" can start with him going after someone like Omega or Mox as "faces" of AEW before Punk would then move on to the title holder down the road.

I’d prefer

Cocky arrogant punk thinks he’s king shit.. only to realize he’s a bit rusty. But then slowly shakes the rust off and once again proves that he’s best in the world. When he does finally claim the belt, let him have the long dominant run he was destined to have in his previous employment. Establish him as Best In The World so when he does put the next person over, it is a monumental occasion. This would give them more time to flesh out the next young star they want to strap the proverbial rocket to.

Given their track record

I think we can chill with the comparisons to TNA

A year and how ever long it is theyve been around

Isnt really long enough to be considered having a track record. Not much there to have a comparison, yet.

95 episodes of Dynamite and 11 PPVs is plenty.

That’s enough for me to say we can chill with the baseless TNA comparisons that people love to make UNTIL we see something TNA-esque from them.

It’s pretty obvious AEW is run differently but people still pull out the TNA stuff. It’s, as stated, baseless thus far.

i agree enough time to judge...

But they have F’d up about as many things as they have gotten right:

  • they might have the best miro. but how he was at beginning was worse than anything WWE did to him. that includes all the lana cuck angle.
  • death match ending, Jerichos falls on the cardboard, million other production issues.
  • they approved unprotected head shots with chairs
  • they are willing to have sting wrestle after he should have retire ( health reason not cause he can’t hang)
  • TK as on screen character is horrible, I think he thinks he a good guy, but you can’t sympathize with him cause he a rich brat. At least VKM earned where he got in life.

To be fair

I don’t think TK has made an appearance on AEW TV and spoken on it. I mean he did during the Brodie show and when Omega won the title. He only does those things on Impact which I hope scratches his itch or figure out what works before he comes on TV.

And I really respect his appearance on the Brodie show. It seemed like it hit him hard too. He wasn’t being a character he was being a human being. You can see that was a challenging show for everyone. Best show of that year period.

So you think they've only gotten 5 things right

That is objectively wrong.

1. Cuck stuff is WAY worse than what they did with Miro early on, but they definitely have a problem with debuts.

2. They definitely have production issues.

3. They did not approve unprotected head shots. They gimmicked the chairs, learned that there was too high of a margin of error (after royally screwing up), and oddly enough, did better with production when it came to Blood and Guts as they did the "hand up" thing WWE does, but cut around it to make it look like they were hit in the head.

4. He should hang it up after this year, but its not like they have him out there every week.

5. I definitely don’t sympathize with him, but I think his nerdiness is oddly charming? It really depends on the promo. But Vince definitely didn’t earn where he got in life. His Dad literally handed him a promotion. There were strings attached, but that just doesn’t happen to people.

Never said they were perfect

Just not TNA.

Bryan won't let that happen

TNA was motivated to rush Angle-Joe

Because they wanted to get it in before Kurt died in the ring.

Happy for Bryan getting what he wants at this stage of his career

WWE’s inflexibility seems to have cost them one of the best of all time who still has so much to offer in-ring and out

WWE tried for a deal with New Japan.

It’s not their fault.

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