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TNA Slammiversary Predictions & Preview: Sting v Bully Ray, AJ Styles v Kurt Angle, King v Sabin & more!

How will this latest pay-per-view (PPV) event play out? We've got staff predictions for each and every match on the TNA "Slammiversary XI" card for tomorrow night's (Sun., June 2) high-impact battles, right here!

TNA's latest pay-per-view (PPV) event Slammiversary XI is back tomorrow night (Sun., June 2), in honor of the promotion's eleventh anniversary live on pay-per-view (PPV) commencing at 8 p.m. ET.

Tomorrow night's show features all your favorite TNA superstars and Knockouts, including "The Icon" Sting, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Kenny King, Chris Sabin, Chavo & Guerrero, Daniels & Kazarian, The Aces & Eights, Aries & Roode, "Cowboy" James Storm, Gunner, the return of Jeff Hardy, and much more!

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our CSS staff of learned-wrestling-blowhards is faithfully here for you, yet again, in order to help you all figure out just how this latest PPV event is gonna play out. We've got our CSS Staffer predictions for each and every match on the Slammiversary card, coming up next!


Slammiversary XI Match Card:
  1. "The Icon" Sting vs. Bully Ray of Aces & Eights - World Heavyweight Championship
  2. AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
  3. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. "Cowboy" James Storm & Gunner - Four Team Elimination Tag Team Championship
  4. Joseph Park vs. Devon of Aces & Eights - Television Championship
  5. Suicide vs. Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin - Ultimate X: X-Division Championship
  6. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell - Knockouts Match
  7. Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw - Gut Check Tournament Final
  8. Aces & 8s vs. Samoa Joe, Magnus & Jeff Hardy - Six Man Tag Match



    1.) "The Icon" Sting vs. Bully Ray of Aces & 8s

    World Heavyweight Championship

    The General: I'm wondering if they take the title off Ray here because of the stipulation with Sting, but it seems more likely that Ray retains and Hulk Hogan becomes the very last hope to save TNA. That sets up the main event at Bound for Glory with Hogan winning the title at the age of 679 like he said he wanted to do. Can't wait for that. Prediction: Bully Ray

    Keith Harris: There's two possible finishes here: Hulk Hogan helps Sting to win the title one last time to set up The Hulkster vs. Bully Ray at Bound For Glory, or Brooke Hogan gives in to Ray's temptation and turns on Sting and her dear old Dad to build the exact same BFG main event. Given that they're running the BFG Series again this year, that would suggest The Stinger going over here, as the tournament would be meaningless if Hulk gave himself the title shot against Ray instead. Prediction: Sting

    Jesse Holland: Remember all that jibber-jabber from Hulkster about one more match? There's a reason he's lubing us up, because he's going to ram it home with a title win over Bully Ray in the not-too-distant future, which he can't do if Sting becomes the champion. There's only room in this company for one geriatric gold-digger and it ain't Stinger, who still loses strong because hey, it's him. Prediction: Bully Ray

    Sean Rueter: Will they really keep Sting busy if he can't even pretend to be after the championship? Something tells me that his ego and the delusions of the TNA powers-that-be won't allow that, regardless of how little sense it makes to have a 54-year old champion (or, next year, a 55-year old contender). Given that I also think they'll save AJ fighting for the belt until Bound for Glory, that leaves either Sting wins or non-finish...and, I just gave myself my answer. How can you avoid giving Sting the belt, but nullify that stipulation and still be TNA? Something where neither man pins the other. That's tricky in a no holds barred match, but what if the lights go out and we come back to them both laid out? Yeah...that's the ticket. Prediction: Bully retains in a non-finish

    Eric B. Stephen: Could this be the final time we ever see Sting compete for a world title? I say yes, yes it is. Such is the stipulation for this match that Bully Ray picked and I see him ending the championship-hunting phase of the "Icon's" career. Prediction: Bully Ray

    Rex Ivanovic: TNA can't be so insane as to put the title on Sting here. Maybe I am just giving them too much credit here. Prediction: Bully Ray

    J.M. Williams: TNA often times mirrors WWE; with this in mind, I suspect that much like the No Contest finish we saw with Cena v Ryback recently, Bully v Sting will end in some sort of non-finish with Bully retaining. Then again, if that is not the case, it will still end with Bully retaining, Sting being semi-retired and also not competing for the title anymore. Either way, Bully retains. Prediction: Bully Ray

