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WWE Survivor Series match card preview: Tag Team Elimination featuring The Shield, Goldust, Cody Rhodes & More

It may not be the traditional Survivor Series match we wanted, but it's a nice consolation prize.

Tag Team Elimination

The Shield & The Real Americans vs. Goldust, Cody Rhodes, The Usos & Rey Mysterio

Tale of the Tape

The Shield
Accomplishments: Canine Justice Obedience School class of 2012, Rex Wrestling Excellence Award for dreamiest stable, Cashing checks from HHH and Stephanie

How they got here: The Shield have been continuing to carve a path of destruction on behalf of the Authority (but not on Orton's behalf). To accomplish this they have been working in an unholy alliance with the Wyatt Family. For Survivor Series they deviate from their chaotic allies and join up with Zeb's opportunistic boys.

The Real Americans

Accomplishments: Swiss Overlord Society Frederic Nietzsche Grant, Avoided major punishment from DUI, Second most hated wrestler on cSs

How they got here: On the strong muscular back of Cesaro, the Real Americans have swung their way into the elite of the WWE Tag Team Division. A loss to the Rhodes Bros in a Tag Team Title match has put fire into the bellies of the Real Americans to prove that they truly belong with the big dogs.

The Rhodes Bros

Accomplishments: Tag Team Champions, Re-mix of their entrance themes

How they got here: The Rhodes Bros have been a persistent splinter in the giant paw of the Authority. They continue to rack up victory after victory during their hard earned time back with the promotion despite stiff opposition. After a successful defense of their tag titles, the Rhodes Bros seek to continue their push back against those that cause them so much pain.

The Usos

Accomplishments: Finally got a t-shirt, Tied for Second best make-up in WWE

How they got here: A new aggressive attitude from the Usos has been gaining them traction in the hearts of the fans and the tag team division. The rising stars are here to earn themselves a signature victory that will last in the minds of all.

Rey Mysterio

Accomplishments: Can still somehow walk

How he got here: Crutches from the clinic of Dr. James Andrew

What's at Stake

With the Authority doubting the viability of their initial pony, a strong performance here can really do wonders for ones career. Will someone seize the moment and make a claim to being the next potential face of the WWE? Will Swagger concuss someone?

The vicious machinations of the Authority have been filtering their way down the card. Daniel Bryan may have been robbed of the title, but the Rhodes Bros and friends have suffered far more due to HHH's wrath. Can the resistance finally claim itself too strong to be broken? Or will they crumble to pieces at the weight brought to bear on them?

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