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Ryback says he’s receiving local police and FBI assistance over death threats

Ryback is currently in the midst of a disturbing situation.

On a recent live episode of The Ryback Show podcast, a caller named Chase made death threats to Ryback, his family, and his pets. Ryback kept his cool fishing for information as Chase ranted for over an hour. The call starts at 1:09:50. NSFW warning.

Ryback explained the background of this story, as he understands it when explained by Chase.

As explained by “Chase” his problem with me began after I stopped and talked to him for 20-25 min one day at a Gold’s Gym in St. Pete. I then went on a couple dates with a very nice woman named Tonya that he apparently knew. He at some point felt while I was on crutches I disrespected him at the gym, but did nothing about it nor can state what it was other than “a look” he didn’t like. He later called me and threatened to kill me multiple times. From there he then got backstage at a @wwe event in Tampa and did nothing to me, but once I was aware he was there he was swiftly kicked out of the building. He has since gone on to have an unhealthy obsession creating “hundreds” of Twitter accounts to slander my name in anyway possible. He now has made himself known once again last week and on todays Ryback Show claiming his life purpose to kill me and my family. He claims to know my address, car, gym, and various other things while also claiming to now be living in Las Vegas stalking me. @elonmusk @TwitterSupport @lindayacc @twitter @TwitterCreators @TwitterSafety

I hope you take this as seriously as I am and help get this guys location from his accounts. This is something we have seen numerous times and he has publicly stated he doesn’t care what happens to him and he is more than ok making these threats publicly. Let’s find this POS and handle this swiftly and efficiently.

Ryback has contacted local police for assistance, and the FBI is helping with the case.

I want to thank everyone for the support. The police department is taking this very serious and expedited this to the FBI to get a search warrant to have @Twitter release all information on “Chase”. I am being given 24/7 police patrolling the neighborhood and on site until Chase is caught and we have more than enough to charge and arrest and prosecute at this point I have been assured. I am cancelling my weekend appearance at Icons of Wrestling as of now, as my family’s safety is my top concern. I am very sorry for this and really want to be there, but until he is caught and arrested I cannot chance leaving my family alone, even for a moment. If “Chase” attempts to show up and make it anywhere on the property past the cops I have been reassured I have every right to use deadly force with zero hesitation and I will. Thank you to the @NLVPD for actually helping and I truly hope @elonmusk @lindayacc @TwitterSupport can learn from this and help eliminate mentally deranged people from attempting to ruin our lives. Chase, you will be found and you are forever done. You crossed a line no man should ever have to deal with, but that’s your choice and now you must deal with it.

Let’s hope this situation has a peaceful resolution.

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