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Mojo Rawley is getting the itch to wrestle again

Mojo Rawley last wrestled for WWE all the way back in June of 2020. After many months on the sidelines, he was released in 2021 and has since gone on to do some acting, open a talent agency, and co-host TMZ Sports.

He’s kept himself busy!

He’s been successful with it too, making good money without needing to take bumps. Even still, he’s starting to get the itch to get back in the ring again, as he told Inside the Ropes in a recent interview:

“Man, I’m getting that itch brother. And I’ve had that itch since my last match with WWE, which as crazy as it is to say, was almost three years ago. Obviously that first year I was knocked flat on my back with COVID. Man, there was no chance I could have wrestled the match no matter how hard I tried or no matter, how good of a stretch I had a day a week, maybe even a month of feeling like I was coming out of that thing before it would just crash back down. But yeah, I’ve had these other really cool opportunities that have been keeping me busy.

“Financially, it’s been better for me. So, it’s been hard to you know, cut back on those situations that are making me more money [laughs] than I was before even but yeah, I missed it, bro.

“It’s hard to watch recently, I’ve started to watch a little bit more just because I miss it so much. And I’m able to watch without getting not upset or jealous. But you know, you want to be out there. You’re not meant to be on the side-lines when you’re a competitor. So, it’s challenging to watch others when you’re not at that time. But I am getting that itch.

“I think if I can find a situation that makes sense, that allows me to continue what we’re working so hard on every day here with Paragon, certainly, what doesn’t make me stop co-hosting TMZ Sports, if there’s a way that I can kind of marry all three of these things together. Honestly, I think it just makes for a better overall package for whoever I’m working with to combine this incredible entity that TMZ is and the reach they have, which is absolutely completely opposite to the WWE audience to kind of try and marry those together. And then you know, be able to work Paragon in, and as well, I think that situation would make a lot of sense. But it’s going to take a little bit of time to figure out what that situation might look like, and how to structure that properly.”

Mojo was going to return last July but that never came to fruition because the Wrestling Entertainment Series promotion cancelled its debut show. He responded to that with nothing but class, of course.

It may not be the simplest thing to figure out how to work Mojo into a promotion, considering everything else he has going on, but he’s a pro who clearly still has something to offer.

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