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Richard Holliday’s cancer is in remission, and he’s already back swinging steel chairs

When Richard Holliday posted about completing chemotherapy treatments for his stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in February, we hoped his next update would be an even better one.

Today (May 1), we got this...

That wasn’t the first place the former MLW star shared the good news, however. At Beyond Wrestling’s Thirty (+Under) show yesterday in Worcester, Massachusetts, Holliday was a surprise participant in the main event angle.

I won’t pretend to be up to speed on Beyond’s storylines, but it seems the heel Stetson Ranch group have somehow signed a reluctant babyface to a contract that forces him to work with them. When he refused to carry out a post-match attack with a steel chair, Holliday showed up to tease doing it for him. But you can’t have a guy who just beat cancer get booed! So he turned the table on the heels, helped up the prone good guy, and they cleared the ring.

All of which you can suss out for yourself thanks to this video shared by Beyond announcer Paul Crockett:

After that, Holliday was said to have told the crowd he’s in remission.

In recent weeks, Holliday confirmed he’s not signed with MLW right now. Court Bauer’s indicated the door is open for a return, but “Most Marketable” may want to explore new opportunities.

We’ll see where Holliday shows up next. No matter where that is, join us in celebrating the much bigger news about his health.

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