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Like a House Afire

WWE should add MORE pay-per-views to the schedule

Wait, what? An argument that more event shows would force WWE to advance storylines and drop the 50/50 booking that makes everyone look weak.

What is Jeff Jarrett doing in the Impact Zone?!?!

Since everyone has already talked WWE's recent booking of Brock Lesnar to death, it's TNA to the rescue! I weigh in on why Jeff Jarrett returned and what it means for Impact, Global Force, Ring of Honor, New Japan and pro wrestling.

Giving the Cena his due

If we give him hell when he goes over new stars, doesn't sell attacks after matchs and never takes days off - how do we respond when he does all those things? Re-examining John Cena in light of his feud with Kevin Owens.

Please ignore Chyna - for her own good

Joan Lauer is in the news again, and it's sadly the same stuff all over again. Forget the Hall of Fame...if there's any hope of peace for Chyna, we need to leave her alone and stop giving her attention.

Daniel Bryan & how pro wrestling reacts to injury

Are WWE & pro wrestling actually ahead of the curve when it comes to responding to injuries? There's a long way to go, but progress has been made thanks to changes in how fans react to news that one of their favorite performers is hurting.

Is wrestling becoming 'cool'?

After WrestleMania brought in great reviews and a ton of media coverage, it's time to ask the question. While 'cool' might be a stretch, a bunch of factors may be contributing to mainstream acceptance of rasslin' in a whole new way.

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