Fans shoot during Bray Wyatt's debut on Monday Night RAW, impress no one
"No more shines Billy. Maybe you didn't hear about it, you've been away a long time, they didn't go up there to tell ya. I don't shine shoes any more."

Last night's edition of Monday Night RAW, for this pro wrestling fan, was a means to an end. I kind of knew going into the three-hour broadcast, which emanated from 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, that I was there for one purpose.

To see Bray Wyatt and his "family" debut.

That's the kind of thing that will keep me up at night, whereas I usually get my RAW fix on Tuesday morning, when I can zip through the commercials and 642 replays of footage I've already seen a dozen times. After all, last night was special because well, Bray-fucking-Wyatt.

Everything else was just gravy.

That's why I didn't mind slogging through some of the waste that was polluting the bottom half of the show. I'm still not sure what transpired during that clusterfuck between Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, but it was a clunky, disjointed mess.

That's not all.

Curtis Axel came out to play bad guy and ended up cutting a promo that sounded less like a top heel, and more like an angry nerd trying to return something at Radio Shack without a receipt. I'm not even sure Paul Heyman can save that guy, which is a shame, because he can work.

But I digress.

Bray Wyatt finally made his television debut last night along with his partners in crime, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, beating down longtime veteran Kane while doing all kinds of cool shit, like walking out with a lantern and sitting on the ramp in a rickety ol' rocking chair.

The segment was well executed and (almost) perfect.

What nearly spoiled it was a handful of "fans" who felt the need to start chanting "Husky Harris," which is the name Bray Wyatt operated under as part of NXT. That's like walking into see "The Matrix," and chanting "Ted Logan," because hardy-fucking-har, Keanu Reeves -- as "Neo" -- used to play a brain-dead teen back in the late eighties.

Get it? Funny, right?

I am of the opinion that when you pay for something, you have a right to critique it in the way you see fit. It's not cheap to see RAW in person, so when you drop that kind of coin for a night of violent theatrics, go ahead and say what you want. You've earned it.


Except when you cross that line and go from paid attendee to annoying heckler. And make no mistake about it folks, heckling is a less fancier word for saboteur. There is no other purpose of heckling than to sabotage someone who is out there trying to entertain you.

And it's wrong.

Husky Harris was not in Baltimore last night. Windham Lawrence Rotunda was. He was in "Charm City" trying to entertain the "Universe" with the character he signed on to play, and that's Bray Wyatt. It's impossible to plead "typecasting" after such a brief stint in NXT.

And you only get once chance to make a first impression.

I've heard some of the feedback in the wake of last night's show, and some fans are having difficulty differentiating between a crowd that chants "Husky Harris" and a crowd that chants "ECW" or "Golllllldberrrrrg" when Ryback was trying to find his sea legs.

Not even in the same ballpark.

When a performer gets an "ECW" chant, it's a term of endearment, a way for the fan to let the talent know that "Hey, we saw you back in the day, you kicked ass, and we haven't forgotten about you." When Ryback was showered with Goldberg chants, it was the crowd's way of telling the organization "Been there, done that."

At least it was honest feedback.

The Wyatt debacle is akin to fans labeling Big E. Langston -- a terrific talent -- "Ryblack" when he first made his debut. The good news is, it came from behind the Twitter curtain and held no real weight. But trying to torpedo the S.S. Wyatt before it even left port was a cruel, disgusting display of antipathy.

But not toward Wyatt.

No, that type of resentment can only come from the self-loathing barnacles like the bêtes noires in Baltimore, who cling to the nearest surface and beat their awful appendages to attract any and all attention within reach. Nothing would please them more than to learn how many of us were bummed out by their antics.

Go ahead, have a free one on me.

In the end, I'll move on and likely enjoy the upcoming program from Wyatt and his cronies, while the wannabe hijackers, who probably went out for a beer after the show and bragged about "going into business for themselves," will slither home and try to figure out why their lives are so incomplete.

If they can't be happy, then no one else should be, either.

But that's a fool's errand, because I'd venture to guess that a majority of current fans have no idea who Husky Harris is. That includes my 10 year old daughter, who is pretty sharp for her age, but still couldn't even make out what they were saying.

That's when she looked at me and asked (louder than she should have): WHAT?



"The Wyatt debacle is akin to fans labeling Big E. Lashley -- a terrific talent -- "Ryblack" when he first made his debut."


Was trying to get both anti-Langston cracks into one thought, but after reading it separate, it doesn’t work. Changed.

You can delete my comment if you want.

I was trying to be funny by using an all caps bold WHAT? like you used for your daughters WHAT?

lets not forget choc lesnar (my personal favorite)

I'll say 3 things

1. Wyatts debut was the best I’ve seen in a long time(I was not expecting it during the Kane match, although in hindsight I should have seen that coming.)

