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Lucha Underground

Rumor Roundup: Ruby Riott to AEW, SummerSlam concerns, Paul Heyman, more!

The latest rumors, including a big addition to AEW’s women’s division, conflicting reports on COVID & WWE’s Biggest Party of the Summer, how much control Heyman has as Raw Executive Director, and more!

Dario Cueto brings former Lucha Underground wrestler to MLW as latest acquisition

Franky Monet ‘fought really hard’ to keep her old ring name before it was changed by WWE

Franky Monet explains how her new character in NXT is an evolution of Taya Valkyrie.

MLW signs two wrestlers, musketeer luchador and master of Taiga Style

The ‘Draft’ hits round three, and Court Bauer locks up some names already on the roster as the promotion gets ready to debut new shows on Vice.

Dario Cueto returns to professional wrestling in MLW

‘Ring the Bell!’ The Lucha Underground head honcho is Azteca Underground’s El Jefe.

MLW Roundup: Hammerstone conquered, Salina kidnapped, Rush vs. Reed, more!

The season finale of Fusion is upon us with a Middleweight title rematch, and possibly a huge surprise revealed for Lucha Underground fans. Let’s run down all the news and action.

Ivelisse continues to blame Thunder Rosa for ‘damaging her name’ at AEW

She’s not blaming Rosa for her release, but the issues between the two clearly go way back.

Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch return, WWE touring plans, Ivelisse/AEW, more!

The latest rumors, including if The Man was ever going to come around at WrestleMania 37, the next time WWE will be in front of live fans, another title match changed, lots of drama with a departing AEW wrestler, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WrestleMania 37 change, Charlotte Flair, WWE touring, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of why the Universal title match at WrestleMania was changed, Charlotte Flair not being around, and more!

MLW Roundup: Lio Rush mystery opponent, Reed & Oliver title shot, more!

Let’s catch up on the latest news in MLW and preview the Mar. 17 episode of Fusion.

MLW Fusion recap & reactions: Mil Muertes is on the warpath

Time for a double dip to catch up with episodes 123 and 124. The action featured several title fights, Calvin Tankman rising up against Jacob Fatu, and Mil Muertes looking steal Hammerstone’s gold. Break ‘em down with us here!

Lucha Underground: Where are they now?

Checking in on the stars of the one-of-a-kind pro wrestling show that ended its run a few years back.

Lucha Underground standout’s amazing injury story, and comeback plan

A former champion for the fan favorite show, Martin Casaus has been missing since it went of the air. The story of why is wild stuff. Here’s hoping his return via Cody’s Nightmare Factory is just as crazy!

Mil Muertes is coming to MLW

Salina de la Renta resurrected the character, along with his Lucha Underground backstory!

Lucha Libre Roundup: Vampiro done with AAA, Pentagon inspiration, more!

Found out the deal on Vampiro, what was the inspiration for Pentagon’s Lucha Underground character, and more!

Thunder Rosa forges path away from WWE and into an MMA fight tonight

She says she turned down a WWE deal so she could shoot higher, a plan that includes her debut bout for Combate Americas on Friday night.

Pentagon could be wrestling’s next crossover star thanks to 49ers Kittle

Cero Miedo!

MLW Roundup: Lucha Underground brain hired, Zeda’s first opponent, more!

The company’s first PPV is tomorrow, so the Roundup is here a day earlier than normal to get you all caught up with news of a big creative hire, the upcoming start of the women’s division, and more!

Alberto signs another luchadora to Combate Americas MMA

Thunder Rosa/Kobra Moon/Serpentine joins Sexy Star on the roster, where a fight between former WWE champ El Patron and UFC legend Tito Ortiz looms.

Oh la la! Hijo del Fantasma officially signed by WWE

WWE has officially signed the biggest free agent in Mexico.

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A Beginner’s Guide to... Pentagon Jr

Need a primer on one of the hottest luchadors in the game? Have CERO MIEDO. Zeb;s got you covered as he continues a series of features on performers who star, or made their name, outside WWE.

Angelico and Jack Evans reunite as a tag team to sign with AEW

Look who’s back together again.

Rumor Roundup: Revival contracts, Lio Rush fires back, WWE social media rules

The latest rumors, including when Dash & Dawson’s contracts are up, the latest sign of WWE punishing the Top Guys, where the Man of the Hour thinks the reports of heat are coming from, how the company monitors Twitter & Instagram, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WWE contract offers, The Revival, Lio Rush heat, cease & desists

The latest rumors, including Vince McMahon offering big money to people who aren’t even on TV, whether the Top Guys will take one of those deals to stick around, where Lio Rush stands, more legal drama around old Lucha Underground talents, and more!

Sexy Star’s comments on WWE’s women’s revolution ignite controversy

But did she really claim her Lucha Underground title win directly led to things like the Evolution PPV and last Sunday’s main event? Or is the internet just piling on one their favorite targets?

Sexy Star showboated her way to victory in her MMA debut

On her way to a unanimous decision win over Mariana Ruiz in her first fight for Combate Americas, Dulce Garcia demonstrated some of what makes her a heel in pro wrestling these days.

Sexy Star’s ready for a knock out in her MMA debut tonight

The controversial former Lucha Underground champ debuts for Alberto El Patron’s Combate Americas. She also recently talked about her TripleMania incident with Rosemary, but what she said won’t change many minds.

Winner, and NEW S3 Performer of the Year...

The votes are in. Who did Cagesiders vote for, week in and week out, as having the best ‘Mania-to-’Mania year in pro wrestling? Find out, along with how everyone else did, and let us know who you think will 'win' next year!

Deal alert: Touch Joey Ryan’s junk for $30!

Or if that’s not your cuppa, we can point you in the direction of a nice autographed fork from Marty Martinez. We’re here to help you navigate the world of weird WrestleMania week bargains.

Rumor Roundup: SmackDown Women’s title, NXT Horsewomen at ‘Mania, Cuerno, Gronk

The latest rumors, including when we’ll learn more about Charlotte’s new belt, what Asuka won’t be doing at WrestleMania, how the show might end, a pair of intriguing names WWE might be looking to sign, and more!

Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch deal, WWE title plans, LU releases, new HQ

The latest rumors, including a new contract for The Man, WWE spoils something we all knew was coming, a bad sign for Lucha Underground’s future but a good one for some of the talent tied up in contracts there, a cool tidbit about WWE’s new building, and more!

Hijo del Fantasma gone from AAA, now an independent

The luchador many American fans know as Lucha Underground’s King Cuerno is freelancing - at a time when lots of companies are hiring and booking talent.



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