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MJF worked his first indie match in years

This weekend, while AEW was running “House Rules” events in Kentucky & Virginia, their World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman was in the most magical place on earth — his beloved Long Island, New York.

While there, MJF decided to swing by Create-A-Pro Wrestling’s Homecoming event in Melville on Saturday night (May 13). It wasn’t actually a surprise. Beyond the fact Friedman is an alumnus of Create-A-Pro’s school, he and the AEW title he calls Triple B were front & center on promotion for the event.

It surprised current CAP heel Leo Sparrow though. Sparrow must have missed the poster on his way in. The 24 year old somehow thought he’d get away with closing his Daniel Bryan-meets-CM Punk promo about how being a vegan made him superior with the LI crowd wit MJF’s “I’m better than you, and you know it” catchphrase.

That brought out the champ to a big hometown island pop. With the crowd’s approval, he smashed the vegan’s nuts in his first match outside AEW since 2020.

Afterwards, he got in a plug for Double or Nothing during a promo that was mostly focused on putting over CAP and its leaders, AEW Producer Pat Buck and Impact’s Brian Myers.

It’s all in this video released b Create-A-Pro:

Giving back? I guess it’s true what he says, that MJF is Salt of the Earth.

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