    Hollywood Wallace: I love sting in a big spot, but bully is on top of his game right now so I have to favor Dudley here. Prediction: Bully

    2.) AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

    The General: I'll go with Styles because reasons. Prediction: AJ Styles

    Keith Harris: The broken down warrior Kurt Angle's role in TNA today seems to be to give the next generation of stars the rub and put over chosen ones that they have bigger plans in store for. Clearly, Styles is someone TNA management wants to shoot to the moon again, thinking that by rehashing "The Crow" Sting angle of 16 years ago they will strike gold again. Thus, AJ must win here to keep his lone wolf momentum going. Prediction: AJ Styles

    Jesse Holland: I don't care who wins, I'm just happy whenever I get a TNA pay-per-view that doesn't have AJ Styles fighting Christopher Daniels. Regrettably, this one has a predictable outcome, which means Angle starts out strong, then makes Styles look good before rolling over. Prediction: AJ Styles

    Sean Rueter: Kurt will get a lot of offense in, we'll fear for his life, but in the end AJ will win. He better win, or walk out, or something that leaves him looking strong. Oh, picking TNA is a tricky business. Prediction: AJ Styles

    Eric B. Stephen: AJ Styles seems to be playing on his own side, somewhere in the gray area between TNA's main roster and the gang from Aces and Eights. And, my apologies to the gold medalist, but I see Styles winning here.
    Prediction: Styles

    Rex Ivanovic: AJ Styles seems to be the one thing that TNA is doing well currently. I'm feeling optimistic that they continue with it. Prediction: AJ Styles

    J.M. Williams: If I know anything about TNA, and almost all of my TNA picks pan out correctly, there is no way Angle is winning this match. AJ is going to be pushed hard here, although Kurt will maintain some semblance of strength in the way the match plays out. In the end, the hooded Styles will walk out the victor. This might be the night he decides to stop walking the borderline, grab a mic and state his case. If not, I guess we get more of the same for awhile. Prediction: AJ Styles

    Hollywood Wallace: There's something about Styles lately that tells me he's on a serious roll. Kurt is certainly a possibility to win here though, as always. Prediction: Styles

    3.) Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. "Cowboy" James Storm & Gunner

    Four Team Elimination Tag Team Championship

    The General: Bad Influence should win here because Guerrero and Hernandez have done nothing with those belts and are the least interesting characters on television. Daniels and Kaz, meanwhile, might be the most interesting. Prediction: Bad Influence

    Keith Harris: This is a crap shoot, other than James Storm's injury should preclude his team from winning. The titles need to be taken off Chavo & Hernandez, as they're completely outclassed by the more entertaining Bad Influence and Aries & Roode teams, but you can question whether this is the right sort of match to do the switch. I still naïvely believe that there's some justice in the world, so I'm guessing that Austin Aries & Bobby Roode will be the last team left standing. Prediction: Aries & Roode

    Jesse Holland: Guerrero and Hernandez have all the charm and charisma of The Phantom Zone and I have to believe Austin Aries is still getting imaginary heat for tea-bagging Christy Hemme. The sexy pic is Storm and Gunner, but I think it's too soon. Prediction: Daniels & Kazarian

    Sean Rueter: I think all four of these teams will stay in the mix no matter how this match turns out. It's also interesting in that I usually try to figure out a balance of crowd-pleasing and heat-generating finishes when picking a card. But I don't think there's a clear cut fan favorite for a northeastern crowd in either of the top two matches, and I imagine the heels will get most of the love in this one. Since I think it's time for a change, but I don't see Aries getting rewarded with a title run until a little more time has passed since the Christy Hemme incident and it doesn't make sense to go with the team that just formed last week that no one cares about... Prediction: Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

    Eric B. Stephen: Just trying to keep track of everyone involved in this match is hard, much less predicting who wins. While I think the "Dirty Heels" of Aries and Roode are the most talented team in this, I think the newest team of Gunner and Storm comes away the winners. Prediction: Gunner & Storm

    Rex Ivanovic: They made such a big deal about the Storm and Gunner partnership recently, so they will put it on them here and not one of the two best tag teams in pro wrestling. Prediction: Storm & Gunner

