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MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

Jake Hager retires from MMA with an undefeated record

The former collegiate All-American wrestler was 3-0 with one no contest, and says he was ready to fight last year. But his promoter didn’t set anything up for him, so he’ll be focusing on AEW & pro wrestling from here on out.

Punk hints at length of his AEW non-compete in return to MMA commentary

In one of several references to his recent firing, CM Punk said he has ‘about two months’ of free time on his hands. That was enough to prompt a lot of speculation about a WWE return when Survivor Series is in his hometown of Chicago on Nov. 25.

Rumor Roundup: Major WWE talent cuts, Jade Cargill leaving AEW, Elias, more!

The latest rumors, including major WWE and NXT roster cuts on the way, Jade Cargill leaving AEW to sign with WWE, new title schemes coming to WWE, Elias is without a professional contract, and more!

Rumor Roundup: Roman Reigns/Royal Rumble, Mandy Rose, AEW ticket woes, more!

The latest rumors, including the lack of acknowledgement in WWE’s promotional material for next year’s Rumble has folks talking, a former NXT Women’s champ teases a comeback, BOGO Grand Slam tix, Matt Riddle’s illness, and more!

Nick Khan teases ‘All-Star TKO weekends’ with WWE & UFC events

Dana White is not a fan of his fellow UFC exec’s goal of making every UFC fan a WWE fan and vice versa, but another TKO big wig seems pretty far along in his thinking about promotional synergies.

How TKO plans to make every WWE fan a UFC fan, and vice versa

A UFC exec says that’s the goal. The new company’s initial steps toward reaching it don’t sound like they’ll involve changes to the product, but WWE’s Nick Khan is already floating one initiative that would play out on our screens.

Vince McMahon and his mustache are back

The 78 year old made his first public appearance since undergoing major back surgery at the New York Stock Exchange today, celebrating the WWE/UFC merger and start of trading for the new TKO Holdings Group, which he’ll help lead as Executive Chairman.

WWE’s merger with UFC is official as TKO launches on Wall Street

It’s a historic day. With the Endeavor sale finalized and TKO Group Holdings trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Vince McMahon is no longer the majority owner of WWE.

WWE’s merger with UFC now has an official date

Big changes are coming to WWE in less than one week.

Rumor Roundup: CM Punk fights, AEW response, Becky Lynch plan, more!

The latest rumors, including more CM Punk confrontations, how AEW responded, what could be next for Becky Lynch, and more!

Dana White says Ronda Rousey isn’t returning to UFC

There were rumors but the UFC boss shut that talk down.

Mick Foley defends Ronda Rousey’s WWE career

The Hall of Famer weighed in with a realistic appraisal of the MMA trailblazers two runs in WWE, an overall ‘what if’ about ‘a great worker with a love and respect for WWE that benefited everyone around her.’

Baszler explains why SummerSlam feud allowed her & Rousey to shine [Exclusive]

We had a chance to talk to Shayna in Detroit ahead of her MMA Rules fight with Ronda, and covered how an MMA-style build brought out the best in both of them, if their WWE Women’s Tag title run was a success, and much more. Check it out!

Rumor Roundup: LA Knight push, Elite/CMFTR, SummerSlam title changes, more!

The latest rumors, including how WWE plans to elevate one of their hottest stars, if The Elite re-signing with AEW means they’re willing to work with FTR or CM Punk, odds on championships changing hands this Saturday, and more!

AAA, NWA offer to host the cagematch Musk & Zuckerberg seem to want (UPDATED)

Yes, the guys in charge of Twitter and Facebook are talking about fighting each other. And honestly, we think the wild, wacky world of lucha libre is the perfect place for this Battle of the Billionaires to happen. A ‘Rat in a Cage’ match in Billy Corgan’s fed would work too.

Report: Tony & Shad Khan are interested in buying Bellator MMA

Could the AEW owners be looking to form their own combat sports entertainment conglomerate to compete with Endeavor’s WWE/UFC tag team?

UFC star Amanda Nunes on possible WWE future: ‘If the contract is amazing, why not?’

There’s at least one major feud they could draw some money with...

Merged WWE/UFC company has a new name

Endeavor’s revealed the name, and confirmed each organization will retain their respective ones while operating under the umbrella of TKO Group Holdings.

SEC filings reveal timeline & new details of WWE/Endeavor deal

How many bidders were there? What did Ari Emanuel offer to ensure Vince McMahon stayed on board? Nick Khan & Triple H stand to make how much on the deal?!?! Answers within...

Ric Flair & Joe Rogan’s take on Vince’s sex scandal is the least surprising thing

The two discussed it during Flair’s appearance on Rogan’s podcast, with the host dismissing it as, ‘Gee, you think he f***s?’ and the WWE Hall of Famer replying that McMahon is his ‘hero’.

John Morrison’s very honest answer about returning to WWE

‘I hate that place, but sure if they called me, I’d go back.’ He’d go on to explain he doesn’t really hate WWE, but was still honest about why it can be an unsatisfying place to work, his concerns about the Endeavor/UFC deal, and why he’s glad AEW exists.

Nick Khan on WWE sale, Vince creative role, going back to PPV, more

Another interview with the current WWE CEO, who will be President after the sale to Endeavor & merger with UFC is done, covered a lot of topics wrestling fans have been discussing in recent weeks & months.

Dana White on how UFC & WWE will, and won’t, work together post-merger

The UFC President is open to some cross-promotion and all about corporate synergy, but he’s adamant there won’t be crossover between his MMA company and the scripted world of pro wrestling.

Endeavor President: We’ll ‘run the UFC playbook’ with WWE post-merger

Mark Shapiro says that involves growing the non-media rights portions of the business with the goal of tripling their investment. Sounds like one thing that means is even more sponsorship deals like the ones we saw at WrestleMania 39.

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel ‘wasn’t going to let’ Vince McMahon leave WWE

The two men are doing media rounds after this morning’s announcement about the media giant’s acquisition of the wrestling company to merge it with UFC. McMahon also said he will be somewhat involved in WWE creative again.

Endeavor acquires WWE, will merge it with UFC in new company

The announcement confirms reports that circulated over WrestleMania weekend, and marks the end of an era in the pro wrestling business. Vince McMahon will be a major figure in the next enterprise, which they hope will be approved & finalized later this year.

Report: UFC parent company Endeavor finalizing deal to buy WWE

The alleged $9.3 billion deal would see UFC & WWE merged into a new company that Vince McMahon would help run as executive chairman.

Ronda Rousey doesn’t seem happy with WWE

At least as it pertains to her SmackDown Women’s title feud last year with Liv Morgan, which she says was ‘hamstrung by a bunch of octogenarians who still think they know how to be hip while putting less than 5 minutes of thought a week into each women’s storyline.’

Dana White doesn’t think Brock Lesnar would come back to UFC

Jon Jones may be heavyweight champion now, but the UFC boss still doesn’t see Lesnar coming back to fight him.

Daniel Cormier is going to WrestleMania

The MMA legend will lead ESPN’s coverage of the event, but he’ll also slap Brock Lesnar upside his head if need be.

WBD loves AEW, even if Power Slap proves they don’t get wrestling fans

Their TV partner praised Dynamite and Rampage for their killer ratings, but seemed surprised AEW viewers didn’t stick around for Dana White’s concussion fest.

MJF’s feud with Pimblett could continue this weekend at UFC 282

They beefed online. Now the AEW World champ says he’s going to be in Vegas on Saturday night to watch the rising MMA star fight in-person.


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