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John Morrison won his boxing debut at Creator Clash 2, then called out KSI

When asked about why he would want to do a boxing match against Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein at Creator Clash 2 on April 15 in Tampa, Florida, John Morrison replied “money.” He did also say “the competitive spirit runs deep in me” but really it was about the money.

Not that it matters, then, but he did win the fight. Indeed, Morrison knocked Morenstein down multiple times en route to a third round knockout.

After, he used his interview time to pass on calling out either Jake or Logan Paul and instead went straight for KSI:

“So when I’m trying to think about who to call out — Jake? Logan? No. Jake got beat. Logan got beat by KSI. Which is why I’m going to put KSI on blast right now.”

That would be the same KSI who just made an appearance alongside Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39 a couple weeks ago.

Everything is pro wrestling.

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