2. A fan or two chanting “Husky Harris” is not only not “edgy” or “funny”, it’s downright disrespectful to a performer who has found a character he can portray with great success. Not to mention an insult to the wrestling business, and the rest of the fans who paid good money to see a much anticipated debut.

3. I’m expecting great things for this man as a performer—He just has what it takes….period.

You read my mind

My reaction to the Husky Harris chants was to throw my hands up in disguist, and yell “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” at the tv. That was out of line, and worst of all for no reason other than to look cool for their fellow dbags.

I'm getting so sick of this

The majority of this site needs to calm the fuck down. God forbid the fans, writers, managers, divas, wrestlers, owners, or Jesus Christ himself do anything to criticize or go against an Internet darling. You’re seriously getting way too carried away with this. WYATT HAS POTENTIAL – other than that, he has done NOTHING. I completely understand the excitement over a fresh face being dedicated to a good gimmick, I really do. But can we please stop blowing this chant out of proportion? For all we know it was a bunch of teenagers being teenagers. Either way, they have every right to chant whatever the hell they want, malicious intent or not. Besides, it’s worlds less annoying than the “WHAT” chants during the greatest stretch of promos in Mark Henry’s career. At least he’s a man who has proven something.

"Either way, they have every right to chant whatever the hell they want, malicious intent or not."

Yep, they have every right to do so. And I have the right to state that they are ignorant, disrespectful assclowns.

The fans are at the show. They are not in the show. Stand-up comics have the option of spending ten minutes of stage time dismantling some idiot who doesn’t know how to act in public. Wrestlers don’t. A fan can get a ticket and act as stupid as they want. But a person with class and common sense — teenaged or not — understands what is over the line.

Shut your mouth and know your role, Baltimore fans.

Gotta agree with NegroGrande

It was a chant. Yes, it was dumb, but it was a chant. Calm the hell down everyone, you don’t all have to hit your periods at the same time over something so minor. It OBVIOUSLY didn’t affect their performance because the group looked strong in their dismantling of Kane. Just let it go.


You 100% have the right to voice your opinion on those fans. I’m just getting a little overwhelmed with all the complete uproar being voiced by the majority of this site’s readers over a frigging chant. Not only that but also the majority that is defending every single thing this stable does. I feel like CSS has become a Yankees blog, the Wyatt family is Murderer’s Row, and everything else is the Sawx.


Chanting the name a wrestler used to go by is over the line? Then what do you call the fans at One Night Stand during Cena/RVD? Or anytime a “you fucked up!” Chant broke out?

Not a fan of "you fucked up"

But Cena-RVD was great, because they were treating Cena like the biggest heel in history and it worked brilliantly. Not like shitting all over a guy’s debut.

I don't think Cena ever went by "You fucked up". Cenation Commander in Chief is close enough though.


Plus, it shows that his NXT work was recognized. I mean, really…it was recognized.

He's done plenty actually

Granted, its been on NXT, but its been glorious work.


If this was somebody the IWC didn’t give a shit about, there wouldn’t be more than a single post about it.

I’m getting so sick of this
The majority of this site needs to calm the fuck down.

I’d say that based on your tone, the only one who needs to calm down is you.

be honest

the only difference between the “Goldberg” chants directed at Ryback and the “Husky Harris” chants directed at Wyatt is that you like Wyatt more and didn’t want your special moment ruined.

^this X1000

too bad it can only be rec’d once

I’ll explain the difference. Chanting “Goldberg” at Ryback merely points out that his character is very similar to that of Goldberg. That chant might have made sense even if pro wrestling were an unstaged sport. Ryback is, after all, very similar to Goldberg.

But the “Husky Harris” chant is different. It doesn’t say, hey, your character is like another character. It says, your character isn’t real. Pro wrestling is storytelling. It’s live fiction. Either suspend disbelief or STFU.

Not really.

If they’d chanted “Windham Rotunda”, that would’ve been ruining the moment, but for all we know, maybe Wyatt is intended to be Husky Harris having found a dark side to himself, or something similar. The guy played a notable (if not huge) role on TV just a couple of years ago.

The similarities with Goldberg were

He’s bald with a lot of muscles and he was booked to win a lot at first. That was about it. And its not like Ryback is the only person to ever debut and get a big winning streak.

I'm trying to figure out

why that’s at all an unfair metric to judge crowd chants by.

Keanu Reeves / Ted Logan

By the way, Hulk — I think this is way worse than your Matrix example. What those fans did last night isn’t like intentionally screwing up a movie. It’s like intentionally screwing up a stage play. Years ago I saw Patrick Stewart in The Tempest. Oddly, no one chanted “Make it so! Make it so!” in the middle of the play.

Lots of overreacting going on.

It was a great debut, and only a few fans chanted that. Why get so angry about it? I doubt there’d be such a fuss if Ryback got “Skip Sheffield” chants.

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