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NXT UK’s Jinny announces her retirement

She’s mostly come up in wrestling conversations lately because of her marriage to Gunther. But as Jinny hangs up her fashionable boots, we remember her as one of the most popular women from the 2010’s BritWres boom.

Rumor Roundup: Regal return, Bucks contracts, Charlotte plan, Laurinaitis, more!

The latest rumors, including William Regal back at his old job, Matt & Nick Jackson looking to stay in their current ones, the shifting schedule for the Queen’s comeback, Vince McMahon’s right-hand man resurfaces, and more!

Former NXT star makes his AEW debut as mystery opponent for Orange Cassidy

Maybe next time, Miro.

No titles change hands on NXT

The show was built around two title matches, and the champions retained in both.

WWE reportedly releases Nigel McGuinness

The former Ring of Honor World champion has been working for a commentator on various brands since 2016, but looks to be out after WWE’s recent commentary shuffle.

WWE main roster stars do the trick for NXT again

That’s one way to interpret the latest NXT ratings results.

There’s still no end in sight for Mandy Rose’s reign

Only one championship found itself in new hands after Worlds Collide, but no one’s grip on their title strengthened more than Rose’s. That, and everything you need to know heading into tonight’s episode of 2.0.

NXT Worlds Collide results, live match coverage

Follow along with NXT’s latest live special, airing today at 4 pm ET. It’s 2.0 vs. UK, with three belts getting unified!

Watch the Worlds Collide pre-show right here

Get ready for all this afternoon’s brand vs. brand action with a free half-hour of interviews, recaps, analysis, and more!

Will NXT try something big to steal the spotlight from AEW?

There’s not a whole lot of backstory to Worlds Collide’s matches, but they should all be pretty great. Is booking a card like this on the same day as an AEW PPV the extent of Triple H’s plan, or does he have another buzz-stealing trick or two up his sleeve?

NXT’s ratings roll continues

Aug. 30’s Worlds Collide go home, and the main roster stars it brought with it, helped WWE’s developmental show stay in the cable top ten for the third week in a row.

NXT Worlds Collide gets two more title matches

Another unification, and another main roster star coming down to get involved.

Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop are getting an NXT tag team title match at Worlds Collide

A surprise title match is made for the next big NXT show.

NXT results, live blog: Worlds Collide go home

The final push to this weekend’s historic special will include two six-person tags featuring NXT & NXT UK talent! Follow along with the Aug. 30 edition of 2.0 right here.

Worlds Collide needs more matches

There’s a PLE on Sunday, and we only have two matches booked. What else would fit the NXT vs. NXT UK title unification theme? That, and everything you need to know heading into tonight’s episode of 2.0.

It will indeed be NXT 2.0 vs. NXT UK at Worlds Collide

Two titles (so far) will be unified at the Sept. 4 event.

UK arrivals mean it’s NXT’s turn to deal with the ‘bloated roster’ problem

For the past year, it’s been an AEW issue. Incorporating what’s left of NXT UK into the Tuesday night line-up will give Shawn Michaels & company a chance to address it their way. That, and everything you need to know heading into the Aug. 23 episode of 2.0.

Rumor Roundup: WWE freedom, TV rating, NXT UK talent, more!

The latest rumors, including another way wrestlers have more freedom in WWE now, why there’s been a push for a TV-14 rating again, possibly re-signing NXT UK talent, and more!

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What does this week’s news tell us about NXT UK/Europe tag titles?

Plus, the latest WWE tag team weekly roundup and power rankings.

More NXT UK wrestlers now listed as WWE alumni

That includes prominent names like Trent Seven & Xia Brookside. Plus, a complete list of all the people confirmed or reported to be released since WWE’s NXT Europe announcement yesterday.

Rumor Roundup: Talk of CM Punk quitting AEW, Moxley match, NXT vs. NXT UK, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of CM Punk apparently considering quitting AEW, a possible NXT vs. NXT UK show, cities bidding on WWE shows, and more!

Multiple NXT UK wrestlers released by WWE (updated)

The moves come within hours of the company announcing plans to put the show on hiatus before rebranding it NXT Europe.

NXT UK to become NXT Europe after Sept. 4 Worlds Collide event

The future of WWE’s other developmental brand has been revealed, along with confirmation a big show will go on the same day as AEW’s All Out PPV.

Rumor Roundup: WWE talking to AEW star, NXT changes, Brandi Rhodes, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of WWE having interest in an AEW star and reaching out, changes coming for NXT, Brandi wrestling, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WWE Draft, Top Dolla heat magnet, AEW video game, Cody, more!

The latest rumors, including the WWE Draft taking place early this year, superstars being repackaged, Hit Row returns to WWE despite Top Dolla being a heat magnet, big plans for Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39, and more!

NXT UK talents feeling ‘a lot of uneasiness’ after tapings cancelled

BT Sport decided to use the studio where the show usually films for football/soccer coverage this week, and the crew apparently wasn’t told much about it. Should that make them nervous about the brand’s future?

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Vacant joins the ranks of double champ

Plus, the latest WWE tag team weekly roundup and power rankings!

Spoiler: Major title change at NXT UK

Plans changed due to injury, leading to a new champion in NXT UK.

NXT 2.0 wrestlers win NXT UK gold

Briggs & Jensen are NXT UK Tag champs, and it looks like they (and Fallon Henley) will be a part of that show for at least a little while. What does it mean for their WWE futures? Should we expect more crossover between the brands?

Jordan Devlin is coming to NXT 2.0 with a new name and familiar gimmick

He’s JD McDonagh now. And he’s rich!

Bivens has NXT UK jokes, serious talk on his wrestling future post-WWE

Diamond Mine’s former manager confirmed some rumors about his release, dismissed some about main roster plans for him, and had some fun with some inside jokes during his recent stand-up gig.

It’s Kay Lee Ray’s turn to try to explain her new WWE name

Like Kacy Catanzaro/Katana Chance, the former NXT UK Women’s champ says Alba Fyre represents the ‘real her’. At least the Scotswoman ties the name into her personal story.


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