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MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

Former Bellator fighter Valerie Loureda debuts her WWE name

With a very eye-catching video, no less.

MJF is now beefing with real and dollar store Conor McGregors

Mystic Mac had Paddy Pimblett’s back. So the AEW World called him a ‘roided up leprechaun’. Another day in the life of a Generational Talent.

MJF’s first feud as AEW champ is with a rising UFC star

Paddy Pimblett could be seen as an MMA version of MJF, so it makes sense they’re trash talking each other online and teasing confrontations for next month’s UFC 282 and AEW’s London debut next year.

Cain Velasquez’s opponent revealed for return to AAA

A day after a judge gave him permission to work the show while he awaits trial for the attempted murder of a man accused of molesting a young relative, we now know what the UFC legend will be doing Dec. 3 in Tempe.

Cain Velasquez gets permission to work AAA show while out on bail

In jail since March on charges related to his shooting at a man accused of molesting one of his young relatives, the UFC legend and one-time WWE Superstar was released on a $1 million bond earlier this month. Now he’s headed to Arizona for a lucha libre appearance.

CM Punk jokes about his AEW exit while doing MMA commentary

In his second week back calling fights for CFFC, Punk laughed it up about his injuries, being bad for the locker room, and more.

Valerie Loureda made her WWE in-ring debut Saturday night

The former Bellator fighter and social media sensation technically worked NXT’s Halloween battle royal, but she’s marking her work on a house show this past weekend as her debut, so who are we to argue?

CM Punk makes his first public appearance since All Out

He was back calling MMA fights for CFFC, a job he did regularly before he returned to wrestling last year. And a job he could have more time for if reports he’s exiting AEW after his fight with The Elite are correct.

Jake Paul channeled Triple H at Silva weigh-in, Heyman clowned him for it

WWE’s in the Paul brothers business, and before his latest celebrity fight Logan’s little brother gave them an easy tie-in between his bout with MMA legend Anderson Silva and Crown Jewel’s main event.

Title change, historic women’s match, Shamrock surprise at NJPW NY show

New Japan’s two night PPV run in the Big Apple wrapped up with an eventful Rumble of 44th Street. Results and highlights here.

Ric Flair’s next match might be against (checks notes) Joe Rogan

The popular comedian, podcaster & UFC commentator said the Figure-four Leglock ‘dumb’ and explained why it wouldn’t work in a real fight. The Nature Boy isn’t gonna let that stand... or let an opportunity to get his name trending go by.

Daniel Cormier’s interested in facing Brock Lesnar in WWE

But not until he gets in shape.

Is Cormier’s WWE gig leading to a fight against Lesnar?

That has to be the endgame here.

Dan Lambert explains why he’s no longer on AEW television

The American Top Team founder thought his schtick was getting stale, so he told Tony Khan it was time for him to go. Doesn’t mean he won’t be back someday, though.

Of course Bobby Fish wants to fight CM Punk

An invitation from the new free agent, who obviously knows how to grab some headlines in the wake of Punk’s brawl with The Elite backstage after All Out.

Judo Gene LeBell has died at age 89

The Godfather of Grappling’s influence on pro wrestling, MMA, and Hollywood is immeasurable.

Rumor Roundup: Sasha & Naomi return, Rousey turn, Ciampa push, more!

The latest rumors, including good signs about the Boss ‘n’ Glow’s WWE future, a confusing sign about Ronda’s alignment, clear signs about a Triple H favorite, and more!

Lots to unpack from Vince, Steph, Trips, Pat & Nick’s UFC 276 visit

Public relations photo opp? Family night at the fights? What do we make of this? Here’s a by no means comprehensive list of thoughts and questions about this quintet’s little post-Money in the Bank sojourn.

AOP’s new promotion sounds like a total mess

Wrestling Entertainment Series already postponed their first show and had several wrestlers pull out. With less than a week to the rescheduled date, Nia Jax & Matt Rehwoldt are accusing them of false advertising, non-payment, and more.

UFC Champion Isreal Adesanya ‘will definitely’ jump into WWE ‘later on’

He grew up in the Attitude Era and just wants to enjoy the entertainment of it all.

Featured Fanshot

Israel Adesanya went full Undertaker for UFC 276 entrance

Longtime pro wrestling fan and UFC color commentator Daniel Cormier was eating it up. Adesanya would go on to win a unanimous decision over Jared Cannonier in the main event of UFC 276, successfully defending his middleweight championship in the process.

MMA fighter Valerie Loureda announces she’s signed with WWE

The 23 year old attended the WrestleMania week tryout, and has been rumored to be sports entertainment-bound since. Today, she told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani she’s quitting Bellator and reporting to the Performance Center next month.

Thunder Rosa responds to sandbagging accusations

The AEW Women’s champ denied legitimately working against Marina Shafir on the June 8 Dynamite, but focused on the positive rather than go into speculation about her behind-the-scenes reputation.

TK’s got jokes about WWE moving Money in the Bank to a smaller venue

AEW’s head honcho used a dinner meeting he had with UFC president Dana White — whose show on July 2 in Vegas almost certainly contributed to WWE’s decision —as a segue to a shot at the Money in the Bank move

The card for the first show from AOP’s new promotion is wild

Braun Strowman vs. Alistair Overeem! Lana vs. Nia Jax! The former Authors of Pain look to launch their new venture with a lot of former WWE names and a UFC vet. Check out the full card here.

Cain Velasquez makes first statement since attempted murder charge

The UFC Heavyweight and WWE & lucha libre wrestler has been in jail awaiting arraignment since his arrest for a February incident where he allegedly shot at a man accused of molesting a relative.

Conor McGregor was flirting with WWE again during WrestleMania

The Notorious One saw WWE was trending and fired a shot. Several wrestlers took the bait.

A fun sci-fi fighting project, and the deathmatches that inspired it

INTERGALACTIC BASTARD is a kickass book that features elements of a lot of different combat sports, and the action owes a lot to pro wrestling and men like Atsushi Onita. So we figured folks on this blog might be interested in it, and learning more about author Dave Walsh’s influences.

Alberto Del Rio debuts as UFC announcer

He’s come a long way since getting head kicked by Mirko Cro Cop.

DA files 10 charges against Cain Velasquez, including attempted murder

‘The sad tragedy is that Mr. Velasquez chose to take the law into his own hands, endangering the public and everyone in the truck,’ Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. ‘This act of violence also causes more pain and suffering to his family.’

Cain Velasquez allegedly shot at man accused of molesting a young relative

New details about what landed the former UFC & WWE star in jail on an attempted murder charge cast a new light on story. CW: Child abuse.

Cain Velasquez arrested, booked for attempted murder (Updated)

The former UFC champ, one-time WWE & current lucha libre wrestler is being held without bail in Northern California.


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