    J.M. Williams: I have never gone against Chavo and Hernandez in these picks posts before, but this time going against them is a choice I feel confident in. With them eliminated, I think we will see Daniels and Kaz victorious here. But we can also expect to see Gunner and Storm with at least one, perhaps even two, near wins before it is all over. Prediction: Daniels & Kaz -- just 'cause

    Hollywood Wallace: Daniels and Kazarian are a true cohesive unit, so I favor them in a chaotic match like this. Prediction: Daniels/Kaz

    4.) Joseph Park vs. Devon of Aces & Eights

    Television Championship

    The General: TNA has a television title? Prediction: Joseph Park

    Keith Harris: As they've already teased a match between Devon and Abyss, I think it's clear that the Aces & 8s gang member retains here, so that Joe Park's bigger, badder brother returns to get revenge for his simpleton sibling. Prediction: Devon

    Jesse Holland: What the hell is a Television Title? You're champion for two hours a week? It's a dumb belt in a dumb match. Therefore, I will pick a dumb outcome. Prediction: Devon

    Sean Rueter: Park will bleed, Abyss will appear and murder/death/kill, the champ will retain. Prediction: Devon

    Eric B. Stephen: As much as we like to take shots at WWE for devaluing their secondary titles, at least they actually appear on TV. I can't be the only person who forgot that TNA even had a TV title...anyway, I'm picking Joseph Park to win here. (Or maybe his "brother" Abyss?) Prediction: Park/Abyss

    Rex Ivanovic: Devon dominates early and then Park goes all Abyss on him. Prediction: Park

    J.M. Williams: Yeah, if Devon were to win this, I would be shocked, although Keith's reasoning on the matter is sound. But my money is on Park seeing red again and the legal eagle walking away with the strap, likely with a distraction from Abyss. Prediction: Park/Abyss

    Hollywood Wallace: Joseph Park has no business winning against Devon, but I predict interference and assistance from Abyss. Prediction: Park

    5.) Suicide vs. Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin

    Ultimate X: X-Division Championship

    The General: I guess they could put the strap on Sabin as a way to continue trying to capitalize on his recovery story. Yeah, let's just go with that. Prediction: Chris Sabin

    Keith Harris: Kenny King has been a disappointing washout as X-Division champion, as he hasn't upped his game to meet the standards set by the champions of the past. Suicide just seems like a character to make up the numbers in this three-way match. So, Chris Sabin to me is the obvious winner here, particularly with the perfect backstory of the plucky babyface battling back from injury setbacks to return to the top of the X-Division mountain. Prediction: Chris Sabin

    Jesse Holland: I'm picking Deadpool Suicide. I think he's the most interesting character on TV right now and you can get a lot of mileage out his identity. Maybe it's Ric Flair! Black Scorpion 2013! Prediction: Suicide

    Sean Rueter: If I were TNA, I would be pushing the pretty boy pitbull, the world's only wrestling Chippendale, all the way to the top. They could do that by letting him keep the belt and cash in the old Destination X clause for a world title shot. Or they could have him look strong here while someone else grabs the belt. Given that they've made the X-Division a >230 pound zone again, I think maybe they have bigger plans for King and Sabin. And they love that red and blue costume, they keep putting different guys in it. New champ here... Prediction: Suicide

    Eric B. Stephen: While the King vs Sabin story has dominated this match up, I like the returning Suicide to win here, whoever the heck is under the mask this time around... Prediction: Suicide

    Rex Ivanovic: Chris Sabin has been on a long and arduous journey that will end with him gaining back the title. Prediction: Chris Sabin

    J.M. Williams: This one is actually a toss up for me between Sabin and Suicide. With it being TNA, some would say that means it will be King who retains. Since I have to pick though, I will go with what I prefer to see playout... Prediction: Chris Sabin

    Hollywood Wallace: Very tough to pick a winner here. I'll go with Sabin. Prediction: Sabin

