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Bivens has NXT UK jokes, serious talk on his wrestling future post-WWE

Diamond Mine’s former manager confirmed some rumors about his release, dismissed some about main roster plans for him, and had some fun with some inside jokes during his recent stand-up gig.

It’s Kay Lee Ray’s turn to try to explain her new WWE name

Like Kacy Catanzaro/Katana Chance, the former NXT UK Women’s champ says Alba Fyre represents the ‘real her’. At least the Scotswoman ties the name into her personal story.

NXT UK spoilers: Title change, major heel turn, 2.0 excursion

Big things happened at the April 21 taping in London, the least of which was probably the crossover with the U.S. brand. Click if you want to know about all of it.

Rumor Roundup: Cena return to WWE, McAfee’s new gig, AEW x NJPW, more!

The latest rumors, including the latest on John Cena’s return to WWE, Pat McAfee in talks for a new gig, Kenny Omega’s status, AEW x NJPW, and more!

Sounds like the Grizzled Young Veterans are done in NXT 2.0

That’s sure how they made it seem in an interview after TV this week.

Pete Dunne reacts to his new WWE name in typical Pete Dunne fashion

Or I guess we should say in typical Butch fashion? Nope. Not gonna say that.

NXT UK & ROH champs both worked Forbidden Door-tastic PROGRESS show

We’re using the term as the wrestling world generally it used before AEW’s Tony Khan tried to define it as... something else... last week.

Balor didn’t want to go from NXT to the main roster last year

He must have known WWE would book him into the ground.

Rumor Roundup: WALTER name change, Vince doesn’t like Balor, Konnan, more!

The latest rumors, including what WWE knew about the name Gunther Stark, wrestlers complaining about bad creative, how Vince McMahon feels about Finn Balor, Konnan and FTR health updates, and more!

WWE backs away from the name ‘Gunther Stark’

WWE presumably hopes everyone will stop associating WALTER with a Nazi commander now.

Kyle O’Reilly predicted, Grayson Waller wants the heat for GUNTHER

Kool Kyle had a sense that WALTER would be called something else all the way back in 2019. And one of NXT’s new heels explains why he’s to blame for WWE’s unpopular name change.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Die Matte ist heilig!

WALTER said auf wiedersehen with one last match on the Jan. 13 episode.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: The Ichiban Final Boss

Things aren't over between Women's champ Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport. Let's run through that, and everything that happened on the Jan. 6 episode.

WALTER’s final match in NXT UK is officially booked

WWE is now promoting WALTER’s Last Stand in NXT UK.

WWE list of 2021’s best matches confirms Seth Rollins’ middle name is now ‘Freaking’

It’s a good list. And a weird name change.

NXT UK champ Ilja Dragunov gets married


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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: New Cup Contender

On the Dec. 16 episode the new Tag champs celebrates, and the next challenger for Noam Dar's Heritage Cup title was determined. Break it down with us here.

Rumor Roundup: Matt Hardy on Jeff’s release, WWE contracts, Sandman, more!

The latest rumors, including Jeff Hardy’s brother says WWE jumped the gun releasing him, a change in how WWE compensates talent, an ECW original gets clean, and more!

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Top of the Mountain!

A pair of founding fathers make history to close out a strong Dec. 9 episode.

Rumor Roundup: WWE pay, Elias return, WALTER on the main roster, more!

The latest rumors, including details on what the top stars in WWE are paid, Elias’ gimmick change and new look, WALTER preparing for a call-up to the main roster, Glacier, and more!

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Championship Week

The brand's men's and women's titles were on the line in Dec. 2's episode. Who reigned supreme? How were the matches? Answers within, Cagesiders.

WALTER is looking downright SVELTE

The gym is sacred.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Battle of the Motor Mouths

A Heritage Cup title main event can't save Nov. 25's episode from being fairly 'meh'.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: The Evil Eye

After a standout A-Kid vs. Sam Gradwell opener, the Nov. 18 edition was a little underwhelming. Break it down with us here.

Rumor Roundup: Cody leaves Twitter, WALTER moving, Montreal Screwjob, more!

The latest rumors, including the American Nightmare makes a social media move, the Ring General might be open to a physical one, new dirt on one of the most talked about moments in wrestling history, and more!

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Movember Continues Una-Bate-d

Another solid show on Nov. 11, with a 4way #1 contender Tag title match that was something else.

One WALTER dream match set up another

The Ring General and Cesaro are currently lighting each other up on the UK tour, and WWE used the moment to remind us about the Finn Bálor feud they were building to before the pandemic.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Who's the (Final) Boss?

On a show headlined by Meiko Satomura's latest Women's title defense, Ilja Dragunov's next challenger emerged. Break it down with us here.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Cup controversy

Back in its usual timeslot, the show featured a Heritage Cup main event that featured a less than satisfying finish for the good guys.

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NXT UK Recap & Reaction: Cheering Section!

There was an audience at BT Sport Studios for the Oct.14 episode, and they were treated to a great title match main event between Ilja Dragunov and A-Kid.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Your Heritage Cup #1 Contender is...

Tyler Bate's next challenger was determined on a strong Oct. 7 episode.

Fans will be in attendance for Dragunov’s first NXT UK title defense

WWE’s United Kingdom brand has been performing in an empty studio throughout the pandemic. That will finally change this week, and just in time for a big match.


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