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Matt Cardona claims partial ownership of WWE women’s tag titles & wins DDT Pro championship in Japan

Matt Cardona added two more championship to his belt collector résumé. First, Cardona is claiming partial ownership of the WWE women’s tag title won by Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville. Since Cardona is married to Green, that makes him one-half of one-half of the WWE women’s tag team champions.

Cardona brought that WWE tag title with him to the ring when competing for DDT Pro-Wrestling in Tokyo, Japan.

The internet went ablaze over Cardona carrying an official WWE title to another promotion. Chelsea Green clarified that Cardona’s version was a replica. There’s no way she would hand over her most prized possession to him.

Knowing Cardona, he might have pulled a switcheroo on Green to carry the real thing. That’s an investigation for another time. What’s more important is that Cardona was victorious over Tetsuya Endo to win the DDT Universal Championship. He had help from Steph De Lander kissing Endo to set up a low blow kick behind the referee’s back. Cardona came in for a leaping leg lariat to win.

Cardona’s victory speech was interrupted by Maki Itoh. Itoh is the cutest in the universe, so it is only fitting that she save DDT Pro from Cardona by taking the universal championship.

DDT Pro made the match official for September 24 in Tokyo.

Itoh has been a thorn in the side of the Indy God, particularly in GCW. Itoh and Nick Gage are coming for Cardona and De Lander on August 19 in Atlantic City, NJ.

Let’s tie up this craziness with Cardona’s press conference promo backstage. His championship journey is not about proving people wrong. It is about proving himself right. Cardona is not interested in going back to WWE or AEW. He is busy taking over the world.

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