    6.) Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

    Knockouts Match

    The General: Kim's heel work lately has been good, but TNA will probably halt it here. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    Keith Harris: The last TNA storyline with a clueless referee turned wrestler saw Shane Sewell defeat Sheik Abdul Bashir in his debut match before quickly dropping into obscurity and being fired, as he was a bland in-ring performer. I can see something similar happening here, though Terrell will likely last longer than Sewell did, due to her good looks. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    Jesse Holland: Gail Kim is doing the best work of her career and it would be a shame to not capitalize on it, but I think the Mickie turn is going to force someone's hand here. Then we can have that whole betrayal thingy complete with O-M-Gees and gaping maws. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    Sean Rueter: Is Mickie staying a face? That's what I want to know. If so, keep Gail strong, cause that feud would be dope. If not, let Taryn win so that Gail can stay on her ringpost figure-fouring rampage. I want heel Mickie (well, I want all versions of Mickie, but I'm just talking in a wrestling booking sense) and I rarely get what I want. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    Eric B. Stephen: I have Terrell winning to get some revenge here. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    Rex Ivanovic: TNA will screw this up. Prediction: Taryn Terrell

    J.M. Williams: It should be Gail, if you base outcomes on who the better wrestler is, but it doesn't work that way, therefore it will be Taryn here. At least it will be worth watching, as any match with Gail in it is at least worth watching. Whether it will be all that good, what with the pace Terrell requires Gail to slow down to, is a whole other issue entirely. Prediction: Terrell

    Hollywood Wallace: Gail Kim might be the worlds best women's wrestler, so I like her here. Prediction: Kim

    7.) Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

    Gut Check Tournament Final

    The General: Wow. Prediction: Sam Shaw

    Keith Harris: Given that Shaw received a bye due to Aces & 8s taking out his opponent, whilst Bradley defeated Christian York, the most pushed of all the Gut Check winners, it seems clear that Bradley is the wrestler that TNA wants to elevate into a permanent fixture of their main roster. Prediction: Jay Bradley

    Jesse Holland: Jay Bradley and Sam Shaw are a part of Slammiversary and Antonio Cesaro can't even make it to the Internet pre-show on a WWE pay-per-view. Welcome to pro wrestling, folks. I thought the TV title was dumb, then I saw this match. Prediction: I'm not picking because everyone stopped reading at "Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw"

    Sean Rueter: Shaw has the better look. But Bradley has been employed by WWE. What is WWE's Ryan Braddock doing in the Bound for Glory series? Prediction: Jay Bradley

    Eric B. Stephen: I'll take Sam Shaw because he has an alliterative name. (I really don't have anything else to go on.) Prediction: Sam Shaw

    Rex Ivanovic: Heads is Bradley, tails is Shaw. Heads. Prediction: Bradley

    J.M. Williams: I could not give less of an [insert expletive of your choice here] about either of these guys, or the outcome of this match... that is sad. TNA, I smh at you. Prediction: Bradley, 'cause Sean & Keith's logic makes sense

    Hollywood Wallace: I try to base my picks off extensive scouting and data, but these two fresh faces make that difficult. I'll go with Shaw on alliterative accounts. Prediction: Shaw

    8.) Aces & 8s vs. Samoa Joe, Magnus & Jeff Hardy

    Six Man Tag Match

    (NOTE: This match was not confirmed in time for Sean and Jesse to make their predictions, our apologies.)

    The General: Hardy's return match means the babyfaces go over. I'm actually turning a corner on Garett Bischoff, though, and hope he has a good showing. Yes, I actually said that. Prediction: Samoa Joe, Magnus & Jeff Hardy

    Keith Harris: Ugh, what a waste of the expensive top star Jeff Hardy. Clearly Hardy is going to pick up the pinfall victory, after the way Aces & 8s took him out several weeks ago. Prediction: Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy

    Rex Ivanovic: The faces will win by DQ in some sort of sloppy Dusty finish. Prediction: Hardy, Joe and Magnus

    Eric B. Stephen: Aces and Eights won't like Joe when he's angry, and the addition of Hardy puts his team over the top. Prediction: Samoa Joe and Co.

    J.M. Williams: This impromptu match is nothing more than a showcase for Hardy to make his comeback appearance. It is a rather sad excuse of a showcase for him though. But having the 11th Slammiversary go down without Hardy in some match on the card would be absurd, so here you go. Prediction: Hardy and co.

    Hollywood Wallace: Hardy and Joe are two of the best in the game, and Magnus is certainly not dead weight. Therefore, even with the risk of chicanery on the part of Aces and 8s, I'll favor the good guys here. Prediction: Hardy/Joe/Magnus


    Those are our CSS staff predictions, Cagesiders. Feel free to give us your take on the show in the comments below. And be sure to stop back here for all your TNA Slammiversary PPV coverage this week.

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