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Paul Walter Hauser promoted his indie match with Matt Cardona in Emmy acceptance speech

After winning the trophy for his work in ‘Blackbird’, the actor plugged his upcoming Wrestling Revolver showdown with the former Zack Ryder — and made a few other pro wrestling references.

FOX’s YouTube

The Golden Globe Paul Walter Hauser won for his supporting role in Apple+’s Blackbird was used for an angle in AEW early last year*. Now the Emmy he was awarded for his portrayal of convicted serial killer and rapist Larry Hall in the limited series is part of the superfan-turned-pro wrestler’s feud with “Indy God” Matt Cardona.

Hauser, who had his first official match at Wrestling Revolver’s Unreal event in Los Angeles last November, is scheduled to face Cardona for the same promotion on Mar. 16. And after his name was called as the winner of the Emmy for “Outstanding supporting actor in a limited or anthology series or movie” at the Jan. 15 ceremony, he thanked his collaborators, business people & family — then had a line in his prepared acceptance rhyme for the former Zack Ryder:

“That’s a ‘what up’ to Jesus, he’s the soul owner,
I own the body, I’m about to beat Matt Cardona”

He wasn’t done representing his favorite pastime/newest side gig either. Injured Japanese star Kota Ibushi also got a shout out before Hauser closed with a phrase the Dudleys made famous:

“Yo Ibushi, yoga and sushi on me if you’re able,
Do things a little bit different
Brian Walsh, get the tables”

Clearly prepared for the possibility he might pick up another trophy for his work on Blackbird at the strike-delayed award showed, Hauser also had text “thanks” displayed during his speech. WCW legend, WWE Hall of Famer & fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page got his kudos there. That graphic can be seen above, and shows up 26 seconds into this clip:

Unfazed by the taunt, Cardona was just excited for the mention, quote-tweeting the above with “I was just name dropped on the #Emmys!” and a graphic for their upcoming match:

The promotion also jumped at the chance to share the speech and plug Ready or Not. Bully Ray did the same, congratulating Hauser on his Emmy, saying he hopes he kicks Cardona’s ass, and adding “ps…love that ‘out’ line.”

Might not be the way WWE wanted it to, but pro wresting really just made the Emmys. I guess we really are in the “Mainstream Era”...

* Honestly, I’m not sure Hauser ever got it back from Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh.

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